Every Once In A While

I try so hard to be on track,  Those of you who read BCDC will hear me bemoaning my successes and presumed failures on a regular basis.  I’ve long been of the mind that after a long period of being on track, we all need a splurge.  I shared my weekend splurge of French toast yesterday for What I Ate Wednesday.  In fact, I was talking about being on track then too.

Yesterday, I just decided to enjoy myself.  Ralph and I were set to have dinner with our son Bill and his sons Alex and Patrick to celebrate Alex’s birthday.    I knew where we were eating, Carrabba’s, and I did my homework.  Checked their web site yesterday morning.  I was actually checking to be sure there would be vegetarian options available for me.  I don’t usually have to worry at an Italian restaurant, but I was also reading with an eye toward staying on track.

Have you ever splurged and felt on track at the same time?  I almost think I accomplished that.  I had saved most of my Points for the day, only having a protein smoothie for breakfast/lunch.  I had it a little later in the morning in order for it to hold me.

I’ll admit I had some of the delicious bread with olive oil and herbs but I didn’t get a photo of that. Two small slices which probably amounted to 1 actual slice of bread.

Bill ordered mozzarella sticks for an appetizer.  Hard for me to resist.  I could have but I decided I wanted one.



It looks bigger in this photo than it was.  I guess angle is everything!  The marinara sauce was just spicy enough.  Very tasty.

I could have gone with a regular salad, but I figured, hey, I’m giving myself a treat here…I got the Caesar salad.



My two best friends and I joke often about whether something we order at a restaurant is Points-worthy.  I’m not sure what the Points were here, I’m just figuring I have NO points left for the week, but this was certainly Points-worthy.  The dressing was delicious and garlic-y and I loved it!

Having checked the menu in the morning I knew what I was ordering-Pasta Sostanza.  This is tagliarini (a thin flat pasta) with sautéed mushrooms, artichoke hearts and spinach in tomato basil sauce topped with seasoned bread crumbs.





It was delicious and I finished every last bit of it. I was so happy to find something that was so right for me.  Besides that, it was pretty!!

I was good and did Not get any dessert.  Ralph and I had coffee which I have to say was the only disappointing thing about the meal.  It was bitter and weak.  Not a combination you usually find, but that’s the only way I can describe it.

We had a wonderful evening and we were so excited to be able to share Alex’s big day with him…Yes, he turned 21.  He was bummed out because he forgot to bring his I.D. with him and he couldn’t order a drink.  He also made the statement during our conversation that he didn’t have a bubbly personality. I told him he needed champagne for that. Guess I owe him a bottle now!  Maybe he’ll share it with me.    🙂

Happy Thursday!  Oh, did I mention that I’m back on track?!      😉


8 responses to “Every Once In A While

  1. I think you’re doing great! You splurge on thte things you really enjoy! That’s what counts 🙂

  2. love that you enjoyed the family get-together, fran! happy 21st to alex!! so good when we can have FUN and be in the moment, with our loved ones. have a GREAT thursday!!

  3. Mmm, my personality could use a little more bubbly 😉

    And yup, staying on track sometimes means going off it! Eating well most of the time is good, but restricting and cutting out all the little joys and fun eats? No way! Life’s too short, food is too tasty!

    • That’s for sure, Allie! I was proud of myself, I ate what I wanted that night and didn’t feel the least bit guilty. I think that was mainly because every thing was delicious. If it hadn’t been too good, I might have felt that I wasted the splurge. I think I chose well all around.

  4. Yup, I agree – your food was pretty! I love pretty food. Hehehe. I’m glad you treated yourself with some delicious food.

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