Wrap It Up

Friday afternoon I had a special treat.  I’d say it would have to count as the last celebration of the Holidays.  I had the great pleasure of getting together with some of the ladies I used to work with.  I’ve missed them a great deal and it was  such a warming and welcoming experience to get to be with them all again.



Angie, Brenda, Lavonda, Shelli and Me!!

We had a fire-place burning our biscuits as Ralph took the picture, so we had to move out pretty quickly.  We could have talked for probably another couple of hours but we all had to be on our way.  We’re hoping to get together again soon.

I thought it would be worth a few lines to do a wrap up of the Holidays in reference to food and how I did on my Weight Watchers program during that time.  I won’t be showing you any food…just talking about it.

I’ll have to warn you that this post is going to involve math…not my favorite subject.  Not just math, but Weight Watchers math which is a little tricky and may be part of the reason I’m no longer a WW Leader!  😉

In November, just before Thanksgiving, I posted Every Day Is Not A Party, with my ideas for handling Holiday eating.  My idea is to mark your calendar for the days that you know you’ll be doing extra eating, make yourself aware of that and the fact that the Other days are regular days and on those days you follow the program to the best of your abilities.  I did that and I feel I was really successful.

From Thanksgiving until the weekend after Christmas I kept losing! The Saturday after Christmas when I weighed in I gained .4 which WW calls a half pound (a “low” half pound as opposed to .6 which is considered a “high” half pound)  I have to scratch my head as I’m explaining this!!

Yesterday, the Saturday after New Year’s Day I again gained .4, another “half” pound.  That would make my gain 1 pound according to WW.  However, if you actually add things up, I gained .8 which would be three-quarters of a pound (see what I mean about the WW math?!?)  I like to take it as three-quarters.  That’s what I’m telling myself.  But whether I count it as 1 pound or three-quarters of a pound, I weigh less the Saturday after New Year’s Day than I did the Saturday Before Thanksgiving!  I’m taking this as a big accomplishment.  In fact I don’t think that through all of my years with WW, that I’ve ever accomplished that!

I’m feeling very good about heading into the New Year in control and with a plan for my health and my eating.  I’m working on adding protein into my menu because I know I need it.  I anyone has any suggestion for vegetarian ways to do that, please share, I’d love to have some new ideas.

We actually had a bit of a snowfall overnight.



Just a bit.  The ground and the cars are frosty.  I need to go out a little later so I’ll be scraping the old windshield!

Happy Sunday!  Drive carefully if you’ve got snow!!


14 responses to “Wrap It Up

  1. The WW maths sounds confusing! They are reinventing calories and weight with their own system, haha. I’m a calories and kg kind of girl. Glad you got to meet up with friends, there’s nothing like a good catch up. Hope you have a good Sunday 🙂

    Georgia X

  2. How fun to catch up with friends! Also, any snow on the ground is fun for me, since I grew up in the hot South! Hope you have a great week!

  3. We got the dusting of snow too. You did great over the holidays – much better than I did!

    • Thanks, Stacie…I really tried. Now I’m right back on the horse, so to speak! I have 2 and 1/2 pounds to get to my personal goal. Then I’ll feel accomplished. Now I need to keep myself there. Have a great Sunday!

  4. glad you’re feeling good, fran!
    we got a light snowfall overnight, too…and it’s still coming down!
    so fun that you reconnected with your old work friends…time flies at these types of get-togethers! that is a lovely photo of you all!

  5. It’s nice that you were able to get together with old friends! And congrats on the weight loss progress!

  6. That’s a massive achievement… I haven’t weighed myself for a bit but I know there’s no way in the world I weigh less now than at the end of November! I like the idea of setting aside the days, which is what I should have done, just to stop myself going to extremes 🙂
    Lovely picture at the top, glad you had a good time.

    • Eleanor, marking the “trouble” days and making myself conscious of them, then being very mindful of my eating on the other days is really a very freeing thing. I just know to be careful. Also knowing that I get to enjoy myself within reason on those other days is freeing as well. I’m feeling good and want to carry this throughout 2013. Have a great Day!!

  7. Weighting For 50

    You look fantastic Fran. Glad you had a chance to get together with old friends. Have a wonderful week.

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