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Week In Review~January 27

Can it possibly be the end of January already?!  Yes, it can but I’m not going to let it get me all scatter brained, because, well I already AM all scatter brained.  I’ll do something comfortable like joining in on Week In Review over at Meghan’s Clean Eats, Fast Feets.  Always such a fun and comfortable place to be.  Here we go!

I’m still not quite on the list bandwagon yet (I’m working on it, Meghan!)  Meghan is such a great cheerleader for me.  Always telling me I can do it.  I can get organized, I can get this done.  She’s a lot like my sister, Ele in that.  Always supportive.   We’re very lucky when we find such supportive people in our lives.  Thank them whenever you can…Thanks, Ladies!

Meghan tells me that I need to list things that may seem not list worthy but yet are part of your day, your routine…things that take your time.

I got up and made the coffee…Every Day! Ok.  I can work with this.  Another thing that has become very important to me is my morning pages.  Since I joined the Artist’s Way Cluster (yes, that’s what Julia Cameron calls it, a cluster.)  on January 8, I have done my morning pages each day.  Not one skip.  Even on days when I had to be up and out early (Saturdays for my Weight Watchers meeting) I get up and do them.  Almost from the start, I began to see the benefit of them.  I get a lot of things off my chest and start a new day with a clearer head and perhaps a little more focus.  I love the process.

Tuesday we were the recipients of yet another snowstorm.  It was not as bad as it could have been, but it sure looked like it would be.  The roads were clear pretty quickly, but we stayed in nonetheless.  That one day of being inside, made me feel like such a slug and that seemed to continue throughout the week.  I’m trying to get myself motivated and I will.  I hate when I have these sluggish periods.  They serve no purpose especially when I have so much to do!

Did some cooking, lentils in the crock pot.  Ok, I’d show you a photo, but I’ve showed them before and let’s face it, they’re not that pretty but they do taste good.  I had a dinner disaster on Wednesday night.  I was warming up a plate of leftover quinoa and broccoli with some of my newly made lentils. As I took them out of the microwave, I hit the door and the plate went flying. All…Over…Everything.  I had to clean it up And make another, much less satisfying meal.  One good thing…the dish didn’t break! Hooray because it’s one of my favorites.

Thursday morning found me taking my car to the mechanic again.  Then having to walk home in the snow, but that was ok.  I’m looking forward to the snow going away because I want to get out to walk.  Finally got the car back on Friday night.  By the way, it turned over 150,000 miles, so keeping it in shape is important.  No room in the budget for another car, so I pray over it regularly.

Saturday with another snowstorm threatening, I headed to Weight Watchers.  I was down .2 but that was great since due to the cold I was wearing much heavier jeans than usual.  Not bad.  Also on Saturday I decided that I am giving up soda.  I don’t drink that much of it, but after some of the things I’ve been reading lately about sodas in general (chemicals and such) I figured I don’t need it.  I’ve always enjoyed drinking seltzer so that’s what I’m moving to.  I figure, most restaurants have it and if not I can just drink water.  This worked when I gave up chips.  On March 9 it will be three years that I haven’t eaten chips.  I think I’m a better person for it.  I gave them up because I couldn’t control them.  Now I don’t have to think about it.

Here it is Sunday. Getting my post finished the day before makes me happy, and I can put it on my list!  There’s something else I need to put on my daily list.  I need to plan the days that I will post and then I’ll get it done.  Oh, Meghan…you are my Hero!!

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Happy Monday!!


Week In Review~January 20~Who Are You, Again?

Oh, yes, it’s me again, apologizing for not being around.  Yes, I’m sorry, Yes, I’ll try to not let it happen again.  All of those apologies aside, I am here and I’m trying to get back into the routine.  What better way than to join in with Meghan at Clean Eats, Fast Feets!  Before I lose the urge to write, let’s get to this!

Again, I have to confess to a very disjointed unfocused week.  I need to get better at documenting what on earth I do!  Next week, I promise there will be lists!

I continue to attend my The Artist’s Way meetings and I feel I’m getting a great deal from these meetings.  I’m still enjoying doing my morning pages.  I’m not sure that you’re really suppose to enjoy them, but I am.

I am working hard to get myself back in the rhythm of sorting/tossing/packing that I was in before Christmas.  This is something else to make me dislike the whole Christmas thing.  Well, I’m not going to let that break stop me from my plan.  I’ll get back on track.  I’m trying the idea of actually writing down what I want to accomplish on a day and doing as many of those things as I can.  Hmmm…I think that’s called a list!  I’ll get there and I will be successful.

On Thursday Ralph and I met up with Ralph’s sister Maddie and her husband, George for lunch at Olive Garden.  It was great but we really didn’t want to end our time together within the time frame that restaurants usually like regarding getting the heck out of their seats.  So we went across the street to Barnes and Noble for coffee where we spent 2 hours talking and laughing.  We had a great time!

Since I haven’t been posting, I haven’t been talking much about my Weight Watchers efforts.  In recent weeks, mindless night-time snacking has been a problem for me. This past week I was really able to get that all under control for the most part.  I made really good food choices at meals and my reward was a loss of 1.2 pounds on Saturday morning.  I was pretty happy.  A lot of that was due to the fact that after almost 27 years on Weight Watchers, I actually planned my meals.  I will be doing that again in the coming week.  Don’t mess with success!

I’m writing this on Sunday as I often do in order to get it posted on Monday morning.  I have a lot planned for today.  Some sorting, reading my next chapter for The Artist’s Way and on the novel I’m currently reading, Inferno by Dan Brown (review to follow on Goodreads.) But my main focus will be those lists I mentioned earlier.  I may not get them all done today, but I will get started on them.  That’s my promise and I’m sticking to it.

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Happy Monday!!

No More Humbug~The Day After Christmas

I’ll say it before anyone else has the opportunity: I was a Humbug this year.  It doesn’t help to apologize. We all lived through it and in the end I did pull out some Christmas spirit.

Christmas Eve is really our busy day and except for eating Way too much I got through it.  I’ll give more detail on Monday in Week in Review but we had three food related events on Tuesday which had me at the far reaches of my Points after breakfast.  That was my own fault. Food wise it went down hill from there, but Christmas Spirit wise it went up.  That was actually more important.  I can handle the aftermath of the food.  I needed to pump up the Spirit and it improved greatly as the day and evening went on.

Christmas day is low-key for us.  Sleeping in was a good idea and Ralph and I both took advantage of that.  Dinner out with Ele and Jim was fun as always in our annual recreation of the Chinese restaurant scene from A Christmas Story.

chinese restaurant scene


It’s always fun and we go to a really great restaurant.  No smiling duck, Thank Goodness!

Now I’m looking toward all those projects that I set aside as I moped around prior to Christmas.  First I’ll be spending most of the next two days helping Gail and Alice pack up for Florida.  I’ll get Lots of exercise to help me work off everything I’ve eaten over the last two days.  Boy do I need it!

So this is me, facing the day with a positive attitude and a few thing circled in the sale papers.  I’m waffling (something I’m Very good at) over whether I should buy something or not.  We’ll see how that goes.

Happy Thursday!

Week In Review~December 2

Holy Cow!! It’s DECEMBER!!  How did this happen?! Well, it actually seems that this happens Every year anymore.  It’s on me before I’m ready.  I have decided that I’m not going to let it worry me.  I’m going to plug along and do my best.  In that vein, I’m going to jump right in to Week In Review and let the lists fall where they may.  Of course, all of this fun is brought to you by the lovely Meghan at Clean Eats, Fast Feets.  It warms my heart that when the whole world crumbles…Meghan has things under control! She is my Hero! Let’s get started!

Again, much of the week is a blur.  I spent the first few days with my head in a box or bag, sorting and dividing and hopefully at some point conquering this whole whirlwind.  Although I can’t be very specific and I would love to show what I’ve accomplished I’m somewhat embarrassed by the whole thing. Let’s suffice it to say that I made Huge progress.

Monday, I realized that I needed to shop for a few things and get what I needed for my contribution to Thanksgiving dinner which is my cranberry orange jello mold.  It’s still one of my favorites.  I think I posted it once and maybe I’ll post if for What I Ate Wednesday although I don’t think I took a photo of it.  We’ll see how it goes.

Tuesday, I continued with my clean out and sorting.  I had to actually make the jello mold so I wouldn’t have to think about it on Wednesday.  It’s not hard and I could probably do it from memory, but I always pull out my old cranberry stained copy of the recipe in my own illegible handwriting.

Wednesday, Ralph surfaced again and was quite pleased with my progress of cleaning out (she wipes her sweaty brow and quietly says, “Whew!)  I was happy that he was happy.  Then he asked if I had come across something “that he’d been looking for” although he’d never mentioned it to me.  Yes I had and as the conversation was happening, this “something” was residing in the trash can in the back yard.  Yikes! Ok, I knew where it was, I just needed him to leave again so that I could get it out of the trash.  We headed over to my sister Ele’s house late afternoon so that Ralph could carve the turkey. Ele has a great way of doing the turkey. She cooks it on Wednesday, we carve it and put it into a big roasting pan and cover it with chicken stock.  Then on Thursday it goes back in the oven to warm.  The family tells me it is delicious and moist.  It saves the steps and mess of carving when it’s time for dinner on Thanksgiving.

Thanksgiving morning, Ralph went off to pick up our grandson Alex who would be spending Thanksgiving with us.  We were very excited about that! While he was off on that adventure, I had my own adventure of tearing through the trash bags to find what I was looking for.  Generally messy, but I found it, cleaned it up and when he got home he was Quite happy that I had found it.  His question of course was, “Where did you find it?”  I didn’t want to lie.  I said, “Under some stuff, in a bag I hadn’t gone through.”  I didn’t lie.  Everyone was happy!

Thanksgiving dinner was great and I kept myself generally under control, although my results on Saturday morning would not reflect that.  We had a great time and we were happy that Alex was able to stay over so we were able to spend Friday with him. Out to breakfast on Friday morning which was fun. We mostly just hung out at the house watching movies and TV.  Then back to Ele’s on Friday for dinner leftovers.  They always taste so good.

Saturday found me at Weight Watchers with a gain of 1.6.  I need to refocus and get back on track I can do this easily.  I’m the one in charge.  After weighing in, I was sitting there waiting for Gail and Alice.  I see Gail walk in and she’s holding her right arm in a very uncomfortable position.  Turns out she walked from her house to Alice’s to leave for WW, which is about 2 and a half blocks.  Just before she got to Alice’s house, she tripped on broken sidewalk and fell.  She was trying to be brave, but I knew she was in pain. We stayed for the meeting and our plan was to go to the Med Express which fortunately was just across the parking lot from WW.

None of us had ever been there but it was beautiful inside and they were extremely efficient. They opened at 9 am so we were first in line. They did x-rays and the doctor determined that she had cracked the bone very close to her shoulder.  They wanted to send her to an orthopedic clinic right then but she felt more comfortable seeing her primary doctor on Monday and getting a referral from her. The doctor put her arm in a sling.

She and I still went to breakfast and Alice went off to meet some of her former co-workers which was previously planned.  I got Gail home and settled and then went home for a while to check on Ralph and let him know what was going on.  We were all planning on going to Alice’s for dinner leftovers.  As I said, they’re the best!  I went back to Gail’s, got her some lunch and then stayed with her until it was time to go to Alice’s.  Dinner was wonderful, Alice really is an excellent cook!

After dinner, I got Gail home and settled in her jammies for the evening.  It’s tricky getting her arm in and out of the sling so that she can change, but we’ve got a routine going so I think she’ll be ok.

It’s Sunday morning now and I’m not sure what it will bring.  I’m writing this now because I’ll probably be pretty busy today and then tomorrow morning as well getting Gail ready to go to the doctor’s office. A busy week to be sure.

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Happy Monday!

Week In Review~November 25

Week In Review is such fun for me, even though I don’t think I’ve written one post in the same format but I don’t care! Meghan at Clean Eats, Fast Feets who dreamed up this weekly “I’ll show you mine if you show me yours” game, has enough format for all of us.  She’s orderly and focused and list-driven and I want to be her when I grow up. However, I’m armed with hot coffee and I’m ready to get started!

This past week tended to be frustrating for me. I felt like I was waiting for a street car all week.  That’s a really OLD reference, but that’s what you get.  I’ll get to that in a minute.

Monday and Tuesday there seemed to be a lot of spinning of my wheels.  I got a few things accomplished.  I was able to get through the final bin of clothes in the bedroom that I needed to purge.  I got about another bag three-quarters full to send off to the thrift store. Did a bit of move around in the basement and I can’t believe it, but I’m still catching up on laundry from when the dryer was broken.

We had a lovely lunch on Wednesday with our friends Leo and Helen.  Ralph and Leo made their First Communions together when they were five years old.  Yes, they’ve been friends that long.  We had a great time.  We picked a good time to meet, 1:30.  It was after the lunch rush and there was really only one other table in the dining room that had customers so we didn’t feel so bad sitting there for 3 hours!! It was terrific and we hope to do it again soon.

Now to the hurry up and wait part.  Since Last Sunday, Ralph has been saying he was going down to his house to work on things.  We’ve got both houses to clean out and get ready for sale.  I’ve done all the work I can down there, because there wasn’t a lot of my stuff there.  I cleared out the majority, much of it going in the trash.  The only thing left of mine is furniture all ear marked for either sale or transport to New Mexico when the time comes.

He finally left This Saturday while I was at Weight Watchers.  By the way I gained a half pound, but I’m not worrying about it.  I’m feeling so comfortable at this weight, all I really need to do is track and do all the things I always do.  I was more conscious of getting exercise in this week which I was happy about.

I got home from Weight Watchers and dove in.  In the comments from my post on Thursday, Megan gave me kudos for showing my pile of empty boxes on the porch.  I appreciate that.  It’s bigger now because I stormed the living room, ok, it has become more like a storage area, like Sherman’s March to the Sea.  Ok, again with an old reference, but hey, when you live with a Civil War buff, that’s what you get.

I wish I were brave enough to post before and after pictures.  I’m not.  I’m going to take a picture to show my best friend, Gail so that she can appreciate what I’ve accomplished.  I should have taken a before picture but forgot.  I was able to fill four kitchen trash can sized bags with recycling.  Those actually went over to Gail’s house so that Ralph wouldn’t see it all.  A little subterfuge is a good thing sometimes.  I have another section that needs to be sorted, but hey, I’m getting there.  I now have a bigger supply of boxes to pack things into.

Sadly, while vacuuming the floor I ended up breaking a lamp.  The cord I had the vacuum plugged into pulled the lamp off the bookcase.  I think Ralph can fix it.  I had bought the lamp for him. I hope he can fix it because it was one that we wanted to take to NM with us.

I found some things that Ralph was looking for which always soothes the pain when I go through things he says not to.  I even made room so that we can put up the Christmas tree.  That made me especially happy.

On the food front, I made steel-cut oats in the crock pot overnight.  They are my reward for finishing my post.  A bit jumbled? Yes, but that’s my life these days.  But things are looking up and I can feel the warm sun of New Mexico beckoning me onward.  Although most of the weekend, the temperatures in NM and NJ were pretty much the same, I know that it wouldn’t be damp out there and the sun would just make it warmer.

Now, you’re all sworn to secrecy about what I’ve said here today.  No one reads this anyway (tee hee).  Be sure to check out the other reviewers over at Clean Eats, Fast Feets.

Happy Monday! Get out of my way I have work to do!!!

Week In Review~November 18

It seems like I just wrote a Week In Review post but here it is time to write another.  I had been writing them on Sunday which allowed me to be all ready for Monday, but I’ve been slipping.  Here I am scrambling Monday morning to do it.  I guess that helps me to land on my feet and get the new week started off right.  Be sure to check out the other WIR gang over at Meghan’s Clean Eats, Fast Feets.

My Week In Review posts are starting to be a bit boring lately.  They seem to sound the same every week.  I go through boxes, I sort the boxes, I take things to the thrift store and the library.

Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday, I got through 10 boxes.  Where exactly were all of these boxes?  Around.  I’m feeling like I’m accomplishing so much and I’m feeling really good about all of this.  Do I have more to do? Oh, Yes…but I’ve put a dent in it.

I’m feeling so good about letting go of all of these things that I don’t need and won’t likely ever use again.  It is amazing the things you accumulate.  I’m hoping to not let this happen again.  Stream line and simplify is my plan.

Had to take my car to the mechanic again.  Steering fluid reservoir had a crack and therefore a leak. He took care of it and it’s working well again.

Wednesday we went out to lunch to celebrate my best friend Gail’s birthday.  It was lots of fun.  Didn’t let the buffet scare me.  It helped that Gail, Alice, Margot and I are all on Weight Watchers.  There was strength in numbers.  We all did pretty well until it came to the ice cream.  Oh, well, a little splurge is good for the soul.

Friday I FINALLY got my dryer fixed.  It really is the little things in life that make you feel good.  I spent Friday and most of Saturday doing laundry.  I felt like a queen.

Saturday at Weight Watchers brought me good news.  I lost 1.5 (in spite of the ice cream!) I was pretty happy and hope to keep that going.  I took 6 pairs of pants over to Gail.  They’re all pants that don’t fit me anymore and that she’ll be able to fit into soon.  I’m really excited for all the She and Alice have accomplished.  Gail almost 75 pounds and Alice 120 pounds.  Wow!

Sunday I went out for coffee with my sister, Ele which was very nice.  Making plans for Thanksgiving. We’ll be a small group this year so things will be more relaxed.  I like that idea.

That’s last week and it’s time to get this week started.  I’ve got a couple of different game plans for the coming week.  Which plan I go with will depend on a few things. We’ll see how it goes. This was not my best or most detailed Week In Review, but hey…I showed up for the party! Be sure to see what the other Reviewers have to say over at Clean Eats, Fast Feets.

Happy Monday!

Week In Review~November 11

First of all, I’d like to wish all of our wonderful veterans a Happy Veteran’s Day. Remember all that they’ve done for us.  I have the honor of being married to a Veteran.  Ralph is the best.

So here we are back at Monday, Week In Review. Sponsored by Meghan at Clean Eats, Fast Feets.  Let’s see what we can come up with.

I’m not sure where to go with this week’s review.  I already told of the most important accomplishments this week in my post on Thursday, The Art of Letting Go.  In a way, that post was an accomplishment.  I was very happy with that.  I appreciated all of the supportive comments I received.

I have been working hard. The ten bags donated were added to with the three more bags I made on Friday.  Granted they are smaller bags but they are designated to get out of here accompanied by two more bags of books.

I did have an emotional moment on Friday.  While working on my porch, my little haven where I now sit typing away, I found something I had forgotten about.  It was a large zip lock bag.  The kind I’m coming to love because I can sort things into them and still see what’s there.  This particular bag had been weeded down, sorted and weeded down again from a large plastic storage bin.  This was the last of what was left.  I had tucked it behind some of the boxes that I now had to go through.  I unzipped it.  I went through it.  I savored the memories. I took them into my heart…and I placed it all in a trash bag.  I had to stop for a while after that.  At that point Ralph told me my best friend had called while I was outside putting things in my car.  I called her and I was able to confess to her what I had done.  It made me feel a little better.

I’ve been doing that all along.  When I donate or toss out something that I feel guilty about, I talk to her.  I get it out of my system and then I move on.  She’s pretty handy to have around.  She helps me see things clearly.  I appreciate that.

I’d say that I spent three full days working hard at this new talent I’ve developed-this art of letting go.  As I’ve said, it’s still not easy sometimes.  But I’m feeling better about it.

Now on to some mechanical issues.  I decided on Tuesday that I needed to try to do something about my non-functioning dryer.  It is covered under my contract with the electric company, but I was certain it was dead.  My only thought had been to just remove it from the contract to save the money.  Then I decide, what the heck…it won’t cost me anything to have them look at it and if it’s dead, it’ll still be dead after he looks at it.  The repair man got here and I lead him to the dungeon and then left him alone.

About ten minutes later, he comes up the steps and knocks on the door.  I’m sure he’s going to tell me no luck.  Before he can talk I say, “I know…it’s old.”  He says, “Yeah it’s old which is why I don’t have the fuse I need to fix it.  I’ll order it, it’ll be delivered by UPS and then we’ll call and set up another appointment.” I thank him and turn around to Ralph. “It’s NOT DEAD!”  Ralph says, “Yes, I heard, Dear.”  I was so excited.  So although I think after today, I’m officially out of clean underwear, I know it will be working soon.  Can’t tell you how excited I am.  Hopefully, I’ll only have to dry a few more loads of laundry over at Gail’s house.  Yes…best friends are good to have.

I didn’t accomplish that much over the weekend.  Saturday found me at Weight Watchers, as always and I stayed the same.  After my gain while we were away, I think my body had found its level.  Some people were telling me I’d lost too much so I guess this is where my body wants to be.  I’m still working to get back on track.  I’m feeling very out of control at night and I need to get back the control I had before the trip.

This is scattered but that’s truly the type of week I’ve had.  I feel good about it and good about the week to come.  Hopefully a new car issue that showed its face on Friday will be simple when I take it to the mechanic today.  We’ll see and we’ll work with it.

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Happy Monday!