Adding In

I’m trying out adding in some shorter less structured posts in between my recent schedule-Monday-Week In Review/Wednesday-What I Ate Wednesday/Friday-Strange But Good/Saturday-Snapshot Saturday.  I really can write posts without a link up, honest I can!

Lots of things swirling around in my head and my mind.  Now that the yard sale is over, I can start getting more into sorting out with the exclusive idea of getting rid of things.  I’m especially excited to know that the thrift store that I’m donating all of the leftovers from the yard sale will pick up.  I still have all of that to get set up for pick up.  All of this rain has left the containers un-bagged up.  I’m hoping it will clear up so I can get that accomplished.  Maybe I can gather some more to go out while I wait.  I like that idea!

Trying to get myself back on track in reference to Weight Watchers.  The last few weeks have been text-book emotional eating weeks.  I’m getting that under control and hoping not to have done too much damage when I go to my meeting on Saturday.

I’ve been trying for several days to go out for a walk to try out my new Map My Walk app on my phone.  No such luck.  The weather forecast looks clearer starting Thursday.  I’m going to be up and ready to get out there as soon as it’s light on Thursday.  It may not last long.

That’s a little of where my disorganized brain is at the moment.  As I said this was going to be short and it looks like I may actually accomplish it.

I know that there are Rain Dances…Are there No Rain Dances?  If anyone knows one, please do one for me!

Happy Tuesday!


4 responses to “Adding In

  1. Know exactly what you’re going through

  2. The rain has been such a bummer! Such a wet spring and now there are SO many mosquitos, especially in the woods!

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