The A to Z Blogging Challenge~A is for Age

Last April I experienced something very enjoyable.  I didn’t realize it when I started it would be so enjoyable.  As I was living through it, I was at times doubting the enjoyment.  When it was over, I knew I had done the right thing.

That experience was the A to Z Blogging Challenge.  In keeping with my customary wait until the very last-minute personality…I signed up on March 31.  This year I did a little better.  I signed up on March 29.  That’s progress in my mind.   🙂

The A to Z Challenge is simple and pretty much explains itself.  Each day, except Sundays we blog about a letter of the alphabet.  April being a 30 day month, with Sundays off for good behavior, we have just enough letters to fill one day per letter.

Anyone who is a worse procrastinator than I, can go to the link today and sign up! So I’ve placed the gauntlet before you and you can pick it up if you like.  Stand back…here we go!

Early in the challenge and I’m already second guessing myself, but that’s been a life long habit.  It could also be something to do with what I’ve chosen for today’s topic.  My topic is Age.

Oh…did you think I was going to talk about My Age?!  Silly rabbits!  No actually, I am.  I’ve waffled back and forth (something else that I’m known for) about stating my age here.  The waffling will continue until I finish my post and then I still might not say it.

The thing is, that I thought that with Age would come wisdom…isn’t that what they always tell us?  I also thought I might be come more decisive.  I’m better at making decisions, but it still takes thought and time (though sometimes not as much time as in my younger years) when I’m dealing with something important.

I’m fairly certain that some people who haven’t known me throughout my extensive years, feel that this indecisive quality has to do with my current age.  They don’t realize how far I’ve come!

So what are the signs of age?  For each of us I’m sure the signs are an individual thing.  I have worked long and hard for over 20 years to improve my health and now to keep myself healthy and strong.  I exercise, I eat right and I try to stay calm in the face of disaster (that could be every day around here!)

I don’t feel my age, in fact, I feel better every year.  I do have some signs of age.  My hips hurt a lot if I don’t move around enough or if I sit in one position for too long.  That’s to be expected.  My hair isn’t the color it used to be…but only I know that.  Actually, most people probably know that, I’m the only one who sees the evidence of it, when my hair is grown in.  Mascara can work wonders on your sideburns!!

My memory is still pretty good, in fact it’s one of my claims to fame.  I still have people call me to ask me who played a particular part in a particular movie or TV show.  This happens less now that we all have the internet, but as far as my husband is concerned, I’m the original IMDB (Internet Movie Data Base.)

I don’t require a lot of up keep.  After a lengthy and frightening (to me) recent bout with bronchitis, I’m concerned that the duration of that was due to my age.  As the doctor (who is not the one I usually see) said when she looked at my chart, “you don’t get sick very often.”  I don’t and I don’t want this to happen again and I will be even more vigilant to guard my good health.

When I started reading healthy living blogs and then blogging myself, I realized I was so much older than a lot of the bloggers I was reading.  I felt a little out-of-place.  But so many other bloggers and readers of my blog have made me feel welcome and comfortable in the blogging community.  As time goes on and I’ve started reading blogs from other genres (some found through last year’s A to Z Challenge) I realize that I’m not so old after all.

I’ve heard the saying for so many years…Age is Just a Number.  It is if you approach it that way.  As I like to say…I’m older than I ever expected to be.  But you can’t get rid of me that easily.  I plan on continuing this for a long time because I like it!

So if age is just a number, then I chose 40.  That’s when I met my husband, Ralph.  He makes me feel that time stood still at that time.  So why can’t Age stand still as well.

Happy “A” Day!


23 responses to “The A to Z Blogging Challenge~A is for Age

  1. ahhh!!! the a to z challenge – so glad you are IN again this year, fran! i have very fond memories of participating last year…it’s really a very fun creative challenge.
    age IS just a number. your vibrant personality will do you well as we continue down life’s road!!
    you’re off to a great challenge start with today’s letter A!

  2. I’m having a hard time coming to terms with age. I’m thirty mumble, and there’s a whole bunch of things that no one told me about being in your thirties! I’m feeling a bit gypped.

    • Hi Kellie! Every age is great if you allow it to be. I’m twice that and still feel like I have things to learn and accomplish. My advise is not to put yourself in a box that says-This is my age and this is what I have to do at this age. Learn as you go along. Thanks for visiting!

  3. What a fun challenge! I can’t wait to read more of your posts 🙂

  4. Indeed! Wouldn’t it be great if age stood still. ☺

    I’m glad to see you’re participating in the challenge. I am, too—just made my first post!

    Have a wonderful Monday! I’ll be back for more of your A to Z. ☺

  5. Just stopping by during the A-Z blog tour. 🙂 Thoroughly enjoyed reading your “A” blog post. Very cute. Just noticed I’m the second Dana to comment here. I like your “seat of the pants” style of writing. I’m not a planner, either. I only just heard about this challenge Friday night and had to do some research to find out what it was about. I dove in today, though. My “A” word was almost “agelessness” because that’s what I want to achieve. It appears like you’re ahead of me. 🙂 Great job! ~Dana Martin

    • Hi Dana! So glad you stopped by for the A to Z And that you joined in! I enjoyed it so much last year. I found some previously unknown to me blogs and several of them I still read weekly. Yup, I’m pretty much seat of the pants. If I planned a little better I might have become a professional writer lo those many years ago. So you know, the other Dana is someone I found last year and have stayed blog buddies with. I love all of this. I’ll check your post out now and I’ll probably come back for more!

  6. Hi Fran,
    Its really good to join in here at a to z this year too, An informative post indeed, This year i have decided to visit more of my friends page and read and comment, You selected a good subject for the beginning, and indeed this is very timely too, many of us are just going with out noticing our age, No doubt its a universal fact that it should continue and in the long run things changes, nice post keep inform
    I am
    Phil @ Philipscom
    An ambassador to A to Z Challenge @ Tina’s Life is Good
    And My Bio-blog

  7. I never worry about age, ever since I had cancer I think I’m lucky to have another birthday! I’ve got the big 5-0 coming up this year 😉

    • You’re an inspiration to me, Stacie! You don’t look your age and that’s great! I’ll be walking in the American Cancer Society Relay for Life in May. It’s always a wonderful event. Have a great day!

  8. Age and wisdom does not go together where I come from either. In fact, neither does memory. But I will say I can waste away sipping coffee and watching the news if I am not careful. Birds also sound exceptionally beautiful accompanied by a soft breeze across my back patio.

    • Hi EmmlyJane and thanks for stopping by! Age is one of those things that I don’t think about until I’ve been sitting too long and try to get out of the chair. Then the old hips don’t always cooperate! Have a great day!

  9. Cute blog title!

    Popped in from the AtoZ Challenge.

  10. This is a cool challenge. I didn’t realize it was every day except Sunday. That’s a big commitment, but it sounds fun. Depending on the day, I’m a little sensitive about my age and being older than so many other bloggers, but I also know with age comes confidence and peace of mind.

    • Hi Meghan! I did the A to Z last year and I really enjoyed it. I had just gotten a routine of Not blogging every day. I’ll look forward to those Sundays off! It is a little strange being older than the other bloggers, but then as I said I realized I wasn’t the only “more mature” blogger out there! I agree…confidence and peace of mind. A good thing to remember!

  11. Just thought I would stop in and say Hi, found you from the A to Z challenge, I have to say Awesome blog and I look forward to following you letter by letter!!! Please check me out at… thanks kelly

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