Snapshot Saturday~October 26

I’m excited to be back and participating in Snapshot Saturday. Thanks to Melinda at West Metro Mommy for being our kind hostess for our weekly need to share our photos!  Be sure to check out all of the wonderful photos from all over.


When we were in New Mexico, I was bombarded by incredible sights daily.  Mountains, clouds, blue skies.  I took some pretty great photos that I will share as the weeks go on.  For this week I wanted to share something simple.

When in Silver City, we spend a lot of time at a local coffee shop, Java The Hut.  It’s a wonderful little place.  Great coffee and great for people watching too.  I should share photos of some of the characters, but not today.

Sometimes when looking for things to photograph, you’re just hit with simple beauty.  The area around Java The Hut is beautifully landscaped with lots of flowers and native plants.  I found this one day while walking through the foliage.

Agave with flower


Morning glory, I think, growing in an agave plant.  I thought it was so simple and beautiful.  Looking at it now makes me homesick…I want to be back there.  Soon enough.

Be sure to check out the other great photographers over at West Metro Mommy.  This group has some pretty amazing photographers.

Happy Snapshot Saturday!


20 responses to “Snapshot Saturday~October 26

  1. I like morning glory too, it’s always so pretty, but a weed here, so a guilty pleasure.

  2. The morning glories come back every year, which is nice. Hope you get to return to this lovely spot soon. Here’s Mine

  3. What a beautiful little flower. We won’t be seeing flowers for another eight months, I’m afraid. So, thanks for sharing yours. 😉

  4. New Mexico is such an amazing place! Gorgeous photo.

  5. A very cool juxtaposition of plants.

  6. Lovely, Morning glories certainly are not picky.

  7. Love New Mexico! Love the photo!

  8. Beautiful photo. Does make me long to be somewhere warm.

  9. I love the contrast of spiky and curly 🙂

  10. I am struck by the intense sunshine in your photo … something I would love to feel – this from a girl heading into the chill of late fall/wintertime weather. Our morning glories were killed off by the hard frost night before last … sigh.

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