Down Day

No, not in that sense…not “I’m down today.” Wednesday was sort of a down time day, I guess.

I couldn’t get motivated to do much of anything…so I Didn’t!  I don’t think I even went out of the house except to put out the recycling bin.

I should have been doing some of the many things that I need to do, but I suppose I’m looking at this week as still part of the holiday.

I probably shouldn’t have gotten out of my pj’s…could have saved some clean clothes!

Just remembered something I haven’t talked about that I’m enjoying.  My friend Gail and I are both vegetarians.  We’ve been discussing the fact that we both probably need more protein than what we usually get.  We decided to order a protein powder to see how we liked it.



Naturade Pea Protein.  Gail had done some research and decided this was a good choice to start.  It certainly gives us some protein!



20 grams per serving and a serving costs us 3 points on Weight Watchers.  Not a bad deal in my opinion.

I have a Magic Bullet and thought that would be a great way to whip up a quick smoothie.  My problem is that when I would be wanting to make a smoothie, Ralph is asleep and it would probably wake him.  Being a thoughtful wife, I looked for another alternative.


I had forgotten about this shaker bottle I had gotten along with a previous protein powder purchase.  Can’t add fruit to it, but… 1 cup of almond milk, 1/3 of a cup of fat-free vanilla yogurt and 2 Tbsp of the pea protein powder makes a pretty tasty shake.  It costs me 6 Points on WW and I get 23.3 grams of protein.  It’s actually pretty filling too.

One of these days I need to test the theory of whether the Magic Bullet would actually wake Ralph up.  Now that I’ve started this, I’d really like to try some fruit or shock of shocks…a Green Smoothie with some spinach thrown in for good measure.  Now that I’ve started, I can’t stop!!

I’m slogging my way through Pride and Prejudice and with every page re-thinking my plan of reading “classics” this year.  I refuse to stop reading the first book I’ve started for the year but to be honest, I’d like to.  After I’ve finished I’ll give a little overview of what I think.  My Mother loved it.  I love my Mother.  That’s as far as I can go with that thought!!

Happy Thursday! The Bennet Family is driving me Crazy!


28 responses to “Down Day

  1. just because you love mom doesn’t mean you have to like the same books. I love you but, truthfully…well….give me a non violent, non sexual mystery any day! You only have so many years left in your life. Don’t waste them on reading a book just because you think you should! Read the one that grabs your attention, excites you, makes you smile or laugh or cry! Throw that book away and get on to one of the books Kristen has given you that you REALLY want to read. Do it! I give you permission! Miss Ele has spoken!

  2. I swear, there are MUCH better classics out there, don’t give up on them as a whole! (But yeah, totally don’t blame you if you give up on P&P.) And my old roommates used to sleep through my magic-bullet-usage all the time, but I can’t imagine doing so…Guys seem to have a much higher sleep-through-anything tolerance.

    • Well, earlier today, I gave up on P&P, Allie. I’ve started Death Comes to Pemberley by P.D. James. Based on P & P. Already better! I’ll give the Magic Bullet a try. I’ll only be doing frozen fruit, not ice so that should make it not so bad. I’ll Let you know!

  3. Reading more classics is on my new year’s list, but I’ve included modern classics too! Things like Iris Murdoch’s ‘Under the Net’ and Hesse’s ‘Siddhartha’. Short and interesting. I never could stand the Bennet family! Good luck with it anyway.

    The smoothies sound yummy. I have one of those shakers too, but I haven’t used it for a fair while…maybe now is the time!

    Georgia Xx

  4. You need to do the green! 🙂 Maybe you can take the blender into the laundry room or someplace far away from Ralph. LOL!

  5. I was lazy too, until the kids went back to school. Sorry to miss so many posts – I was offline for a week!!

  6. Aw, you poor reader. I suggest to drop it! I have masters degree in literature. Hell, I taught literature for years. So, as an “expert” I preach reading ANYTHING one Likes! Everything’s good: a magazine, a blog or classics! But you have to enjoy it – otherwise it’s a waste of time… Just my two cents. 😉

  7. You could read Pride Prejudice and Zombies if you want, we own it.

  8. Everyone needs down days like that sometimes. I like P&P, but both times I have read it I have had to buckle down and force myself until I’m about halfway through and then something clicks and I sink into the style and the story. I can understand wanting to move on to something else though.

    I was a vegetarian for two years followed by about 12 years of eating almost entirely vegetarian (with a rare bacon cheeseburger a few times a year). After so many years without meat I became B12 deficient and had to have shots. Now if I go veggie for a while I make sure I take B12 supplements. I thought I’d mention it just in case, so others don’t have to deal with the deficiency like I did. 🙂 I love vegetarian food though and honestly would be vegetarian full-time if it weren’t for the meat eaters in the family for whom I cook.

    • That should be “rare” as in “not often” not rare as in raw – ick! 🙂

      • Tee hee…You sound like Ralph! He’s definitely a “well-done” kind of guy. I don’t really have a problem staying veggie and cooking meat for him. Just works for us and I feel so good, I don’t miss much of anything. Now the chips I gave up almost two years ago…Those I miss!! 😉

    • Thanks, Alyce. I’ve heard about needing B12 as a vegetarian. How do you know you have a deficiency? Guess I should look it up. I’ve recently started supplementing with protein powder because I realize I may not always get enough. Have a great day!

      • I had a lot of blood tests done prior to being diagnosed with hypothyroidism. They found at the same time that I had really low B12 levels, so I had to have shots a few times until they were back to normal. Here’s a link to a good summary of causes and symptoms:

        The biggest surprise to me was learning that I couldn’t get B12 naturally from anything but animal products. When I was a vegetarian I thought I could get everything I needed nutritionally from other foods.

      • Thanks for the link, Alyce, I appreciate that. I need to do some research. I thought I had heard there was one non-animal source for B12 but I don’t remember what that was. I was checked for thyroid issues about a year ago, but that was ok. Thanks again!

  9. i’m sorry fran but your comment about pride n prejudice just about made me LOL. pick another classic?!!! if you keep going, well, GOOD FOR YOU!!!
    pls let us know what you think of the pea protein – i am interested!
    hope you had a good day!!

    • I really like the pea powder, Cathy! As I said, I’ve just been shaking it up. It’s not chalky or icky in my opinion. Bet it will be even better when I start to so it in the Magic Bullet with some fruit. Gail picked it out and I think she picked well!

  10. You have to try the green smoothies. They are highly addicting, and you can’t taste the spinach at all.

  11. I’ve been that way with books before. Last year, it was Cleopatra by Stacy Schiff. It wasn’t a bad book, but it didn’t make me want to sit still long enough to read even one chapter. And I couldn’t start another book because I knew once I did, I would never go back to Cleopatra. It took months to read!

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