My Head Is Underwater

I hated having a cold while I was in Florida but I think I hate it even more back in New Jersey.  Can’t remember when I’ve had such a nasty one.  I’ve got a ton of things I want to accomplish but my head and chest are filled with Gunk and I can’t talk without starting a coughing fit.

But since my head is underwater, I thought I’d show you some friends I made while in Florida who are also underwater.


There is a power plant in the Tampa area working on creating clean energy and part of the by-product of the plant is that it pours out warm water into a pond like area.  The warm water draws some friendly little faces.

The manatees love it here!  They’re not easy to see but here goes.





There was even a mother and baby manatee…





They were so cute! They look like floating potatoes to me. The sad thing is that when the come to the surface, you can see the scars from where they’ve been hit by boat propellers.  You see signs everywhere telling people to be observant and careful when they’re boating in the areas where the manatees are, but some people just don’t seem to care about the wild creatures.

It’s so nice the way this power plant has set up the viewing area.  There is an educational center there where you can learn more about the manatees and their history.  Of course…there’s a gift shop, too!

That’s it for me today.  I may well be going back to bed to try to fight off this nasty bug.  Wish me luck!

Happy Thursday!


8 responses to “My Head Is Underwater

  1. Great post — we actually swam with this little (huge!!) guys the last time I was in Florida. One year, we even took part in a “rescue” mission to move them away from the power station … the waters there are so cozy that they didn’t want to leave. Love reading your posts … and xoxoxo to you and Ralph — 🙂

    • Thanks, Helen! Glad you enjoyed it. We happened to see something about this in the paper and we were in Tampa anyway for a tour of the Tampa Theatre and it was only about 20 minutes away so we thought we’d go. It was so neat. Love to you and Leo. We should get together! Hugs to you both!

  2. I’m happy you enjoyed it there!!
    It does look like lots of fun! And those creatures are mesmerizing!

  3. feel better soon, fran! i think you need that florida heat back!!
    the photos -> love that florida water + sunshine!

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