Sentimental Journey

Life is so strange sometimes.  I have talked for many months about the sorting and packing that I’m doing in preparation for our move to New Mexico.  I hear people silently scratching their heads saying, how can you possibly have that much stuff to sort.  Even my best friend, Gail said that to me on the phone the other day…she’s not so silent on the subject.

You’ll just have to believe me that I do…I really have that much stuff.

I’ve talked about my little old house where I live, that it belonged to my Grandparents and that I love it. However, it came complete with Stuff.

I’ve been concentrating on the basement and I can’t believe how much of their Stuff is still down there.  Most of it odds and ends, things they saved “in case,”  because they might need them someday.  They lived through the Great Depression and they knew how to make things stretch, how to make something out of almost nothing.  I learned from them, both in the good way and the bad way.

So I have Stuff and when Ralph came to live here, he brought Stuff.  I do believe that in the damp, dark basement Grandmom and Grandpop’s Stuff gets together with my Stuff and Ralph’s Stuff and multiplies.  That’s just my theory, but I’m going with it.

It’s hard though.  I remember the last time I moved, coming to this house that I said I was being very unsentimental about what I kept and what I let go of.  Apparently, with some of the boxes I’ve found and opened…I wasn’t too successful the last time.  Believe me, I’m being more unsentimental than ever with this.  I tossed some things that I probably never thought I would let go.  I don’t just mean toss to the trash.  Many things are being donated and I feel a lot better about that.

Yesterday, my first attack was on the Christmas boxes.  I had 4 large plastic bins plus some overflow.  Four bins are now three bins!  Three boxes plus a Christmas wreath went off to the thrift store yesterday.  My idea of holding it all and letting them pick it up went by the wayside.  I figured that if that which was going actually went, I could see more progress and have more room.

My Fall decorations, which actually outnumber my Christmas decorations got consolidated into plastic bins ( I had extra ones now!)  I found two more bins that (shudder…) I thought were Christmas things but turned out to be things from college.  No…they Hadn’t disintegrated yet…but much of it did go in the trash and some into the donation boxes.  Some I still couldn’t part with.

I now have four more boxes ready to be donated plus whatever I do today.  I’ve got some larger things ready to go in the trash on Friday.  I’d put them out now but with the weather being so unstable, I don’t want them to get all wet. They would be harder to move then.

I also need to get working on the huge room full of stuff that I’ve got stored at my sister Ele’s house.  I’ll start over there when I need a change of scene.  There’s lots that can be thrown out over there.  It won’t be any easier with a lot of the things there, but I’m doing it…unsentimentally.  Most of my books are there too, so that will be especially tough, but I will weed out some things.

The thing is that each thing that I unpack, sort out or designate to be donation or trash, once held a place in my heart.  Some things are easier to part with than others. Some I’m glad to see go. Some it breaks my heart, like the broken Christmas ornaments that I was saving…just because they had come down in the family.  They needed to go and they did.

So that’s where we stand at the moment.  I could go on and on about all of this, but then I’d never get back to my project.  I need to work on it.  Maybe I’ll be brave today and take a few photos down in my little dungeon to share what I’m talking about.  I’m not sure how much I can reveal. The good news is…there’s a lot less to reveal than there was two weeks ago!

Happy Tuesday!


4 responses to “Sentimental Journey

  1. I have great sympathy for you in this work. I still have a couple of boxes left over from our move to the apartment a couple of years ago. But I keep working on them. I’m a very hopeful Bear.

    The bigger question is, “Why would you want to move to the deserts of New Mexico?” (Remember: with climate change happening, what isn’t desert there soon will be.)

    Oh, and how many boxes of broken cookies did you discover? (Silly old Bear; broken cookies don’t count! Forget that nonsense!)

    Blessings and Bear hugs!
    Bears Noting
    Life in the Urban Forest (poetry)

    • You truly crack me up, Mr. Bear!! New Mexico is beautiful and if I have to suffer climate change, I’d prefer the beauty of our spot in New Mexico as opposed to the rain and terrible humidity here in New Jersey.

      So far, I’ve found NO broken cookies…because they don’t count…I Ate them all! 😉 Glad you’re back!!

  2. I hope you’re able to get everything packed up! I always feel less stressed when life is organized 🙂

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