Saturday didn’t turn out how I intended in several areas, but hey, I lived through it so that’s what counts.  This sounds vaguely ominous, but please don’t take it that way.  You see, I’ve been up since 2:30am…one of those nights or perhaps I should say mornings.  It’s about 5:30 now and I should have more to show for my day.   😉

My weigh in at Weight Watchers brought me a quarter pound gain. Of Course, that’s not earth shattering.  Of course, I’m still under goal, it’s just…that’s not what I wanted therefore I feel the need and right to whine about it.  A good talking to myself and perhaps a Gibbs to DiNozzo head smack and I’ll be back on the right track again.

After WW, I had the pleasure of going for coffee with two friends (faves I might add!) and although there is no photographic evidence, it was fun as it was intended to be.

Later, Ralph and I got the chance to stop by at sister Ele’s house because our favorite guy, Little Michael was there.  I do struggle with not calling him Little Michael.  He’s probably too tall for me to call him that, but I haven’t come up with something better yet.

He was goofing around with Uncle Ralph, which is always interesting…



I love the look on his face and yes, he’s wearing Valentine’s Day boppers on his head.  The photo shows how tall he’s getting next to Uncle Ralph.



Here’s a better one with a nice smile  He’s adorable, I don’t care HOW old he is!

I had all good intentions to accomplish a lot on Saturday, but that didn’t happen either.

Since I’ve been up so early, I’ve been working on laundry.  Sounds industrious, doesn’t it?  Actually, I realized I had NO clean underwear so that necessitated my spurt of energy.

I’ve almost finished my coffee and I may have to resort to a second pot to keep myself awake.  We’ll see how that goes.

One more photo to share.  As I was leaving for Weight Watchers this morning, I realized that the moon was still out.



I like the way this one turned out.  Looks like it should be the cover of a scary novel.  Maybe if I ever write a scary novel I can use it!

Happy Sunday!!


12 responses to “Shenanigans

  1. good morning, fran!! sorry you had such a short sleep… but the positive result is that we get to chat early today!!
    michael IS adorable! thanks for sharing the photo. glad you got some visiting in with friends. i met up with (aunt) sharon after work yesterday and our hourlong chitchat flew by and was so much fun.
    i hope you have a great day – are you watching the super bowl?? i may catch a bit – would love to see the new tv commercials but they block them in canada and sub in others! hope the half-time show is entertaining!

    • That’s sad that you don’t get to see the commercials, Cathy. To me that’s the best part of the game! Sounds like you had a good day! Hope to get a few things accomplished around here. I’ll probably read while Ralph watches the game and just look up for the commercials. Have a great day!

  2. Looks like you had lots of fun visits! 230 is pretty darn early. When I wake up that early, I stay in bed -especially this time of year, it’s so cold. Glad you can be productive. I’ll be glue to the superbowl since I’m a huge 49er fan 😉

  3. That outdoor photo is beautiful! I’ll probably be trying to do something else while the superbowl is on (I’ll be with the tv, but not focusing on it)!
    I can’t imagine being up so early…I often wake up around 4, but I go back to sleep!

    • It’s tricky to get back to sleep for me, Zo when I wake up like that. I’ve sort of realized that it’s a cycle I go through and just live with it. I try to do something constructive, computer, reading or Laundry! Have a great day!

  4. Hi Fran!
    Sorry it’s taken so long for me to re-find you. Thanks for visiting my blog. I love that photo and the scary story idea. How’ s the writing going?

    • Hi Shell! For a long time, I couldn’t comment because for some reason my browser didn’t like your browser or vise versa. Anyway, If I use Google Chrome, I can talk to you…Hooray! I’ve mostly been doing by blog writing, but I would like to do something more conventional. I had a good idea for NaNo this near but then didn’t do it. Still have the idea though, so I think I’m going to give it a try. So glad to hear from you!! Stay in touch!

  5. I had one of those crazy-early mornings on Saturday morning–and I used the extra hours for some much-needed laundry 😉 It must have just been one of those weekends. Adorable “little” Michael too!

  6. Oooh, I love the scary picture.

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