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Plan Ahead And See What Happens…

I am doing my best to get back on track and stay there.  I feel as if I’m moving forward in a really positive way.  I had hoped to walk in the morning, but by the time the sky cleared I walked outside and thought I would fall over from the heat and humidity.  I’m not going to belabor the topic but…It wouldn’t feel like this in New Mexico!!  Just sayin’…

Started with a good breakfast…overnight oats which I actually remembered to prepare last night!

Have I ever missed these!!  Topped with last summers frozen blueberries which sadly will be gone soon.  I’ll have to buy frozen from the grocery store then. 😦

Lunch was a quick egg salad sandwich on a toasted Aldi sandwich thin…

Why quick?  Because the egg salad was already made!  Love it when I do things in advance…why don’t I do it more often?!  Pickled jalapeno…Yum…

Made a run to the produce market to pick up some salad-y things.  I made a quick stop at Family Dollar.  I didn’t know they sold black beans!  I was so excited…

I’ve been thinking about crock pot beans which I missed while we were away.  So excited to Not have to make another stop to get them.  They are soaking away and will be crocked in the morning!  Can’t wait!

One bad thing (or maybe it’s a good thing) about stopping at Family Dollar…They have their Fall decorative things out.  I had actually seen these when we were in New Mexico…

Fall mugs, napkin holder and a new set of dish towels~  I was so excited when I saw these mugs in NM!  Hard to tell from the photo but they are Big!  I think they’re probably about 12 ounces.  I have a set of these from last year in a smaller mug size but when I saw the big ones, I just fell in love.  Love a nice big mug of tea or coffee.  Only bought two of these, one for me and one for Ralph.  Can you guess which is for who?  Of course the purple is for me!  Only $2.oo each for the mugs and napkin holder, the dish towels were $3.50 for 2.  Now I’m ready for Fall to officially start!

My major project was going through mail that came in while we were away and shredding and shredding.  I do feel more orderly after accomplishing that.  I’ve got to plan out what I’m going to do tomorrow.  I want to do something that relates to sorting and packing Every Day!  Think I’ll do it?  I sure hope so!

Happy Thursday!!  Complete A Project!


Take a Seat to Start The Day

Sunday morning our plan was to try something new!  Earlier this year, a new diner opened in Woodbury, it’s called the County Seat Diner.  It’s not a free-standing diner like we’re used to and because of parking limitations in Woodbury, we just never got around to going.  My sister Ele has been there on a number of occasions and highly recommended it.  We decided Sunday was the day to try it.

We were up and out early and were able to park in the public parking area that’s about three blocks away which was not a big imposition.  No traffic made crossing streets easy.

We could tell that it was a different type of atmosphere as soon as we walked in.  It was bright and everything looked new and welcoming.  The staff was welcoming as well.  The young lady who greeted us and seated us turned out to be our server as well.  Her name was Nicki and I swear she treated us as though she had a stake in the business.  She was so friendly and ready to offer anything we needed as well as any information we wanted regarding menu questions.

The County Seat’s menu is not as extensive as some other diner menus I’ve seen, but I’m sure it will be a work in progress as with most diners.  Still, lots of choices and Nicki kindly gave me a take out menu to take with me which is their full menu.

The County Seat occupies a location with a very long tradition as a restaurant in this area.  I’m not sure if it was the original business, but for years it housed the Homestead Restaurant.  That’s what it was when I was growing up and it was a sad day when the Homestead closed.  Other restaurants have occupied the space since the closing of the Homestead, but none have stayed for very long.  I have the feeling that the County Seat has a good chance of carrying on the Homestead’s long tradition.

I had been warned by Ele and Jim that the portions were enormous.  Truth in advertising…

Yikes!! This is the Mediterranean Omelette.  The County Seat gives you four eggs in an omelette rather than the three eggs we’re used to seeing.  This included spinach, tomato, mushrooms, onions and feta cheese.  I asked for the sliced tomatoes instead of hash browns, because I saw that they had biscuits and I wanted to try one.  I’m not sure if they were just being nice, but they gave me two! 

The omelette was delicious!  I only finished about half because it could be reheated and the biscuits would not be as good if they were reheated.  The biscuits were some of the best I’ve ever had.  We don’t often see biscuits offered around here so this was a treat for me.  Fresh and hot and so good with jelly.  Oh, yes…the Coffee was really good too!

Everyone was so friendly.  I tried to take a photo of Jim and Ralph and we got photo-bombed by another waiter named Chuck!

Ok…Take 2 with our waitress, Nicki!

The prices were quite reasonable especially when you consider the size of their servings.  There are a few vegetarian friendly menu items other than breakfast and they do offer a veggie burger.  I think I’ll try to encourage them to offer more veggie friendly dishes.  Because I do think we’ll be going back.  Everyone made us feel very much at home and the food and people were Great!  Try the County Seat Diner…I think you’ll like it!

Now I get to go eat the second half of my omelette! 

Happy Monday!  Happy Labor Day!!

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Smarter Than I Think

Another 2-ish AM wake up again.  Tried for about an hour to go back to sleep.  Tried something different.  Ralph was sound asleep and facing away from me so I hoped my light wouldn’t disturb him.  Turned the light on and read for about 20 minutes.  I got really sleepy, outened the light and went back to sleep!! Woke up at my preferred time of 6AM.  Ok by me!  I need to try that from now on.  I even have a little light that hangs around my neck.  I could use that with less chance of waking Ralph.  I may have found a way around this!

Didn’t get to share a trip to Subway that Ralph and I took on Wednesday.

They now have pepper cheese which I like and I have them toast the bun and the cheese.  To that I add spinach, tomato, onion, sweet pepper, green pepper, jalapeno, black olives and southwest sauce.  I’m still trying to replicate that sauce.  It’s a mission.  As much as love Subway, I’m becoming a little disappointed in them.  They’re very reluctant to put much on the subs.  I always have to ask them to put extra. 

Yesterday’s breakfast was one of my favorites…Greek yogurt and Fiber one.  The yogurt was pineapple this time, the Aldi variety.  Yum…  Cheaper and tasty!

Love my little thrift store bowl.  Fifty cents if I remember correctly! 😉

Ralph decided we need to go out for a late lunch, funny thing though…we both had breakfast!

I had the Greek omelette…feta cheese, spinach, tomato and onion.  Slice tomatoes on the side in place of home fries.  So very tasty.  The best part was that because we were there between 3pm and 5pm we were eligible for the Early Bird special and…we saved $5.00 off our bill!  Excellent!

I’ve got lots to do today and I’m so glad I was able to get back to sleep.  I feel good and I think there will be at least one crock pot in my future today and I’m sure another over the weekend! Gotta cook those beans!

Happy Friday!!  🙂

The Fog Is Lifting

I’m not sure what it was that had me feeling so generally yucky all of last week, but I feel like it’s finally over.  At least I’m hoping it is.  I’m thinking it might just be the weather.  It was so dreary and rainy all last week then Saturday and Sunday were so beautiful.  I think that could be the shot in the arm I needed. 

It’s dreary and damp looking outside again today, but I’m just not going to let it get to me!

We had a chance to do a little bit of celebrating for Mother’s Day on Sunday.  Our friend Jim from Washington, D.C. was visiting so Ele, Jim, Ralph and I headed out for breakfast when Ele got home from church. 

Ralph and Jim back-lit.  Not always the best way to take a photo, but we do what we can!

Ele and Me.  I like this photo.  Usually if one of us looks good in a photo, the other one is making a face or doesn’t look too good.  My eyes look a little bit possessed in this one but without makeup…a pretty good shot.  Thanks, Jim!

Oh, did I mention we were at the Gateway Diner?  I think I forgot!  This is what they call the Greek omelette.  Tomatoes, onions, spinach and feta cheese.  It was so good!  Sliced tomatoes on the side…the tomatoes are actually starting to taste like tomatoes now!  Delicious breakfast!

After breakfast, we strolled outside to a beautiful little area along one of the local creeks.  I took a few photos.

I love the shadows of the trees on the water.  We all decided it was so nice there, we should have brought some chairs and a book or sketch pad to sit and enjoy the early afternoon breezes.  Maybe next time.

I’ve got a few projects planned for today.  Better get myself up and moving.  I’m not going to let the drearies get me again!

Happy Monday!

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Winner/Not a Winner

Good news, Bad news.  First of all, we did NOT win the Mega Millions so we will not be moving immediately to New Mexico.  That would be the bad news.  The extremely excellent news is that I was rewarded for my hard work on Weight Watchers this week with a one and a half pound weight loss!!  I am now only one and a half pounds from  my personal goal.  I’m happy about that! 🙂

Tried something new and yummy…

I mixed 1/2 a cup of Fiber One with some of my crock pot apples and fat-free vanilla yogurt.  It was delicious and very filling.

Do you Love my bowl?!  Got it at Goodwill for 50 cents a while ago and I just found it again.  So cute!

Got to the produce market and stocked up on  Romaine, celery, zucchini, lemons, green peppers, tiny eggplant and snow peas.

The lemons were because…

I keep hearing how good it is for you to have lemon with hot water in the morning.  Tastes pretty good.  Perhaps someone should clean the counter before taking photos…Ooppps…

Assembled goodies for dinner.  I completely forgot about the snow peas… 😦

Very tasty with Penzys Galena and 33rd spice added…

Even better with sriracha sauce on top!  Very good and filling.  I say that a lot, but filling is very important to me.  I have always been a volume eater and the veggie combos I make help a lot as do my Really Big Salads!

We’re on our way to my sister Ele’s house in a while.  We’re about to meet the next to newest member of the family.  Her name is Colette Mary and from the photos I’ve seen so far, she is truly adorable.  Stay tuned Baby Lovers!

Happy Saturday!!


WIAW~~The Merry Christmas Edition!

Christmas is for gifts, but those of us in the foodie blog world get a gift every week.  What gift is that?  Why it’s What I Ate Wednesday…the gift that keeps on giving.  It is the gift to us all from the lovely and talented Jenn over at Peas & Crayons.  It is such a fun thing and we all get to participate.  Those of us who do participate, hope that all of you will go check out the links at Jenn’s blog and read up, leave some comments, drool at all the shared goodies. 

Peas and Crayons

After the Christmas Eve free for all, I was trying to be somewhat under control on Christmas day itself.  We slept in a bit and said no to breakfast out with sister, Ele and our friend Jim.   I whipped up bacon and eggs for Ralph and made myself a yummy egg sandwich.

I’m not a fan of white bread, but that was all we had.  The addition of buffalo pepper cheese certainly amped up the taste.  Very Good.

For the last few Christmases, since there are fewer of us than there used to be, we’re down to 4, we have been spending Christmas recreating the Chinese restaurant scene from “A Christmas Story.”  There is a wonderful restaurant called Sakana Oriental not far from where we live. We like it for a lot of reasons.  It’s usually quiet there on Christmas and we get all of the attention!

I started with hot and sour soup.

This is one of the reason why I like this restaurant so much.  Their hot and sour soup is vegetarian and it is delicious.

My main course is something that I requested and fortunately, they complied.  I love their tofu family style which is tofu with lots of veggies.  I also love their Chinese eggplant in garlic sauce.  I asked if the tofu could be combined with the eggplant.  Thankfully the answer was Yes!

It was absolutely delicious!  It will be my go to choice from now on when we visit there!

There were lots of dessert choices at Ele’s house so we declined dessert at the restaurant.

Apple pie, home-made by our friend Jim. It is SO good!

Almost finished.  You can believe that not a bit of this was left on the plate!

A fun gift that Ele got for Christmas was this glass teapot accompanied by the tea flower balls which bloom when you add the hot water.

It was a very mild flavor and I usually like a stronger tea.  But it surely was pretty!

We had a wonderful Christmas Day in all possible ways including the food.  I’m proud of myself that I was as in control as I was.  I do feel like I’m still trying to get back into control.  A few days this week in control and then 2 more days of Holiday challenges next weekend.  But I feel I’m up for the challenge.

So that, dear Friends is What I Ate Wednesday-The Merry Christmas Edition.  Please be sure to do yourself a favor~take some time to stroll around Peas & Crayons and enjoy all of the wonderful food that is sure to be found there.  It’s pretty intense on a regular Wednesday.  I’m sure I’m not the only one sharing my Christmas fun, so I’m sure there’s plenty to enjoy.  It’ll be my gift to You!

Happy What I Ate Wednesday!


Santa And His Elves

Christmas Eve was a Saturday more hectic than usual.  Busy doesn’t describe it.  It was crazy, but fun!

We started at Weight Watchers. I gained a quarter pound, but I know it was because I had my fancy black jeans on rather than my weigh-in jeans.  It didn’t faze me.  I often talk about the wonderful loving support we all get at our WW meeting.  I haven’t told you about one special man.  His name is John and he’s one of Santa’s helpers.  We all just call him Santa and we’re all proud of him for his accomplishment of losing 83 pounds so far on the program.  He tells us this is the first time in his role as Santa’s helper that he’s had to pad his costume.

The meeting started as usual, but then we heard bells…

Santa with our Leader, Mary Lou.

Santa with Barb who has lost over 120 pounds.

With my good friend Darlene who is one of the receptionists.  We used to work together when I was still a leader.

With my friend, Pat who has lost over 80 pounds.

It was a great addition to our meeting.  When it was over, we headed for breakfast!  As expected, the diner was very busy.  It seems that after the WW meeting, I stopped taking pictures of people and was focused on the food!  I really was concerned about it and I think I was in rather good control.

The players at breakfast were Gail, Alice, Ralph, Gail’s brother Ray and Me.  I’m sad because we have a tradition of taking a photo of the three of us for Christmas but we didn’t do that.

Breakfast was my new usual, two scrambled eggs and cottage cheese.  I’m enjoying this combo.  I know that it starts me off with a good punch of protein and that’s what I’m looking for.  Service was slow, but it gave us all time to chat which we enjoyed.

Lunch with Bill, Alex and Patrick turned into lunch with them plus Ralph’s daughter Alice, her husband Chris and children River and Reid.  Bill had planned the surprise which Ralph appreciated because he doesn’t get to see Alice and her family very often.

Appetizers came in the form of mozzarella sticks.

All I ate was the half that’s missing in this photo.  Tasty, but my focus was control.

I started with a small Caesar salad.  Dressing on the side and I just dip the fork in the dressing, then pick up the salad.  Very good trick for not using much dressing when you don’t have the info to calculate.

My lunch was something called a Crazy California Wrap.

This was really delicious.  It said grilled eggplant and I was disappointed when it came breaded, but that was ok.  It also included avocado, mushrooms, spinach and a spicy chipotle sauce.  It was really good.  If I ever order it again, I’ll ask them to grill the eggplant without the breading.  The cole slaw and French fries stayed right where they were.  I was on a mission of control.

Our next stop was at my sister Ele’s house for the traditional Christmas Eve festivities.  The choice of goodies included cheese ball, cheese and crackers and carrots with dip.

Cookies, apple pie and Ele’s homemade cheesecake.

I did have some cheese and crackers (possibly a little more than my share…), some wassail-very yummy, cooking in the crock pot in the first photo (see…another use for the crock pot!!) and a piece of the cheese cake.  It was delicious!! 

And now for the Elf…our favorite Guest Star-Little Michael!

With his quilt that Aunt Carrie (that’s her smiling on the left) made for him.  Carrie is a real quilting machine.  Wait till you see what she made for Me!  That’s Ele on the right.

This is Michael in his Winter Classic hockey had that Ele got him.  He’s a big hockey fan and plays too.  Apparently the winter classic is one game a year that is played outside the way hockey used to be played.  He was Very happy with it…he looks so cute.

Ralph and I came home pretty darned tired after the long day.  We had just enough time to watch  part of 24 hours of  “A Christmas Story” on TBS.  I may put that on in a few minutes to watch some more. Late today we’ll be recreating the Chinese restaurant scene from the movie.  We had a Great Day and we have another one ahead of us.

Merry Christmas to you all!!!