WIAW~May 22~The Food Made Up For It

Good Morning and welcome to the May 22 edition of What I Ate Wednesday! Ok, so I’m being excessively cheery.  I’m trying to make up for my less than cheery Week In Review on Monday.  I’m happy to say that the food will sound better than the week did.  Isn’t it all about the food anyway?!   😉  Well it is on Wednesdays!!

Be sure to visit Peas & Crayons when you’re finished here.  Thanks to the lovely and exuberant Jenn for starting all of this craziness.  Don’t forget to leave some comments while you nose around in all of the wonderful food posted there!

Peas and Crayons

We were happy to spend last Wednesday afternoon with our monthly group of Ralph’s family, sisters, cousins, nieces…and of course there was food!



This was a wonderful layered Caprese salad.  So good!  There was a drizzled balsamic reduction on it that was just enough, I didn’t need to use the dressing they gave me on the side.  Yum.



Ok…so there was birthday cake.  This was really delicious, very chocolate-y.  Glad I got a “smaller” piece.



A mixed cheese salad with balsamic vinegar.  Really tasty and very filling.  One of my favorite choices which is why I have it so often!  🙂



I actually fed myself once…an apple with cinnamon…breakfast, lunch…I don’t remember, but I love it this way.  It lasts longer which makes it very filling.



Saturday (after recovering from the Relay) Ralph and I headed to the diner.  I got my fave…egg white omelette with mushrooms and spinach.  I was feeling the need for some extra protein, so I added a side of cottage cheese.  Great combo!



Ok, so we also felt the need for ice cream. This was key lime pie…so yummy.  I’m allowing myself one visit on the weekend.  It’s so good, I’d be in trouble if I didn’t restrict myself!



Sunday night, Ralph and I were in need of some comfort food.  This is an example of “If you ask for what you want at a restaurant, you just might get it.” I remembered that one time, Ralph had one time gotten an entrée at this pizzeria that had mixed sautéed vegetables for his side.  I asked it they could just mix those veggies with pasta.  The answer was yes! The veggies were cooked in garlic olive oil and this was just yummy! Filling too, I had to save half and bring it home.  I was very happy with this!



Monday was my sister Ele’s birthday (Happy Birthday, Ele!!) and we took her to the local Chinese restaurant.  This was called Family Style Bean Curd.  Sounds appetizing, right?!  Of course, it was tofu with veggies.  I asked for brown rice on the size.  This was very good and I did NOT take any of it home.  I purposely didn’t get any soup,  just wanted my entrée.


My fortune cookie from the Chinese restaurant.  I liked my fortune…very true…

I have to admit, there was also ice cream after this, but no pictures, please…I was trying to fool myself, but I need to do true confessions here.  Caramel Apple…they had to scrape the bottom of the tub to get my serving out.  Is that sort of like Broken Cookies and therefore doesn’t count?!?!  I think that should be the rule!  😉

So that’s What I Ate Wednesday for this week.  Let’s hope that next week is better in general and that the food continues to be so good.  Well, I do need to cook more, but that’s an ongoing give and take!  Be sure to visit Peas & Crayons to check out some other blogs and leave some comments!

Happy What I Ate Wednesday!!


24 responses to “WIAW~May 22~The Food Made Up For It

  1. so glad your week included some celebrating, fran! sounds like a wonderful time out with ele – and yes, ice cream scraps from the bottom of the container are freebies!! for sure!!
    have a great rest of the week! i am going to a special yoga workshop tonight, get to meet the founder of moksha yoga, from L.A.!

    • How great for you, Cathy! You must be on your countdown now for your trip. If I were you, I’d be running just because I wouldn’t be able to sit still! I was thinking about yoga again last night. I’m so stiff, I think it would help. You can teach me!! Have a great day, My Dear!!

  2. it’s always the way that food is the best. I hope this week goes better, fran… but I’m glad there was delicious food in the meantime!

    I’m going to be in need of a little ice cream kids soon. and that salad looks amazing! where was it from?

    • Hi there, Girlie! The salad was from Picasso’s on Columbia. So good! Very filling too. I’m still hoping to get together this week, but things have gotten more complicated instead of less. I’ll keep you posted, sweetie!!

  3. Everything looks so good! is there anything better than salad followed by cake?? I think that’s the best combination 🙂

  4. What a pretty flower on that caprese salad!

  5. I love family style bean curd! So good! I wouldn’t have taken any home, either 😛

  6. Interesting meme. 🙂 Not a big salad fan, but these look good! Isn’t cinnamon a great addition to snacks? I also have it on cooked oatmeal. When in Florida years ago, I tasted key lime pie for the first time. Sadly, none have ever tasted quite as good. Bottom scrapings never count. Eat away!

    • Allison, I use cinnamon in my coffee. It’s a great treat. They tell us it’s good for us, so why not! I haven’t had actual key lime pie in a long time. Now that I’ve found this ice cream…I don’t need it! Hope it doesn’t get the better of me!

  7. Key lime and caramel apple? Yeah, I’d have to get ice cream twice, too 🙂

  8. Caprese salads are my favorite. I love that combination in anything…pasta, quinoa, a salad. Oooh key lime pie ice cream? Yes please!

  9. Wow, it looks like you have eaten some awesome food recently. This is definitely my kind of stuff, love it!

  10. Another Birthday! I like your trick of serving up just a little slice. I usually pass but then eat everyone else’s and I am sure wind up eating more than if I had just taken a sliver on a plate.

  11. Wow that’s a lot of good food and it sounds like you got a taste of everything (the infamous Diner for omelets, Chinese, pasta, ice cream ,cake), but the Caprese salad was probably my favorite. I had one of those too today and also two days ago. Love a good Caprese salad in the spring.

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