Going Steady

Good Morning, Everyone! I have resurfaced in the Sunshine State!

First I want to thank all of you for your kind words, thoughts and prayers regarding the death of my brother-in-law.  The services were beautiful and it was wonderful to see so many people paying well deserved tribute to a terrific guy.  This may sound strange to say about a funeral but it was an amazing experience, filled with love and memories. 

We were back from the funeral late Monday afternoon in time for me to do my boarding pass for our flight on Tuesday.  My friend Angie and I were flying on Southwest and we both got good positions in line for boarding which turned out not to matter because the flight was only half full.

The fun started at 3:30 am Tuesday morning when I woke up and say it with me…”couldn’t go back to sleep!” So I started the day pretty blurry.  I actually tried going back to sleep, but that didn’t work. I got everything done, quite a few things to make sure Ralph was set before I left, fresh sheets on the bed, fresh towels.  I showed him where everything was that he might need.  Yes, he’s lived in the house for over 20 years, but he’ll still ask me, “Where is there a dish I can use in the microwave?”  He’s so cute.

Our flight was scheduled for 5:15 pm.  We planned to leave at about 2:30…we like to leave early and not have any worries about traffic jams or that sort of thing, and it was raining.

At about 1pm…my First call from Southwest…the flight is rescheduled for 6:45pm…Heavy sigh…call to Angie to reschedule our meet up time to 4pm.  All set, I lay down for a bit, I’ve been up since 3:30, remember.  Finally, Ralph and I have our coats on, ready to go warm up the car.  Second call from Southwest says the flight is now leaving at 5:55!!  We’re about to be late.  There’s a storm going on out there and now we have to rush to get there!

I get another call from Southwest while we’re on the road, telling me again that the flight is leaving at 5:55.  We get to the airport, get through security pretty efficiently and get to our gate.  We’re there for a few minutes when we find out the flight is Now rescheduled for 7:40 pm!!  Not good.  But although I’m at the airport, the calls don’t end.  I got two more calls telling me that the flight was now departing at 7:40pm.  I was starting to feel I was going steady with Southwest, or that I had a stalker!  As it turns out, after talking to some other passengers, I actually missed a call regarding a gate change. 

All this babbling aside, we took off about 8:15 and we Finally got to Tampa at about 10:30.  I must admit I was with the other passengers when they applauded upon landing.  The flight itself was uneventful, what I usually experience with Southwest, but I was very glad to get here.

So now the fun has begun!  I still may not be posting every day, but when I do there will be lots of good food, The Great Veggie Burger Tour continues, as does the Great Thrift Store Tour.  It’s sunny and beautiful, but I miss Ralph already.

Happy Thursday!  It IS Thursday, isn’t it?!


6 responses to “Going Steady

  1. fran, have the best time in florida!!! wow, that would be so confusing with all those rescheduled flight times…glad it all worked out. i love the tampa airport! it was so easy to navigate!
    enjoy!!! …
    oh, i can never sleep before leaving for a trip, too…too much excitement!

  2. Flying is always so crazy! I’m flying back to Ohio tonight and praying I’m not delayed!

  3. I love flying Southwest, but man that was crazy rescheduling!

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