Turn Up The Volume

Can you hear me now?!?  No, not That kind of volume.

When I first started Broken Cookies Don’t Count, over 2 years ago now (Yikes!) I talked a lot about food.  It was pretty much all food all the time because that’s where I thought I wanted the focus to be.

As time has gone on, I’ve lessened up on food related posts.  I had planned that  I would only really concentrate on food on Wednesday as part of What I Ate Wednesday started by Jenn at Peas & Crayons which I love.  That was going well for a while, Then Laura at Sprint 2 The Table started Strange But Good.  How could I not participate in a link up with that name?!

Ok, but other than that, I wasn’t going to talk so much about food.  Then I got an interesting comment.  Unfortunately, I can’t put my fingers on the comment, but I had posted a photo of one of my usual veggie combos.  Regular readers know what I’m talking about.  I take one of every veggie type thing in my fridge, chop it up, sautee it with onions and garlic, some bizarre spice combo, add some beans, sometimes put it over brown rice or quinoa or couscous and call it dinner!

I have a big glass plate that’s intended to be a pie plate which I use to serve it.  I like it because it has sides and there’s less chance it will end up in my lap.  Now when I say big, I mean big and when I save serve, I mean it’s my dinner…All Of It.

Someone commented that it looked like a good dinner for several people.   Several people? No, just for me.

Here’s last night’s dinner from several views.





Piled high and all mine.  I purposely made it as big as possible to prove my point.  An entire zucchini, onions, garlic, red bell pepper, cabbage, black beans and cottage cheese.  There’s even couscous under there if you can’t see it.  I actually volumed myself out because I couldn’t finish it.  I’m sure it was the addition of the couscous that did it.

My point is this:  I learned a very long time ago that I’m a volume eater.  I need to see a lot of food in front of me to be satisfied.  I need to Feel full to be satisfied and to keep me from getting into other things that could be trouble for me.

My solution is Veggies!  Whether it’s this time of year when I’m cooking them up or if it’s summer when I’m making my huge salads in my Big Purple Bowl…the point is the same.  It’s big, it takes me a while to eat (especially if I put lots of crunchy things in my salad) and because of this I’m satisfied.

With Weight Watchers, the veggies pose no problem.  Most of the “regular ” veggies count for 0 Points.  You really only have to worry about starchy veggies like corn, peas, potatoes.  This works for me.  It may not be a tool that would work for everyone, but I think in the case of some people I know, it would be a help if they started thinking in these terms.  They watch their portions and prepare their food accordingly.  But in truth they may not be eating enough to be satisfied.  I think that being satisfied with your food is one of the keys.

I realize that the entire world is not on Weight Watchers.  But the veggies are still the veggies regardless of what plan you follow or if you follow no plan at all.  If you’re trying to lose weight or control your weight, this could help.

There are endless variations so although many times it may look very similar, it doesn’t have to taste the same.   With the salads, I started making my own dressings and finding wonderful combinations of veggies and flavors to make it a new salad every day.

I have also gotten a number of comments that tell me I’m not the only one out there doing this.  It makes me feel less alone.  Let me know if you are a volume eater as well and share some suggestions for all of us volume eaters…like we need more food… 😉

Happy Thursday!  Eat your veggies!


16 responses to “Turn Up The Volume

  1. fran, that pie plate idea is genius! i love it!
    and you know i am a fan of your big purple bowl!
    i am a volume eater for salads – i use my big silver bowl. i love throwing anything and everything into that bowl!
    thanks for sharing about what works for you – always fun to hear each other’s ideas! have a great day and yup, i will eat some veggies with you! (i have mom’s homemade bean soup for lunch!).

  2. Very interesting. I can’t do that much in the way of veggies (would get me sick, I am sure) but I get the volume thing. Of course, I can’t up the volume on carbs or cheese, but I can add more to the veggies — just not Fran size, 🙂

    • Hey, girlie. I realize everyone can’t do it, but as you add your body gets more used to it and it can really help. Soon I’m going to write a post on “tough love” Weight Watchers. Think it will be fun?!?! 😉

  3. I’m so glad you participate in Strange But Good!

    This sald looks just perfect. I am totaly volume eater. I add spinach to everything to bulk it. I throw random cabbage in my smoothies so they are massive. I make giant bowls of cauliflower rice… the list goes on!

  4. I like volume and veggies too. I live with a carnivore so I always make extra veggies so that I have WAY more veggies than meat.

  5. So sorry! I’m just the opposite. I’m a grazer. I have to have something to eat in front of me at all times. When I make huge salads, sandwhiches, etc, it seems overwhelming to me so I break it up into chunks. I am aware that most days I don’t eat enough calories but I really am trying. 🙂

    • Hi Carli! Isn’t strange how different we all are. Because you eat all day people probably think you eat a Lot. When people see my portions, they think I eat a lot. I can be in control in the daytime but I just know that night time snacking is a big problem for me. If I eat a very filling meal like this, it doesn’t use up a lot of my WW Points, but it keeps me filled and I’m not so inclined to snack. Thanks for your input!

  6. If you’re eating a bowl full of veggies or fruit, I say volume eat away. I mentioned before, but I’ll gladly have a head of cauliflower for dinner, and half or even a whole cantaloupe for a snack. There’s no shame it. If you’re going to volume eat, those are things to do it with. Same goes for salads and smoothies so hold that pie plate up high and get your eat on.

  7. YES! Your volume food post! I am SO with you, hand me the veggies. If I’m not “full” after a meal, it wasn’t a meal (and then I’ll find something else to eat until I am, and it’s usually something much less good for me than a plate of veggies–like a box of crackers or something).

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