Snapshot Saturday~January 5

Since starting to participate in Snapshot Saturday, I think I’m starting to look at things differently.  I try to find just the right photo.  I think I’m being to get the hang of it.

Be sure to visit At Home With Books to see what everyone else is seeing with a fresh eye.  Alyce from ATWB  does a great job of hosting each week.  I’ve found  quite a few new and interesting blogs by being part of it.

Everyone who follows BCDC knows I love skies.  You get them often enough on a regular day.  I think they’re perfect for Snapshot Saturday.




Thursday morning gave me these two surprises.  I love the streaks and the color on the horizon.  Just wish I didn’t have to deal with all of the overhead wires.  They like to intrude.

One of the many reasons that I look forward to being in New Mexico.  Where are house is located, the majority of wires are underground.

Saturday will of course find me at my Weight Watchers meeting.  I’m making no promises.  I know I have been far better than other Holiday seasons and I think I will be starting the New Year much farther ahead than in past years.  I’m being optimistic.

Don’t forget to stop by at At Home With Books to see what everyone is offering up for Snapshot Saturday.

Happy Saturday!!  Take a Snapshot!


40 responses to “Snapshot Saturday~January 5

  1. I love cloud photos, too.
    The sky is ever changing and always something new to see.

    Lovely photos


  2. i agree, fran – it is fun to go out and look at things as if you were going to take a photo…i think we take time to really LOOK!
    have a great saturday. the sky photos are beautiful! (even with the wires!).

  3. Great photo choice Fran! I’m always too busy making lunches to catch the sunrise!

  4. Actually, the wires also add something to the skyline…perhaps a juxtaposition between Nature and Technology.

    Great streaks!


  5. Yes, the wires are annoying, aren’t they? Like to Photoshop them out of all my pictures. If you look closely, you can see one in the photo I posted today.

    Here’s my Saturday Snapshot. I hope you will stop by! And Happy New Year!

  6. Underground wires would be nice but I’ll have to move from the Chicago area to get that. I bet the skyline and sunsets will be beautiful in New Mexico. I’m looking forward to seeing those.

    • Hi Leslie! Oh, my gosh the sunrises and sunsets are Gorgeous in NM. I have quite a collection of them. If I have a Saturday when nothing has caught my eye, I’ll post some of them. Of course I’d prefer to BE there to get some new ones!

  7. The sky is lovely even with the wires. The wires are underground here.

  8. Where I live doesn’t have wires, and I’ve gotten used to that…so it always throws me off to see them in other places! I think our underground wires is one reason why we got our power back quickly after Sandy.

  9. good luck at your weight watchers meeting, I’m off the the gym myself this morning…. I love the streaking clouds in your pictures 🙂 Book Savvy Babe

  10. Beautiful photo. One of the only good things about leaving for work so early (6.15am every day!) is that I get to see the most beautiful sunrises on the train, with the London skyline in the background.

    Good luck at your meeting 🙂

    Georgia Xx

  11. I love the idea of doing Snapshot Saturday. I love skies too.. I could stare at one all day. 🙂

  12. I can totally see why you’d be frustrated with the wires, but I think in this case they add to the photos, especially the first one. I like how they make a kind of grid with the clouds.

  13. BEAUTIFUL….nice job!!

    Silver’s Reviews
    My Saturday Snapshot

  14. Lovely sky. I agree — so many times the wires ruin my pictures. Here’s Mine

  15. Gorgeous shot…I too love pictures of skies! Never thought about the wire issue before, most of ours are underground as well I guess?

    Happy New Year Fran! Hope the meeting went well today.

  16. Beautiful! I love seeing, and taking, photos of the sky!
    My SS

  17. Great colours and lines even with the wires! 😀

  18. What lovely sky pictures – I love the cloud formations. My Snapshot is at

  19. Beautiful skies … even though those nasty wires intrude! You’ll have to show us those New Mexico skies too!

    • Hi Susan, Thanks for visiting! Glad you like my snapshot! Yes, I probably should show some of my NM skies. Sort of feels like cheating, but some are so beautiful, the deserve to be shown. Please stop by again and have a great day!

  20. Gorgeous pictures! And, haha, I actually just posted a Snapshot Sunday, thinking I was clever. I had no idea about the Saturday one!

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