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Sometimes, Yes…Sometimes No…

I wish I could figure something out.  If I could figure it out, I would probably be rich (especially if I could share the secret with other people-who would pay me money!) and I would feel so much better in general.

The secret I search for is…why are there some weeks when I can be SO completely on track, getting exercise and making good food choices and other weeks I’m a screaming neurotic freak?!  Well perhaps that’s a little over the top, but I think you know what I mean.  I was having such a terrible time…eating, snacking everything I could get my hands on.  Now this week…thank goodness, I feel calm, in control, I’m making the right choices and I feel I’ll have a good result when I get to Weight Watchers on Saturday.

Maybe because I am focusing, trying hard to be on track and just doing what I have to do.  But why now and not 2 weeks ago?!  Maybe because I got to have my Anniversary splurge on Monday…maybe, not.

In spite of that, I feel that I am having a good week. This was Saturday night’s dinner.

Zucchini, yellow squash, tomatoes, onions and garlic mixed with cottage cheese over cous cous.  You see on top the last of the shredded cheese I had bought.  I’ve decided that I will not buy it anymore unless I plan to use it for a specific recipe.  It may be one of the culprits so we’re experimenting here.  This was yummy and filling.

Here’s my usual favorite Sunday breakfast, eggs on a sandwich thin, with sriracha sauce, without cheese…have to do it.  Added a sliced apple topped with cinnamon for a little extra.  Good idea, I should do that more often.

Another breakfast, Greek yogurt with honey and Fiber One.  This is a good choice because of the protein boost…15 grams!  Tastes good too!

I always say that I do better when I have things ready.  A quick lunch of hard-boiled egg, carrots and celery.  Easy because everything was there.  I need to keep this up!  This is starting to look like a What I Ate Wednesday post! 😉

Next…and I won’t bore you with any more food…comes one of my favorites.  I finally remembered to buy sweet potatoes when I went to the produce market.

I microwaved these two babies for about 8 minutes after piercing them with a fork a few times.  They came out perfectly!  After cooking, I cut them up in bite size pieces.

I sautéed together olive oil, garlic, onions ( I had been forgetting to buy them, too…glad I remembered!) yellow squash, tomatoes and cottage cheese.  Used one of my Penzey’s spice mixtures…I think 33rd and Galena.  This was so delicious and I didn’t miss the cheese sprinkled on top!  Yummy and Filling.  Hmm…I think I may have to change the name of BCDC to Yummy and Filling!   Just noticed that this is very Autumn colored…I like that!

I think that I’m focusing on my good food choices for the week because it may be tricky to make good choices on the coming weekend.  It’s my Birthday weekend and who KNOWS what’s going to come up!   Whatever comes up…I am going to be focused…mindful…and I Will write it all down!  That’s what works!

Happy Thursday!



WIAW~Happy Anniversary!

As I prepare to write my What I Ate Wednesday post, I realize that it’s going to look as though I’ve fallen off track.  To be honest, it sort of felt that way.  But I’m telling myself that it’s just one day and I will be on the (very) straight and narrow until next Saturday (after weigh in at WW) when I’ll be celebrating my birthday.  Besides, I HAVE to be good…I only have 7 Weekly Points left!!!

So welcome to the Happy Anniversary edition of WIAW sponsored as always by the lovely Jenn at Peas & Crayons!  I guess I have to hope that our theme is still Fall into Good Habits… 😉

Peas and Crayons

Ralph and I decided that we would go out to lunch for our anniversary.  What could be better than a restaurant where we had gift cards to use?! So we were off to Olive Garden.  A bit hokey, perhaps and not always my favorite food, but…the dessert always makes up for it!  😉

We probably shouldn’t have but we started with bruschetta which is one of my favorite things.  In fact, I think the next time I go, I’m ordering this and salad and that will be it!  The world’s largest piece of basil!!

The plate after we had already torn into it!

My first of several returns to the Bruschetta Altar…yum…

Next was the salad which as always was very tasty.  It still bothers me to pay for salad in restaurants because I know how inexpensively it can be made at home.  I enjoyed it regardless!

Portobello mushroom ravioli.  They were a little dry but still tasted pretty good.

Now for the real reason I go to Olive Garden…

The lemon creme cake!!!!!  I really can’t use enough exclamation points here!  This is so delicious and makes me smile every time I eat it.  Their coffee is good to and it was a nice finish to a nice meal.

So you may ask, how this fits in to Falling into Good Habits?  It fits in because I will as I said at the beginning, be very VERY good for the rest of the week.  My plan worked last week and I intend to stick with it.  I haven’t mentioned that I have been either walking or riding my stationary bike every day.  That really does help.  Rainy today so it was the bike for me! I believe That counts as a good habit!

So that’s WIAW for Anniversary Day and the beginning of Birthday Month!  Be sure to stop over at Peas & Crayons…look around and leave some comments.  We all love them!

Happy October!  Happy WIAW!!

How Lucky Can One Girl Be?

I had mentioned that yesterday was our anniversary, but I didn’t say a lot about it.  I was focused on beans!  Today I think I’ll focus on Ralph.

Is he the perfect man? In many ways yes, in some ways, no.  Of course, he didn’t win any prize, either, when he got me.  But somehow we fit.

We met by accident, introduced at a meeting we were both attending.  It was a meeting of a poetry group I belonged to and we was invited by the woman who was hosting the meeting that month.  We spent the entire evening as far from each other as possible, Ralph on one side of the room, Me on the other.  It just happened that way.  We finally got to chat after the meeting when everyone was having coffee and snacks.  That was it.

Along with several other members of the group, I was known as one of the cut-ups. We would joke and have fun during the meetings, not like so many of the “serious” poets.  I got a call from one of my cut-up buddies, Walt saying he wanted to get together with the idea of writing comedy.  I thought it was a great idea.  He had invited a few others, “oh and I asked that guy Ralph who we met at the meeting the other night.”  Again, I thought it was great.

Now comes the tricky part…I was dating someone else, Ralph was dating someone else.  Along with the guy I was dating at the time, we would regularly go to a local diner.  As it happens, Ralph as a police detective usually working the 4 to 12 shift, he would also go to this diner on his dinner break.  First time I saw him, I said Hi and we invited him to sit with us.  This started to happen on a regular basis.  The guy I was dating would sit there reading the newspaper (and staring at the waitresses) while Ralph and I laughed and joked and sang the theme songs to old TV Westerns.  Who was having fun?

Eventually, Ralph decided to have a surprise birthday party for the friend who had hosted that poetry meeting and asked for my help.  I said sure and he asked me to meet him at a nearby diner (not the same one) to talk and make plans.  As it turns out, we never talked about the party that night, just everything else in the world.  So, gee whiz…we had to meet again to actually plan the party!  😉

There was a bit more back and forth with our friend (who still didn’t know about the party) asking me how much I liked the guy I was dating and what I thought of Ralph.  I said I was having some trouble and that I thought Ralph was a great guy.  She said that Ralph liked me.  I said I liked him too. She said NO he Really likes you (are we in high school? but this is true) I said, well I think I really like him too.

I won’t drag this out any more. By mid July of that year we had “declared” ourselves.  He had just broken up with his on-off girlfriend and I had the messy prospect of breaking up with the guy I was dating-the only time I ever had to do that and it was difficult. However, I did it and I’m very glad I did.

So we rushed right into things and 9 years later…

We had the wedding ceremony in Mom’s dining room and photos in the back yard taken by a good friend who is a professional photographer. Do you think we were happy?  You decide…

Then 12 years later, I awake to find this on the kitchen counter…

I think I’m pretty darn lucky!

Happy Tuesday! Happy Day after Anniversary! Happy October!


My Old Friend…The Crock Pot

Today is Barbeque Beans Day!  Well, lately there seems to be a “Day” for just about everything, so why not?!  In preparation for this post, I needed to find the post where I originally posted the recipe for my barbeque beans. Took a while and from now on, I’m going to keep a list of every recipe I give.  I don’t use them that often, but, it’s nice to just be able to link to one I’ve already used rather than having to type it all over again. Oh, and don’t believe WordPress when they say that if You look at your posts that it doesn’t add into your page views for the day…they’re wrong!

Fall is the time of year that I like to make soups and other things that both Ralph and I like and that we can get several meals from.  Of course, in this endeavour, my crock pot is my best friend.   This baby has gotten a lot of use over the years and continues to be well used.  I really need to break the seal on the new bigger one I got really cheap (I think it was around $10- last year)   That’s the one I need for making chili, but I’ve found some other soup recipes that make a large quantity and that will come in handy.

So my day with beans!  You can find the recipe here along with the story of the recipe.  I was very excited that before my friends Gail and Alice left to spend the summer in Maine, I printed out the recipe for them.  I’m always a little shy about giving recipes…just because I like something, doesn’t mean others will.  They Loved it, including Gail’s fussy brother, Ray who doesn’t like anything!  Score!

I soaked the beans overnight, then cooked them on the stove.  Could have cooked them in the crock pot (which I will do when I think to plan ahead!) but it would have been another day before I could make them.

Cooked beans in the crock pot!

All of the goodness mixed in and Ready To Crock!

The finished product!  The house smells so good while they’re cooking!  That’s one of my favorite things about cooking with the crock!

My preferred way of eating the beans.  Underneath are two microwaved veggie dogs. Ralph of course gets real dogs.  Ladle in the beans and I don’t know why I do it, but I put a nice big squeeze of mustard.  I love the extra punch of flavor it adds.

This is an excellent recipe and although I use fake bacon in mine (Gail did as well when she made it) meat eaters don’t seem to notice the difference if you don’t tell them.  Ralph know it’s fake bacon but loves them anyway!  It’s great to take to a party or for family gatherings.  Not hard at all!

Today being the first day of October makes me very excited!  Today is Ralph’s and my 12th Anniversary.  I’m so lucky to have found him and lucky that he let me keep him! 😉 It’s also the first day of my Birthday month!  AND the leaves are starting to change colors!  Perhaps the best reason to be in New Jersey!

So I’m off to a busy Day!

Happy Monday! Happy October!  Happy Anniversary!