I’m Being Followed…

What’s following me?  The number 3 again.  Yes, indeed I’m back to my brain saying to me, “Hey, it’s 3 am why don’t we wake up?!”

I thought I was over this, but I guess it’s a cyclical thing.  I had settled in comfortably to waking up at 5 am.  That’s a nice comfortable time for me.  I can get all of my computer stuff finished and then get on to my exercise bike before Ralph wakes up.

But, no, my body likes to play tricks on me.  The sad thing is that I haven’t exactly been doing anything constructive with this extra time today.

I did meditate when I first got up which seems to be so much a part of my routine now that I almost forget that I’ve done it.  Then I spent a good chunk of time looking at Super Bowl ads.  Yes, I realize I’m supposed to say “The Big Game” or some happy hoo-ha like that but that’s what they’re called when you search for them, so that’s what I’m calling them.

Some of them are really clever.  Some I scratched my head and said, “Huh?”  But in truth so many commercials I see lately I either end up saying “Huh?” or I’m pretty creeped out after watching them.  I’m amazed at what passes for advertising these days along with being amazed that the advertisers think it’s ok to say and show some of the things they do.  But that’s just me.

Why is it when I’m sleep deprived I always seem to get up on my soap box about something?  I’m clumsy enough naturally; with the addition of little sleep, I’m Sure to fall off of that thing and hurt myself!   😉

So I get to make the decision now.  Do I just start doing projects of which I have an abundance around here, or do I go back to bed now and try to sleep? Two cups of coffee have probably put an end to that second idea.  But again, I hate to say it, but I think there will be a nap in my future this afternoon.

I keep looking to see if the sun has come up yet.  No, just me and the glow from the laptop.

Well, I can always Read!!   🙂

Happy Tuesday!


10 responses to “I’m Being Followed…

  1. poor you, fran, and the sleeplessness – ick!! i hope you do get the time and the vibe for an afternoon nap today! or at least quiet time with reading!
    super bowl ads…i have not looked up any on the internet. like i said, we did not get the new ads that you guys got in the states; we did have some new canadian ones, nothing that knocked my socks off! and yes, one made me go “hunh??” too!
    of course, i am noticing your special mention of the number three! it is still following me around as i have rec’d three new pairs of running shoes (free!) in the past couple of days!!

    • Ok, Cath…how is it You get the Good 3 and I get the Annoying one?! 😉 Just kidding of course…You must be like a little kid in a candy shop…3 new pairs…for FREE?! Excellent! I need photos! Have a great day, my Dear!

  2. Ugh, if I don’t take care of myself, insomnia rears it’s ugly head, so I can definitely relate to crazy sleep cycles. 🙂

    As for the commercials, I am totally onboard with you. I think all the voodoo commercials caused the Superdome lights to go out during the game. Serves them right. 🙂 But I do fall for the ones that pull on our heartstrings every year.

    • Sorry you have the sleep issues too, Katy. Some people tell me it’s my age. I hate giving age credit for anything except wisdom! Loved the baby Clydesdale commercial and the God Created Farmers one. Those are what SB commercials used to be about. Have a great day, Katy!

  3. Aw, hope you can get some sleep soon! ❤

  4. Oh, you know I understand issues sleeping. Oh, how I understand. I hope you sleep like a baby tonight! Well, the kind of baby who doesn’t cry a lot and who actually sleeps through the night.

  5. Have you seen the Budweiser Superbowl ad, with the Clydesdales? If not, watch it when you get a chance, it brought tears to my eyes 🙂
    Waking up at 3am must be so annoying but I’m the same in that I always want more time but if I ever get any, I don’t know what to do with it!

    • Oh, Eleanor, I saw it before the game, someone had posted it on Facebook and I thought of you. It brought tears to my eyes, too. Can’t imagine raising such a beautiful creature and then giving him away. I guess that’s how it is with children, but I’ve never had to do that (to marriage or growing up I mean, not literally giving them away) so, I relate more to the animal side of things. Sleep is a funny thing, you don’t think much about it until you can’t get it. Much better last night,let’s hope it sticks. Have a great day!

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