Kicking Into Gear

Perhaps I should title this post, Kicking Myself Into Gear, or even Kicking My Self in the Butt.  I certainly feel in need of a kick of some nature.  Again…perhaps the weather is conspiring with my current lack of motivation to make me feel this way.  Perhaps it’s just me.  I like having a scapegoat, but, it’s probably just me.   😦

I am not being as motivated as I had hoped I would be with my sorting and packing project.  Yes, this house is a dark pit that needs a good clean out.  We’ll never get out if we don’t begin.

Between now and Monday, I’m going to work on getting some structure into my plan.  Then on Monday, I want to really focus and dig in and toss out.  So much can be gotten rid of or assigned to the Yard Sale pile.  I really should focus on that.  Keeping in mind that I want to accomplish that in the Spring.  If I keep that focus in mind, I can pin point the things I need to do.

I’ve been going through drawers, cabinets and books to see what can go.  Nearly all of the books I read last year have gone into the yard sale pile.  I think that’s a really big step for me.  If I didn’t totally love a book, it’s going.  That doesn’t help me handle the new books I’ve been accumulating from Goodwill.  Well, at least I’m making room for the new ones, right?! 😉

I have boxes at sister Ele’s house which need going through as well.  I think I’ll try to devote one day a week to that.  I think there are some things in those boxes which are really just ready to be tossed all together.  I just need to do that.  Ok, I’m liking this way of thinking.

Clothes are something I really need to think about as well.  I have so many things I don’t wear anymore.  How can I wear them when they’re at the bottom of a plastic bin?!  I don’t even know they’re in there!  Many things can be assigned a place in the Yard Sale pile.  I don’t know if clothes sell very well at yard sales, I don’t think I’ve ever included them.  I can at least donate them after the sale if they don’t go.  Besides, if I’ve lived without wearing them for this long, I don’t need them anyway.

One of the reasons I like writing BCDC is because talking to all of you helps me a great deal.  It helps me to Focus which I always tell you is one of my issues.  It helps me to talk through a situation and often makes it easier for me to figure out a plan…and boy do I need a plan right now! 😉

Now that you’ve all motivated me, I’m off to start my plan.  Of course that will be after I ride my bike and read for an hour.  It IS the riding that’s the important part, right…not the Reading?!?  😉

Happy Thursday! Let’s go accomplish something!


6 responses to “Kicking Into Gear

  1. i like when you chat with us, fran! we are here to support you! happy riding and reading, that is a positive way to start the day.
    wish i could help you organize and toss…i love that kind of thing! good luck with your tasks!

  2. Make sure I when the yard sale is! And don’t pitch any yarn from Ele’s. I will always buy yarn 🙂

  3. Good luck with your sorting Fran! I love the end result but it’s one of my LEAST favorite activities. You can do it!

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