Breathe Deep

I’ve mentioned before that I have been trying to add meditation to my daily routine.  I haven’t spoken about it much.  Last time I was working on meditation, I did the recommended 40 days, then I stopped.  I didn’t get back to it for quite a while.  I’m not sure why, that’s just what happened.

When I started again, I decided to log when I did it and figure the number of days I have been doing it.  As of today, it is 106 days without a lapse.  I’m pretty proud of myself.  I’m not sure I’m always doing it correctly, but, hey as long as I’m doing it this consistently, I must be doing something right.

I have an interesting photo as the desktop photo on my computer.

Buddha with quote


I love this and I have it on the screen as I’m meditating.  No other lights on.  It’s usually still dark out.  I do have a candle burning.



With my Buddha that Ele gave me for Christmas and my mala beads which I made.  I’m still amazed that I just decided to make them and I did!

It seems that regardless what kind of day I expect to have or if it’s one of those nights that I wake up in the middle and can’t go back to sleep, I feel better after I’ve meditated.  I’m still working on getting the breathing right, but as I say it’s a work in progress.  In fact that’s what I hear so often when I read about meditation.  Just doing it is the important thing. Even if I never get it “right” I’m still getting great benefits from it.

I’ll be going away next week and I hope to be able to continue with this.  I still wake up before everyone else so there’s no reason I won’t be able to.  It is such a calming and positive way to start the day.

Keep Calm and chant om


Every Day.

Happy Tuesday!









14 responses to “Breathe Deep

  1. cath/waterloo,ON

    wow!! congrats on your meditation streak, fran!!
    i so so agree that the mindfulness and breathing is so beneficial. the base of the hot yoga i am doing is BREATH. i have noticed this focus carrying over into my daily life, that feeling of calm, being centred.
    thank you for sharing the buddha/candle photo – i love it!!

    • Thanks, Cathy! I’m glad you like it! I really want to find somewhere that I can learn yoga. I know I would benefit from the stretching. You certainly seem to be enjoying your hot yoga classes. So glad to hear that. Have a great day!

  2. I love the photo of the Buddha, mala and candle. So very peaceful! I think it’s exciting that I also see results from my practice. Pretty cool! I always feel better when I do it!

  3. I’ve never done this before but I guess it can’t hurt to give it a shot. I could use a little OM>…in my life

  4. Good for you Fran. That is an awesome streak. I’m still shooting for once a week and even though I’ve only done it a handful of times and they are always short, I still feel better after.

    • Meghan, find a time for yourself to do this. I want to try to do it twice a day, but I guess I’m lucky to be able to stick with it for once a day. You know what it does for you, now just find that little chunk of time that you need.

  5. I am soooo bad at this… BUT I committed to going to yoga Friday. *deep breaths*

  6. I can’t seem to make time to meditate but I’ve heard such good things! You are on an awesome streak.

  7. Meditating is actually one of the things I want to learn how to do this year. Do you have any tips for a beginner?

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