WIAW~Where Is The Track and Am I On It?

I talk a lot about being on track or off track.  I do believe I’m feeling off track this week, but that will Not stop me from joining in with What I Ate Wednesday, the fun food filled craziness created by Jenn at Peas & Crayons.  I hope for Jenn’s sake and for ours as well, that she doesn’t have the technical difficulties she had last week getting the link up to work.  I would be Very disappointed if I didn’t get to join the fun.  When you’re finished here, be sure to check out the other bloggers who love to share their tasty treats…they also like comments, so be sure to share a few.

Peas and Crayons

Again, I seem to find myself with fewer food photos than I thought.    😦   I’ll have to make do with what I have.  I didn’t photograph last night’s dinner because I was sure I had plenty.  It’s something I plan to replicate again so I won’t worry too much about it.  You’ll see it eventually.

Earlier  this week I made some pasta e fagioli from a Weight Watchers recipe that I shared here.  It is one of my favorites and I gobbled it up pretty quickly over the next few days.



Very easy and it doesn’t take long to cook, one of my favorite things!

Friday, Ralph and I had to run some errands and we found ourselves at a really good pizza place in Franklinville.  I like it because it offers a lot of vegetarian selections.  This was a salad with provolone cheese.  I only had to ask them to leave off the bacon to make this perfect.



A few too many croutons, but I took a lot of them off.  The little garlic knots that they serve with it are delicious.  It was a huge salad and really filled me.  Love finding place that offer food that I can eat!

Saturday morning after Weight Watchers, Ralph decided that we needed to go to breakfast.  I figured, ok, I just weighed in, I have a week to work off whatever I eat so I decided on a splurge.



This was one of the breakfast specials.  Two scrambled eggs and French toast.  I ate the eggs first and as I was eating them, the wonderful aroma of cinnamon was wafting up at me.  I was proud of myself that I did not use any of the butter, only the syrup.  You know how sometimes things smell better than they are, or aren’t worth the Points you have to use for them?  This was certainly NOT one of those cases.  This French toast was possibly the best I’ve ever had.  Well worth the exercise I’m doing this week to get rid of it!    😉

That’s What I Ate Wednesday for me today.  Be sure to check out some other blogs over at Peas & Crayons.  We all appreciate you stopping by!

Happy What I Ate Wednesday!!


18 responses to “WIAW~Where Is The Track and Am I On It?

  1. …and i’m happy it’s wednesday because it is again aunti wednesday and i am off to toronto!
    i like that you and ralph head out for bfast together on a saturday morning, fran. that’s a lovely routine. such a relaxing and fun outing for a weekend!
    have a great day!

  2. I crave some pasta right now. Your look super healthy and delish.
    Happy Wednesday, hun!

  3. Yummm that soup sounds awesome! And you gotta splurge every now and then 🙂 I’m glad the breakfast was delicious!

    • Hi Liz! The soup is delicious and so easy. Gets better as it sits longer, but it doesn’t usually get a chance around here. I had never had French toast at that diner, but trust me, the next time I want a treat, I know where I’m going!

  4. Yay for no technical glitches this week! I’d seriously be bummed too if we didn’t get to do WIAW. What will we do when she stops? Lol. Someone will have to pick up the torch!!

    And I love how you always mention the other bloggers participating… sometimes I forget to do that 🙂 And yes, we do LOVE comments!

    Awesome-looking french toast. Totally worth it.

  5. Oh my gosh, that french toast DOES look totally worth it! I want a giant plate of that. With extra syrup. And then some garlic knots for lunch.

    And I somehow ended up with a shortage of food pics this week too! Don’t know where my mind was–more on wolfing down food than taking pictures first, I think ;D

    • That’s my problems sometimes, too, Allie. I’m too hungry and don’t bother with photos. I’ve done that 2 nights in a row and they’ve been good and tasty ideas…Hrumpf. Looking at the photo,I can smell the French toast!!

  6. And now I want French Toast. Hmm, I wonder if I have any of that cinnamon raisen bread left at home.
    The salad and your pasta e fagioli looks delicious and almost like being at Olive Garden, except way, way better! Nice eats Fran; I love ’em.

  7. The garlic knots and the French toast are definitely making me drool right now! Guess I’m missing grains today lol. And I hear ya on feeling off track…this is my first WIAW in 2 months!

  8. Pasta e fagioli would be a perfect dinner for these cold nights we’re having here in Germany!

    We all have those days and weeks (or months..) where we feel like we’re off track. The important thing is that we keep on trying to get back.

    • It’s the only way, Shannon…just keep doing our best to get back where we want to be. It’s so dumb, but I focus on my not good choices instead of my good ones. I just have to keep working. Have a great day, dear!

  9. That French Toast looks so delicious! I don’t blame you for having a splurge. With treats like that around, I’d find it hard to resist.
    Happy WIAW Fran! xx

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