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Strange But Good~That’s A Weird Breakfast!

It’s been a few weeks since I joined in on Strange But Good hostessed by Laura at Sprint 2 The Table so I thought I’d join the party!  There are always so many crazy good food ideas there.  Be sure to check it out.

Sprint 2 the Table

I started out the week making a crock pot full of one of my favorite things…Lentils.  Everything was going smoothly.  After that I started on a pot of my Weight Watchers Veggie Soup.  In the midst of making the soup, I suddenly realized that I’d made a mistake with the lentils.  Usually, I put in a cup of dried lentils into my small crock pot with onion, garlic and seasoning.  As I was throwing scraps into the trash can I noticed the bag from the lentils…I had put in the Entire Bag!!

I ended up having to move the lentils from one crock pot to another, which in the end was almost too small.  I also ended up with a huge amount of cooked lentils.  I use a cup of them each time I eat the soup which is not usually a problem but I was left with double my usual stash.  I had to think of other ways to use them

Often on BCDC I talk about foods that are not attractive but tasty.  This dish certainly fits into that description.

Lentils in measuring cup


To my usual mixture of egg substitute and egg whites, I added a quarter cup of my cooked lentils.  I also added in some Mrs. Dash and crushed red pepper flakes.   Not pretty in the measuring cup.

Lentils in egg beaters


Not pretty when mixed in with the egg substitute.

Lentil omelette


Not really all that pretty as a finished omelette.  I added some shredded 2% cheese inside and on top.   Not photogenic, true.  But really, really good!  Almost more importantly, it was also extremely filling.  When I have a regular omelette, I start to feel hungry in a couple of hours.  This kept me satisfied almost until lunch time.  I eat pretty early so this was an accomplishment.  It also gave me a nice protein boost of 4.5 extra grams over the regular omelette.  I’m pretty excited that I tried this and I’ve tried it again since I first figured it out.  Sounds weird I know, but give it a try!

Be sure to check out all of the wonderful strangeness over at Sprint 2 The Table today.

Happy Friday!


WIAW~A Tale of Two Birthday Cakes (and Two Crock Pots!)

Good Morning and Welcome to my second What I Ate Wednesday post in a row! I’m quite excited to be back and joining in with all of the fun people who gather at Jenn’s party over at Peas and Crayons. I’m going to dive right in and tell my story as I go.

What I Ate Wednesday: FALL into Good Habits

I’m finally back at my own house. After recuperating at my friend Gail’s house for several months ( I started referring to myself as her “squatter” which she found amusing) I am home and it is a bit of adjustment in some ways.  Different bed, different kitchen, different arrangement…I have to stop and think where my spices are, where my utensils are, where my crock pots are!  No, don’t worry, I never forget where my crock pots are!!

Monday afternoon, I suddenly realized that I needed to make beans.  Normally I soak them over night and put them in to cook in the morning.  But I really wanted them on Tuesday so I tried an experiment.  At about 1 in the afternoon, I put them in to soak. My intention was to put them in the c/p at about 11pm.  I fell asleep so they ended up going in at 1 am.  As I write this, it looks like they’re doing fine, but need some more cooking.  But now I know if I forget to soak overnight, I can do it this way.

Two crock pots


But I think you all know by now, in my house-where there’s one crock pot, there’s probably another.  This one filled with my version of the Weight Watchers veggie soup.

Veggie soup in crock pot


I’ve missed having this while I was away.  There’s actually no reason why I couldn’t have made it at Gail’s house, but as I said…different routine.  Funny thing is that it took me longer than usual to make it.  I think my  chopping skills are a little rusty.  I’ll fix that!

One of the things I always put in my veggie soup…and my stir-fries, and my morning omelette is Mrs. Dash.  I love it because it’s no salt and has so many flavors in one bottle.  The mix is always right.  I’m used to the small containers, but Gail found this huge bottle for me, probably on Amazon.

Mrs Dash


I’m so excited because I use it so much.  This should last me a week or two!

Dunkin Donuts breakfast


Ralph had to have fasting bloodwork on Monday so I fast along with him.  But I tantalized him with Dunkin Donuts after.  And I had coupons which saved us almost $6.00!!  I had iced pumpkin coffee and a cinnamon raisin bagel with cream cheese.  It was a splurge, but delicious!

I promised you two Birthday cakes, so here goes.  My birthday was early in October but because Ralph was away, we didn’t celebrate with my sister, Ele as we usually do.  This Sunday we took care of it.

My bday cake


There’s a story with this cake, isn’t there always a story in our family?!  The candle on top is a gift from our friend, Jim from Washington.  He brought it for I think Ele’s birthday and we use it all the time now.  The cake itself is very specific and Ele always makes it for me.  It is a boxed devil’s food cake with lemon confectioner’s sugar icing.  It’s what Grandmom always used to make for us and it’s tradition.

The next cake is a little fancier!

Maddie's bday cake


October 13 was my wonderful sister-in-law Maddie’s birthday.  Saturday we had a little surprise party for her.  The cake was beautiful and we had a wonderful time.  As I’m typing this, I’m realizing that I never took a photo of my lunch that day…it was pasta…it was Delicious!

That’s my contribution to What I Ate Wednesday today.  I’m glad to be back and I suppose it’s just like riding a bike, just get on and type!  Be sure to check out all of the delicious food that you’ll find at Peas and Crayons. It’s always a party over there!

Happy What I Ate Wednesday!

WIAW~Getting Back to Normal

I have missed being a part of the link ups that I love to join and especially What I Ate Wednesday.  It’s always so much fun.  I did join back in last week but this week is feeling even better.  Be sure to stop over to Jenn’s party at Peas and Crayons when you’re finished here to join in the fun!  Let’s get started.

Peas and Crayons

Let’s start with a snack…why not!

Greek yogurt


It doesn’t look as good as it tasted.  I found plain Greek yogurt in individual containers at Bottom Dollar.  I add cinnamon (of course!) and honey.  This is so good and it feels like I’m eating something I shouldn’t.  All of that protein is very satisfying.

Smoothie prep


I’m getting into smoothies lately.  But with a non-freezing freezer at the moment, I can’t buy frozen fruit…well, I can but it isn’t frozen for long.  Ralph bought me this mango at the local Wawa.  I thought it was a great idea to turn it into a smoothie.

Smoothie final prodjuct


This was ok.  The mango didn’t really add any flavor to the smoothie.  If it wasn’t for the cinnamon and nutmeg it wouldn’t have tasted much like anything.  I’ll finish off the mango but I’ll cross it off the list.  Guess I’ll just have to deal with defrosted frozen fruit.  At least there’s some flavor.

Yesterday it was snowing…what a novelty! I decided that a nice pot of black bean soup (so easy!) was in order.

Black bean soup


It makes enough for several meals especially since it’s too spicy for Ralph, but in truth it’s not really spicy.  He’s just not a spicy guy…at least when it comes to food!

This is what I did with it.

Black bean soup and quinoa


I put the black bean soup over quinoa.  It is so good and filling.  I love this every time I make it. I’m getting hungry looking at this photo as I type!

I’ve talked lately about feeling not on track and kind of out of sorts.  I do want to say that things are starting to come around.  I’m feeling much more in control of my food and life in general.  If the snow and cold would ever go away, I’d be all set!

That’s it for me for today.  Be sure to head over to Peas and Crayons to see what Jenn and the other kids have to share.

Happy What I Ate Wednesday!


WIAW~Soup’s The Thing

Still trying to get my act together here and plugging along. But I can’t miss out on joining in with What I Ate Wednesday in spite of the hubbub.  Be sure to check out all of the fun over at Jenn’s wonderful Peas & Crayons.

What I Ate Wednesday: FALL into Good Habits

As my title would suggest, it’s all soup all the time around here lately.  One of my favorite things to do is to hang out at my stove cooking up lovely pots of soup.  Sometimes one of my crock pots subs in for the stove, but either way.  I love soup.  It makes me happy.

Last Friday I was raving about my new and incredibly easy black bean soup recipe.    It was So good that I whipped up another batch Monday (read that to mean that I already gobbled up the Other batch!!!)

BB soup in containers


Still doesn’t look very pretty, but I don’t care…it’s delicious!

I’ve been finding lots of great veggie recipes courtesy of Facebook.  There are lots of pages on there directed to veggie types such as myself.  I’ve been enjoying reading them and now trying some of them.

One of the ones I like the best is Veg Kitchen with Nava Atlas.  This is chock full of good veggie recipes.  I found one called Tomato, Lentil, and Barley Soup.  This was easy for me because I had most of the ingredients already.  I’ve been hanging on to that last little bit of barley Forever and there was just enough for this recipe.

It looked beautiful in the pot…

TLB Soup in pot


So colorful and it smelled so good.  I do think that it needed a little more seasoning.  I think I will at least doubled the Mrs. Dash the next time I make it and maybe add a few more spices along with that.

TLB soup in dish


I topped it with some shredded 2% cheese and I loved it.  I’ve eaten it two days in a row and I’m probably going for three! That’s one of the things I love about having soup in the fridge…there’s never the question, “What’s for dinner?”  I always know the answer…Soup!!  I’m going to do my best to keep at it with making soups.  They’re very filling and since I’ve been having the soup, I don’t feel so tempted to snack in the evening.  That’s always a plus.

Be sure to check out all of the fun going on over at Peas & Crayons.  We’re getting down to the wire around here with Christmas things so I’ve got to run!

Happy What I Ate Wednesday!!

Thank Goodness!

After my morning of cooking up two different batches of soup, I was anxious to see what Ralph thought of his and also to taste my own.

Of course, that was the day Ralph decided to sleep most of the day to get rid of his cold.   😦  So I had to wait and wait.  The good thing is that when he tasted it he pronounced it “delicious!”  Since I don’t taste his, I’m never sure how I’ve done with seasoning.  I put a bit of salt in it and didn’t want to go over board, but he said it was seasoned perfectly.  I was excited!! 🙂

Now when it comes to my soup…

It’s been a Long time since I’ve had chicken soup.  To the best of my memory, this tasted exactly like chicken soup…and a very good version of chicken soup.  I was really happy with it and it was certainly easy.  As it sat a bit, the rice plumped up and was a great addition to the soup.  I will definitely make this again.  Oh, and I’ll make Ralph’s again, too because he was happy!  He’s feeling better today, and I like to think it’s because of the soup! 😉

I spent Thursday morning doing what??

Working on the FREE apples and pears that Gail gave me.  Looks like I’m about to perform surgery!

Look at the size of these pears!!  Good grief, they were Huge!  With all of the fruit, my standard Crock Pot was filled!  Hope no one is tired of hearing about crock pot apples.  They are delicious and they will certainly be a plus in the budget this week since as I said, they were FREE!  I’m always conscious of my food dollars at work, but I never actually figure anything out.  Think I’m going to start doing that so I can figure just how successful I am.  Any free fruit you want to send my way feel…FREE!! 😉

I finally got out to get a few shots of the Fall leaves.

This is across the street from our house.

This is one of my favorites!  It’s always amazing to me that certain trees are always the prettiest.  This is the house next to mine. I love it when I get to drive by.

So that’s it…I’m off to do some more sorting and packing.  I promised myself that I would and I’m serious!!

Happy Friday!!


A Tale of Two Soup Pots

Has a nice literary ring to it, doesn’t it?! 😉  One Chicken, One Chickesque.  I think I’ve just created a new word…I like it!

Poor Ralph has been sick with a cold.  Fortunately, he had an already scheduled visit with the family doctor on Monday which helped him to know what to take.  However, I thought I’d go back to an old basic.  Something I’m not sure I’ve ever made…chicken soup.  I’ve made turkey soup lots of time, but can’t remember making chicken before.  First time for everything.  But of course, I need to eat to, so….Double the Pots, Double the fun.

My soup on the left, Ralph’s on the right.  Both started with a generous spray of olive oil spray.  Onions and garlic for me, onions and a mostly still frozen chicken breast for Ralph.

Things continued with carrots and celery for both pots.  Several times over the last few months, I’ve cooked a chicken breast for Ralph in my small crock pot. Both times, I saved and froze the stock that came from cooking the chicken.  I scraped off the chicken fat and added the juices to his pot.  I also used 4 low sodium chicken bullion cubes put in water and then the microwave.  Added that to Ralph’s pot.

Mine got this addition…

This is a wonderful soup/seasoning mix that I actually found at the Christmas Tree Shoppe!  They have the most unique food items there.  It’s been in the cupboard for quite a while but I hadn’t opened it.  I used it the other night in one of my veggie combos.  It worked great for this soup!  By the way, the measuring cup is dirty because I used it to mix the broth.  Trying to be creative with my photos…

My chickenesque portion of the soup came from Morningstar Farms chick’n strips.  Wish they still made the beef version… 😦

I added brown rice to my soup to cook for a bit before adding in the chickenesque.  I shredded up the chicken in Ralph’s soup. I cooked noodles separately to add to his soup.  Oh yes, I also added corn to his…well because he likes corn!

The finished products…

You can’t really see the rice in mine but you can certainly see Ralph’s noodles!  I tasted mine and I think it’s going to make a great dinner!  Ralph has been sleeping to try to get rid of his cold (he didn’t have a good night’s sleep) so he doesn’t even know what he has to look forward to!!  I hope he likes it.  Even with doing both soups, it really wasn’t all that time-consuming. I was proud of myself for getting them to finish at just about the same time AND getting all of the photos without dropping the camera in one of the pots!! 😉

Oh, yes…while I was making the soups…

I had red beans cooking in the crock pot!  I’ve got a few ideas of some ways to use these.  Can’t wait to try them!

Hopefully, Ralph’s chicken soup does the trick and he’s feeling better soon.  It would make Mom and Grandmom proud!!!

Happy Thursday!!

Soup’s On!

It feels like it took me forever, but I finally got my bean soup made.  I’m happy to say it was worth the wait!

I started with the usual suspects-onion, carrots and celery…

They cooked up for a while and started to look like this…

It cooked for a while longer and looked like this…

I’m not very specific when I’m making soup unless I’m working from a recipe.  This time I pretty much made it up as I went along.  Included in the cast of characters:




Vegetable broth (1 quart plus 1 14 1/2 oz can-plus water)


Cooked Navy Beans -you remember them!! 😉


Chili Powder

Cayenne Pepper


I had the opportunity to experiment with the seasonings because I’ll be eating all of this since Ralph is still working on the turkey soup (you remember the turkey soup!!) I probably started with about a teaspoon each of the Chili powder, cayenne and cumin and then added more to taste.  It all depends on how much you like.  I like a lot so I kept adding. 🙂

The pot looked like this after all the cooking…

Those beans didn’t want to have their photo taken so I had to get some assistance from the spoon…

It smelled SO good and I had a hard time waiting until supper time to actually eat it.  When I finally did I had a REALLY big bowl and smothered it with the ever popular “stinky feet” cheese, Locatelli Parmesan cheese…


It was soooooo  good, I can’t wait to eat it again tomorrow!

Even if we have another snow storm, I’m set.  Getting this soup made has been a project, but fortunately it was worth the wait…that’s not always true with all of my recipes, but today, I won the prize…I AM the Queen of Beans! 😉