Still Breathing

…Or at least trying to.  Hello, Everybody! Yes I’m still alive and I’m still in Clearwater.  Most of our group has a cold or is getting over one which is why I made the breathing comment.  I feel a bit like I’ve lost one of my arms with not posting regularly.  But this photo thing still has me stumped.  Trust me, I’ll catch you all up on all of the sights when I get back to New Jersey. 

We’ve been busy every day doing something all the time.  On my last visits to Clearwater there was a lot of resting and reading.  Not so on this trip…we’re always somewhere doing something.  My reading has suffered and I’m missing it.  Most of the crew went on a road trip to Orlando for a day at Disneyworld.  Gail and I begged off and spent the day at Heritage Village, a wonderful collection of old buildings that have been saved and moved to an area in Largo.  Beautiful old homes, an old school and even a firehouse.  Really interesting.  It was a beautiful, cool day and a wonderful day to walk around and soak in the history.

Today we’re headed to St. Petersburg, again.  Our friend, Margot is a potter and she’s taking a class in glazing at a studio there.  We all like St. Petersburg and we’ll take any excuse for a road trip!  Not sure what we’ll be doing there, but there’s a wonderful little Italian restaurant that we hit almost every time we go there and I think that’s on the agenda for today.

Everybody is off to the gym now and I’m on my way out for a walk.  The complex here is beautiful and I enjoy the walks I’ve been taking.  I have only a few days left here.  I need to make the most of the sunshine.  Especially since we may be going back to snow in New Jersey.

Happy Thursday!!


6 responses to “Still Breathing

  1. Weighting For 50

    Hi Fran, glad you are having a good time in Florida!

  2. If you have an iphone, there is a great WordPress app that will let you upload photos! But I’m glad you’re having a fun time, Fran 🙂

  3. enjoy the time you have left, fran!!! wish i was with you…ALTHOUGH i am seeing if a trip to florida may work for me in may…i’ll let you know!
    glad you had fun in largo and i hope everyone feels 100% and you can keep having a wonderful time. great to hear from you!

  4. I would love to learn how to do pottery. And Heritage village sounds neat! Great hearing from you! 🙂

  5. The snow already melted, if it makes you feel better! 50 here today!

  6. I love St. Pete!! It’s my favorite Florida city! I also love Clearwater, the water on the beach is really clear too! I’ve been to Largo many times, but never to Heritage Village. Next trip there I’ll make it a point to go!

    Glad you’re having a good time!

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