Snapshot Saturday~January 12

Another Saturday has rolled around and it is time for Snapshot Saturday again.     This is hosted by At Home With Books and the lovely Alyce.  I am loving this link up for two reasons.  One reason is that I love the photos that everyone is sharing each week.  Second reason is I’m finding so many more bookish people with blogs!  This is all in all way too much fun for me.  When you’re finished there, please visit AHWB  to look at some great snapshots and meet some interesting new people.  Oh, yes…leave some comments, too.

There is a bit of back story that needs to be told for my snapshots (two this week) to make sense.

Those of you reading BCDC for a while know that I’m a sucker for a good sunrise or sunset.  Those here for Snapshot Saturday probably know that already, also.  The first photo is fairly straight forward.  A beautiful sunrise.  It’s funny that when Ralph and I were in New Mexico we talked about how New Jersey skies in general couldn’t live up to New Mexico skies.  Over the last few months our sunrises here in New Jersey have been just beautiful.  He says that New Jersey doesn’t want us to go so it’s putting on a show.  I appreciate the show but…no…that ploy won’t work.

First shot…



I love it!  Gnarly Tree making an appearance.  This was just beautiful.

Here’s where the explanation needs to come in.  We live in what used to be my Grandparents’ house.  It was a tiny cottage that was built on to, to make it a tiny house.  When my Grandparents lived here, they needed air conditioning.  Instead of blocking a window in the living room, they had a hole cut in the wall next to the window and the air conditioner was installed there.  When I moved in, I had central air conditioning installed.  Obviously, the wall unit needed to be removed but we’d be left with a whole in the wall.

Ralph came up with the solution.  As a surprise for me, he had a leaded glass window created to fit into the hole.  It’s wonderful and I love it.  When the time comes for us to move to New Mexico, the leaded glass window will be removed and come with us.

After photographing the sunrise that I showed you above, I sat back at my computer and continued working.  Something caught my eye and I looked to the left.  I realized that the sunrise was coming through the leaded glass window and the window next to it. Unfortunately, my camera wouldn’t capture the color coming in the regular window, but did catch it coming in the leaded glass.



That was a rather lengthy explanation for one photo, but I thought it was necessary.  I hope you all enjoy it.  I just love it!

Be sure to visit At Home With Books for more Snapshot Saturday!

Happy Saturday!  Look for the sunrise!


40 responses to “Snapshot Saturday~January 12

  1. Fran, I love the pink in that window. The story was fun too.Here’s Mine

  2. i enjoyed reading your explanation, fran! that window is GORGEOUS and i love the story behind it. so glad you will take the window with you to nm. and that is so cool that there is family history to your home – that is a new story for me!
    i saw a couple beautiful sunrises this week and now i always think of you when they catch my eye!

    • So glad you like the photo, Cathy! I was so excited when Ralph got the window for me. And yes…it’s coming with us. I feel bad leaving/selling the house. I had showed pictures of it in progress when I did the A-Z challenge last year. If I can find the post, I’ll send you a link. You might enjoy it! Have a great weekend!

  3. What an amazing sunrise. Thougha great sunrise always worries me, as it may be foretelling bad weather on the way. Do you know the rhyme?

  4. Love the red sky and the great window; thanks 4 sharing.

  5. Fun explanation and I love the leaded glass window. What a clever idea.

  6. What a beautiful color! I’d take that window with me too!

  7. I’m glad you are taking the glass with you. NIce to keep that piece of your life!

  8. Ah, the magic of light! So pretty!

  9. That window is beautiful! How nice to be able to look over from your work and see the colors streaming through it.

  10. I am not a morning person but when I catch a glimpse of something like this it makes it worth while.

  11. That is the winner sunset photo! Oh, how I long to see the sky again. That is amazing how the light came through your window. Nature’s so grand.

    • Hi Jennifer! Thanks for visiting. I’ve loved sunrises and sunsets for many years and have been taking photos of them for a long time as well. Glad I have a winner! Couldn’t believe it when I looked up and saw it coming through the window. Please stop by again!

  12. I love the gnarly tree against the sunset. My Snapshot is at

  13. What a great story!. I love sunrises too. This time of year I don’t get outside to see them as much as I would like. We have wonderful sunrises and sunsets in rural Wyoming. I really must get some on my camera.

  14. That window is gorgeous with that gentle light- hope you get to take the window with you.

  15. Isn’t Gnarly Tree like an old friend you hate to leave? He’s so imposing against that gorgeous sunset.

  16. The color is gorgeous and glowing in both shots, and I loved the explanation!

  17. Amazing…and beautiful as well.

    Thanks for sharing.

    Silver’s Reviews
    My Saturday Snapshot

  18. What a creative idea for the “hole” in the wall! I love the pink sunrise coming through the leaded glass….I adore leaded glass, as well as sunrises.

    Thanks for sharing…and for visiting my blog.

  19. I am in love with leaded glass! I wish I had the money to replace the window in my bathroom with it. We have blinds in there now but the leaded glass window would let in light while still providing privacy.

    • I agree, it’s so neat, Marie. This did’t really cost that much. It was about 15 years ago. Did you consider glass brick. I don’t think that’s terribly expensive and maybe a project that Glenn could do. I love glass brick and it offers the same benefits…light with privacy. Think about it. Have a great Sunday!

  20. love that pink sky, great shots! Book Savvy Babe

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