Let’s Tell A Story

This is Colette…


This is the story of why she looks a bit skeptical and why she has a cupcake on her head.

The reason…It’s her First Birthday Party!!


Did I say it was a Sesame Street First Birthday party?  Oh, yes, it was!


Cupcakes made by Mom.


Favors for the little ones.


Favors for the adults. (More on these later.)

The party was held at a wonderful place called Paws Farm in Mt. Laurel, NJ.  I had heard about it from Colette’s Mom and Dad, Heather and Brian as being one of Colette’s favorite places.

We got to meet some of the animals who live at Paws Farm.


A corn snake.  Love how his eye caught the light of the flash.


My favorite, the hedgehog.  Miss Kathy, our host for the visit with the animals told a wonderful story about hedgehogs in London.  How they are cared for by everyone in the city and they even have a plan in place to get them to the vet’s hospital if they’re injured.  I need to learn more about this.  I still think I want one…even though I’ve been told they’re not the best pets.

The party was held in a lower section of an old renovated farm-house.  A wonderful place but the room must have been a root cellar or something before, it has a very low ceiling.  Not too bad for most of the humans. Except…


Evan is 6′ 11″ and realized the problem as soon as he got to the doorway.  He spent most of the party like this…


Or this…Yes, those are his knees showing over the table because he’s sitting in a kiddie chair…he’s very tall and very funny!


Ele and Little Michael.  He’s getting so big, I almost can’t call him that anymore.   😦


Mom and Dad about to feed Colette her Number One Birthday Cupcake.  Oh…That’s why she had the cupcake on her head!


The end result!  You haven’t really enjoyed it if it’s not all over your face, your hands and your bib…Have you?!   😉

We had a wonderful time exploring the farm and I got some other wonderful photos that I will share, eventually.

The adult favors had this adorable tag attached.


In the bag were yummy sugar cookies made by Heather, one a “C” and one a “1.”

While walking out to the car, Ele and I accompanied by Brian were walking along the black top path.  Unfortunately, it was raised and there was a place where a chunk was out of it.  Of course I was the one who twisted my ankle (because I’m famous for that…) I fell, felt foolish and got up.

Brian had gathered everything I dropped in the fall, including my baggie of cookies.  Here’s what happened in the fall.


Smashed to smithereens!  Brian’s comment as he handed me the bag…”Well, Aunt Fran, at least now they won’t count!”  I knew I loved that boy for some reason.

It was a wonderful party, a beautiful day and in spite of my injury, I was so happy we could be there to help Colette celebrate her big One!!

Think of me today, hobbling around trying to find my Ace bandage and my heating pad.  It’ll be a sit down, foot up, read my book kind of day.  As a veteran of sprained ankles, I’m sure to be up and around tomorrow.

Happy Sunday!  Happy Birthday, Princess Colette!!


20 responses to “Let’s Tell A Story

  1. The fun times are just around the corner. What a cute theme for the party and I love the gift bags.

  2. Hedgehog for the win 🙂

  3. Wow, even at a birthday party for someone else people remember that you are the writer of BCDC! Look out Ree Drummond, here comes my sister! I was a wonderful party for a wonderful girl and thank you for seeing to it that I got there! Best sister EVER!!!! even if she is a bit “gimpy”.

  4. What a cute theme and a cute baby. Love her name…so classy! And the cupcakes are amazing! She has a very talented mother!

    Hope the ankle heals quickly Fran! Have a good Sunday.

  5. i am sorry about your ankle, fran. do take care and ice, ice baby!!
    LOVE the cupcake hat and the sesame street cupcakes. AND all the photos AND your comments!! thanks for sharing. what a FUN and special bday party!!

  6. Sorry you hurt your ankle, hope it heals quickly! Love the baby, she’s adorable! Brian’s comment about the cookies made me LOL!

  7. I hope your ankle is doing better! What a fun birthday party. The tall guy made me laugh, as most of the guys in my family are pretty tall as well. 🙂

  8. Oh no! Hope your ankle’s feeling better… what a great idea for a party and how cute are those cakes 🙂

  9. I love that little ones still watch Sesame Street. Sorry about your fall (I twisted my ankle pretty good on Saturday too), and hope you are fully recovered now.

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