Week In Review~August 26

Another week…Another Week In Review. I’m feeling that I’m finally getting into the rhythm of this so I don’t like to miss out.  Don’t forget our wonderful hostess Meghan over at Clean Eats, Fast Feets.  Be sure to check out what everyone else has to say when you are finished here.

Week In Review Button Final

No exciting vacation stories or photos this week.  Lots of internal angst on my part for various founded and unfounded reasons so…we’ll let that go and get on to the Week!


I worked hard at not being sucked into eating out this week.  It worked pretty well. We did go out on Wednesday with Ralph’s family for our semi-bi-monthly lunch.  We had a great time.  I made a wise choice of the Greek salad which is always tasty at this restaurant.  When it came time for birthday cake, I was in the Ladies Room.  I would have asked for a small piece but didn’t have to because I got the tiniest piece possible.  I was satisfied with that!

During the week I tried making some different things for myself.  I’ll be sharing them either on Wednesday or on Friday for Strange But Good.  I’m working hard to stay on track.  It helped too.  When I got to Weight Watchers on Saturday, I had lost 1.4 pounds! I was shocked.  As I’ve said, I’m not really trying lose anymore, it’s just happening.  I’m not going to fight it!


I’ve been trying very hard since my return to stay away from thrift stores.  I will have to make a trip to one this week for a special project, but the only other visit will be to Donate!  That’s always allowed.  (See “The Projects.”)


I spent my sister Ele’s most of the day on Monday again.  I’ve done a good job of sorting out things there.  I found a lot of memorabilia that has to be forwarded on to the theatre department at my alma mater.  Long story there.  I just have to figure out who is the right person to be the keeper of the historic documents (If you had seen the movie Galaxy Quest you’d be laughing right now!)  That’s always the hard part, figuring out where things should go.

I decided to bite the bullet and start to weed out books.  I have now officially been through Every box stored there.  I found about 25 books that I pulled out and gave to Ele to take to the town library.  Happy to be contributing to that!

On Friday, I took another important step.  I contacted a different antique store in Mullica Hill, a town that has Lots of antique stores.  This is one of the biggest ones.  I asked if they’d be interested to see if they wanted to buy anything I had to sell.  I suggested sending photos by e-mail and the woman I spoke with thought that was a good idea. Got the photos taken of most of the things I’m trying to sell.  I’ll be working on sending the photos to her today.

I would love it if I could get some of these things out of here before we leave on our trip.  It would be some extra spending money plus the stuff would be Gone!!

I even contacted a local company that buys metal.  I’ve got some old metal chairs and various tables plus boxes of old metal, chains, hinges and things like that.  The man said, “Bring it over!” So I will!!

I’ve got several boxes that need to go to the shop where I’ve been donating everything.  Every box out of here is a step in the right direction.


I’m starting to get a little sweaty palmed about the trip.  I’m a big fan of making lists before a trip.  I’m proud to say that I rarely forget anything when I do it this way.  If I don’t, heaven only knows what goes into the car!  I’ve got extra planning to do because some of the things I’m taking will be staying in New Mexico.  I have to be sure not to leave anything I can’t live without for a while.  But I do want to take some things that will end up there anyway that I don’t use all the time.  My plan to take some of my small appliances has been scratched because we’re renting a regular car as opposed to my choice of a minivan.  So there’s lots of rethinking to be done.

I’m going to try to start my lists today also.   Meghan will be So proud of me!

Keep Calm and Make a List

I know that no one will be as excited as me, but I just figured out how to resize the image above!!  How could I do this for almost 3 years without figuring that out?!  Well, now I know!

I’ve got a busy day ahead of me and I need to get it started.  Be sure to visit Clean Eats, Fast Feets and join in the Week In Review fun!!

Happy Monday!


4 responses to “Week In Review~August 26

  1. Great job Fran. It sounds like you’re really moving on the projects now. I bet you can practically see the final move to New Mexico in your future.

  2. sounds like a super productive week! i hope you’re keeping the angst at bay… i love how many stores you’re finding to ask about selling your things. such a good idea. 🙂

    and i. love. lists. it’s out of control. and even with a color-coded, sub-bulleted packing list, i’ve still forgotten things on a few trips. hahah. i guess i need a new system.

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