Snapshot Saturday~February 23

Back again for another Snapshot Saturday.  This is the fun link up started by Alyce at At Home With Books.   Be sure to check out the other blogs and their great photography and be sure to leave some comments.

I’m here in Clearwater, Florida.  I had a unique experience on Friday.  I attended my first baseball game!  Not a real game, but an inter squad game-all Phillies.  We were at Bright House Field, which is where the Phillies do their spring training.  I was like a little kid, looking at all of the players and trying to figure out who was who. 

My photo today is a little odd and as always, seems to come with a story.


Looking up at the beautiful blue sky with the clouds, I couldn’t help but notice the huge lights used for the night games.  All I could think of was the scene in The Natural when Robert Redford’s character hits the ball which hits the lights and everything explodes like fireworks.

We didn’t have any fireworks, but it was a fun experience and maybe some day I’ll make it to a real baseball game! 

Be sure to stop by At Home With Books to check out the other great photos.  You’ll enjoy it!

Happy Snapshot Saturday!


12 responses to “Snapshot Saturday~February 23

  1. fran, that is such fun that you got to see the phillies in action in spring training!! i loved clearwater when i spent time there during my florida tour of 2010…the vibe was really FUN! btw, i do not see a photo in today’s post?? but i can well imagine the florida sunshine and palm trees!!

  2. Great picture! How fun to get to see spring training. 🙂

  3. That is a really unusual photo, but it’s very effective, and I’m glad you enjoyed your baseball game. My Snapshot is at

  4. Aw that picture is lovely, Fran

  5. The all-American experience…glad you got to see what that’s like♫ My SS:

  6. What a fun photo. I love the movie The Natural. I’m glad you got to experience your first game.

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