Catching Up On Life In General

Ordinarily, a Friday would mean a link up with Laura and all of the fun foodies celebrating Strange But Good at Sprint 2 The Table.  Please check it out anyway, I hope to be back among the strangeness where I belong next week!

Sunday was a fun, wet, emotional day.  We were at a lake/campground for our Grandson Patrick’s graduation/going into the Army party.  We barely made it to the campground due to the storms.  Once we got there the rain came again (twice while we were there)  It cleared up eventually but not until after some people had to leave.  I forgot how much I hate being wet for an extended period of time.  We had fun in spite of it.



Bill, Alex, Ralph and Patrick.  Bill was leaving on Monday to move to Idaho.  Patrick would be traveling with him for a visit before going into the service in August.  I got smiles from Bill and Ralph. That is what passes for a smile from Alex and Patrick is distracted.  It’s Ok because there was a lot going on.



A group shot of some of Patrick’s friends with his brother, Dad Bill and Mom Heather.  Ralph’s Granddaughter Chelsea is on the end.  She needs to stop being so cute.



Very cool cake…it’s actually chocolate and vanilla cupcakes under there.  Army logo on top, of course.

It was an emotional day and I’m still recovering.  The good news is that Bill and Patrick arrived safely at their destination after 4 days of travel.  From what I hear, they got there just in time for the fireworks.  What a nice welcome.

Happy Friday!


4 responses to “Catching Up On Life In General

  1. I’m glad you all had a good time together. My thoughts are with you – hope things settle for you soon. You are too sweet to think of me and link back. Hope you have a restful, happy weekend!

  2. It sounds like a nice party, despite the rain. I can’t believe those are cupcakes under there; that’s really clever. I’m sure it was sad to see them go, but there’s comfort in knowing they are pursuing things which make them happy. Just like you and New Mexico. 🙂

    • It actually makes me feel like We’re taking a step in the right direction. Communication is so good these days that you’re never really out of touch. It feels like we can share in the adventure. Thanks, Meghan!

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