You Are The Sunrise Of My Life…

It was so encouraging to get so many kind and positive comments on my Snapshot Saturday post yesterday.  I wasn’t kidding when I said that there certainly seems to be a very supportive group of people participating in this link-up.  I’m so grateful to Alyce at At Home With Books for starting it.

I wrote the post on Friday afternoon and I mentioned Ralph’s comment that New Jersey wanted us to stay and was offering us splendid sunrises and sunsets to keep us here.

Saturday morning’s sunrise was not very impressive when I got into the car to head to my Weight Watchers meeting.  Just a bit of light coming up (I leave at about 10 minutes to 7 so there’s not much light yet.)  However, when I got to the little store where I buy my coffee, this had started…



I got my coffee and continued on my way.  Because I was driving, I missed several beautiful opportunities, but finally I told myself I had to stop.





There was hardly anyone on the road except me at that time on a Saturday.  Thank goodness, because they would have thought me crazy, seeing my flash going off while my car is idling at the side of the road.  Sounds like the opening paragraph of a Sci-Fi movie!

I have to say, I’m beginning to agree with Ralph in his contention that the sky is working its magic to keep us in New Jersey.

For those of you waiting to hear my news from Weight Watchers yesterday it was positive.  I lost 1 pound and I’m feeling back on top again.  Only a pound and a half to get to my personal goal and I hope to get there in the next few weeks.  Of course, I’m not telling you about the damage I did yesterday…All I can say is when I finish here, I’m about to make a crock pot full of WW veggie soup and then I’ll be getting on my exercise bike to do my penance.  I’ve always said that one day of exaggerated eating won’t kill me.  Especially when I have a week to redeem myself.  😉

Happy Sunday!


14 responses to “You Are The Sunrise Of My Life…

  1. It doesn’t hurt that the weather has been relatively mild here the last week (okay, it was raining horribly on Friday, but it could have been snow!)

  2. So happy your meeting went well! And I love that you take all these gorgeous shots…I agree that the sky is conspiring to keep you on the east coast. I would stay for sure!

    Happy Sunday Fran.

  3. beautiful photos, fran! and yes, what we won’t do to get photos for the blog!…
    enjoy your sunday – it’s SO mild here this weekend! i could almost enjoy winter if the temps were always like this!

  4. You sure get some amazing sunrise shots! I hate getting up before the sun, for the most part. Congrats on the weight loss!

  5. So beautiful! I can always count on you for gorgeous sky photos. That’s one thing that I miss about my old blog…having a reason to stop and take a photo of something beautiful. I should do it “just because”.

    • Stephanie, you should! In my opinion, who says you can’t post photos on Clay Baboons? It’s your blog. Is Love Life Project completely defunct? If not, dust it off and put up some photos. So glad you like mine! Have a great day, Sweetie.

  6. Beautiful sunrise! Especially that third picture. I’m glad you stopped the car.

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