Snapshot Saturday~February 2

Happy Ground Hog’s Day.  I’m praying for cloudy weather because I don’t want old Punxatawny Phil to see his shadow today.  I know we’ve had such a mild winter compared to some, but I just want it to be gone, I don’t think I can take six more weeks of it.

Enough of my whining, let’s get on to more important things.  Today is Snapshot Saturday sponsored by Alyce from At Home With Books.  Check her blog for the rules of the link up and consider joining in.  I’ve seen some beautiful photography since I joined it.  It is great fun!

A few weeks back, I talked about going to my little niece’s birthday party at Paws Farm.  We had a wonderful time and we were blessed with a truly beautiful day.  I’ve saved some of the photos I took that day and I should be able to get a few weeks of Snapshot Saturdays out of the photos from that day.

Ralph and I had to go on a bit of a road trip today and I mentioned something  to him that I had been thinking about.  For some reason, this winter, I’m enjoying looking at the bones of the trees.  I’m appreciating them more than I ever have.  Here are a few examples of what I mean.







I have more, but I’ll restrain myself to these few.  What a lovely day it was.

Please be sure to stop by to visit At Home With Books.  I know that you’ll enjoy the wonderful photography as much as I do.

On my way to Weight Watchers…Wish me luck!

Happy Snapshot Saturday!!


38 responses to “Snapshot Saturday~February 2

  1. for some reason the media has not been big on groundhog day at all this year…i completely forgot about it til a customer mentioned it yesterday! i am with you, fran, winter can be gone…any time soon!
    happy saturday! i esp love that 2nd “tree bones” photo! love the bright sunshine in that pic the most!!

  2. They do have their own stark beauty. I really like that middle shot.

  3. Great bones on those trees! I’ll have to start noticing them more.

    I’d forgotten about Groundhog Day…when I think of it, I am reminded of that silly movie with Bill Murray.

    Enjoy your weekend…and here’s MY SATURDAY SNAPSHOT POST

  4. I love studying trees as well; great shots.

  5. Good luck! I don’t want Phil to see his shadow either. Nice tree shots!

  6. Phil wouldn’t see his shadow where I am, but that doesn’t count I guess! Awesome shots of the trees. Best of luck at WWs!

  7. Phil said it will be an early spring! Little by little those bones will begin filling in with green but I also am attracted to the trees in their skeletal state.
    #2 is particularly strong. Nice!

  8. Lots of luck today Fran…I hope the meeting goes well.

    Phil had no bearing on the LA weather. It’s 75 degrees here today! We should switch places…

  9. They definitely are beautiful, I just need to remember that more often, especially when the weather is so dreary.

  10. I agree … trees without leaves have their own special beauty.

  11. Blues sky, hope get a sunny Sunday

  12. I love trees whether they have leaves or not. They’re beautiful either way. Love your photos! Here’s My SS

  13. Forgot to say Good Luck!!

  14. You got some beautiful photos. I’m often artistically inspired by the structure of trees, too.

  15. Beautiful…the sky is gorgeous. I love the trees in the last photo. THANKS for sharing.

    Silver’s Reviews
    My Saturday Snapshot

  16. I’m ready for spring as well, wearing boots is just annoying. Love your trees.

  17. I like your tree bones pictures. My mother had a favorite tree near her house and she photographed it through all the seasons.

    • Hi Joy, glad you like my photos. There’s a tree across the street from our house that almost always makes an appearance in my sunrise photos because…well, it’s in the direction of the sunrise! I’ve even named it…Gnarly Tree. It has a very interesting shape. Have a great Sunday!

  18. Gorgeous sky against those bare-bone trees. Here’s Mine

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