Well, I can’t guarantee anything, but I think I’m feeling a bit better today.  I think I’ve scared it out of myself by promising to call the doctor for an appointment today.  Can’t call until 1 pm so I’ll see if this upturn continues until then.

Ralph and I spent a lovely afternoon with his family celebrating St. Patrick’s Day.  We went to the Adelphia and I didn’t really take any photos.  Major reason being that the place was Mobbed!  I don’t remember ever being there on a Sunday now that I think about it, but this was bedlam!  The fact that it was St. Patrick’s Day could have something to do with it.

Once, I got in my seat which was right next to the railing where the brunch buffet was being served (also right next to a vat of bacon I might add, which made my day…eye roll)  I couldn’t move around to get to take photos.  I was also feeling kind of punky and decided that if I could keep myself from coughing my way through the lunch that would be my job for the duration of the time we were there. So no photos not even of my lunch.  It was my usual Greek salad and was delicious once they removed the anchovies I had requested kept away to begin with (second eye roll.)  I judged how bad I was feeling by the fact that I didn’t finish it and I usually finish every bit.

In truth I haven’t been eating much since I’ve been home, just not even feeling hungry.  That may or may not reflect well on my weigh in next week.  So many times if I don’t eat everything I’m supposed to, I gain.  Crazy but it’s true.  When I was leading my classes, that was one of the hardest things for members to believe.  But when they could wrap their heads around the concept, they usually had better progress.

I have a new “thing” with Weight Watchers to tell you all about but that will be for another day.  One reason being, I could only get it working today after being back from Florida for almost a week.  It’s my computer’s fault not Weight Watchers.

I’m off to drink some tea, probably go back to bed and to sleep.  My one accomplishment other than posting today is my crock pot full of black beans working their magic in the kitchen.  They can do their work without my help, thank goodness.

Happy Monday!


8 responses to “Healing??

  1. did you decide to give the doc a call, fran??? hopefully, you are feeling even better this morning!
    glad you got out on st patty’s day for a social outing. places up here were super busy, too!! lotsa green clothing and accessories to be seen!

  2. Ooh…sorry you’re not feeling well..and I’m sure a view of bacon plus anchovies scattered in your salad didn’t improve things. There is so much illness going around of late…so I hope you turn around soon!

  3. Fran it may be time to call the doctor. I hope you are on the up swing now. I’ll be rooting for you to recover.

    • Thanks, Meghan. Went to see the Dr. Her assessment, bronchitis. Never had such a thing in my live. Now I’m on antibiotics which I hate the thought of, but I can’t go on like this much longer. Just need to eat lots of yogurt to replace the good little buggies down there.Thanks for the good thoughts!

      • I’m usually not a fan of antibiotics, but sometimes they are necessity and actually worthwhile. I think this is one of those times. Rest up and get better Fran.

      • Thanks, Meghan. I’m not a fan either, but I’ve felt so awful that I’m willing to give it a try. My usual good health makes me a very antsy patient, I just don’t usually get any sicker than I can handle on my own. Thanks for the encouragement. I’m thinking positive!

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