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True Confessions

I tend to dawdle some mornings.  I like the mornings when I’ve written my post the previous afternoon, scheduled it for a 3 am posting (no, I’m not up at 3 am…well sometimes, I am.)  and it magically appears in its published form when I turn on the computer.  In fact the 3 am days are some of the most dawdly…is that a word?  Well it is today.

When I first started writing BCDC, I had no idea I could schedule my posts.  Once again, I have to thank my sweet friend Kristen from verbs and vignettes for teaching me about that.  It’s come in really handy many times when there’s been something I have to do early in the morning and won’t be able to post.  It’s especially helpful when we’re traveling.  We need to get on the road early and if I’ve handled my post the previous evening, I’m set and we can get on our way.

It’s helpful when I have an amazing idea for a post and don’t want to wait.  I can write it up then and there and I lose none of my spontaneity.  Of course, how many times does THAT actually happen?!?  Sometimes…I won’t be too hard on myself, it happens sometimes.  Not often enough.

I want the things that I write here to be clever and insightful.  Yes, I started out wanting this to be a healthy living blog, talking about food choices, my adventures as a Weight Watchers Lifetime Member working to stay below goal and showing pretty pictures of what I eat.  As time goes on, I realize that my food’s not all that pretty in spite of my efforts.  I long for the time when we’ll be in our house in New Mexico and I can actually do pretty photos of pretty food because I’ll have room for it, not just the tiny corner of my kitchen counter as it has to be right now.  But I’ll get there, I have faith, and when I do get there I’ll dazzle you with my culinary brilliance.

In the meantime, I struggle with many things.  Although I do amaze myself that I have been writing BCDC for over 2 years now, rarely missing a day, I wonder if my efforts are worth it.  I know I have many loyal readers and I can’t show you my appreciation in enough ways.  I can’t believe how many of you read and comment each day. You are a gift to me.  I also appreciate the support of so many friends and family.

I have to equate it to when I was a Weight Watchers leader.  On average I lead 4 meetings a week in the evening after working a full-time job each day.  I would pick up extra classes from time to time when other leaders asked me to sub for them.  At one point, I was doing 5 classes at night and a Saturday morning class. It was hard but I loved it.  I’ve mentioned before I how much I miss leading the meetings.

My point here is that I approached my meetings as if I was a stand up comedian.  I felt I was there to entertain while throwing in some very important information.  One time someone I went to college with asked how I thought I was putting my Speech and Theatre degree to use in my everyday life.  Without hesitation, I stated that I did it every night in my meetings.

But the thing is that although I was following a set topic and doing basically the same lecture each meeting, some nights I was on and sometimes I wasn’t.  I initially would wait for people to laugh in the places where they had laughed the night before.  Many times, the laugh wouldn’t come.  So I learned to just plunge ahead to the next opportunity.

In blogging and in life, you never know what’s going to work.  Some days I feel that I’m rambling incoherently in my posts and sometimes those are the ones that grab your attention the most.  This is not a shameless attempt to grab your attention, just an honest attempt to share my feelings.

I think what I’m trying to say is that I appreciate you reading and I will keep writing.  Again, amazing myself that I not only do this every day, but I actually Get to do it!

Happy Thursday!  It’s windy out, but it’s sunny…I’ll focus on the Sunny!!



WIAW~Food For A Change!

I feel so good that it’s What I Ate Wednesday and I’m not trying to scramble (except the eggs) for food photos!  I’ve been more on track with cooking and making good choices even when we’re out.  Of course, What I Ate Wednesday is the brainchild of the lovely Jenn at Peas & Crayons.  It’s great fun and be sure to jump over there when you’re finished here to see what everyone is eating.  Get some good ideas and leave some comments.  That’s what I always do!    😉

Peas and Crayons

I’ve got a lot of breakfasts in here as I look at my photos, but don’t the experts tell us it’s the most important meal of the day?  Well, today it sure is!


A Greek omelette that includes, onions, tomatoes, spinach and Feta cheese.  I ask for cottage cheese in place of potatoes and they outdid themselves this time!


White pizza with sliced tomatoes.  We’ve been doing this a little Too often lately.  Need to get this under control, but we usually do it on the weekend, then try to behave!


A homemade breakfast this time, one of my favorite egg sandwiches.  Tried to do some sriracha art…there must have been a clog, it made a mess so I covered it with grated cheese!


One of my favorite things, peanut butter on caramel rice cakes.  Forgot the cinnamon and didn’t realize until I was finished.     😦


This time I did NOT forget the cinnamon.  Vanilla fat-free Greek yogurt with sliced apples, all cinnamoned up.  Delicious and truly filling.  Can’t remember if this was breakfast or lunch.  Oh, well, it works for either!


One of my veggie combos-onions, garlic, zucchini, cabbage, frozen spinach (thawed), veggie broth and cottage cheese.  Various spices added and topped with Romano cheese all served over couscous.  So good and so big, I couldn’t finish it all!


One last breakfast.  Two scrambled eggs to be sure to get some protein to start the day along side of oatmeal with…cinnamon.  Cinnamon is good for our hearts, right?  I like the way it tastes!

That’s What I Ate Wednesday for this week for me.  I do feel that I’ve been eating mindfully and making good choices.  We’ll see what result I get at Weight Watchers on Saturday.

Be sure to stop by Peas & Crayons to see what everyone else is eating!

Happy What I Ate Wednesday!

Let’s Call It Tuesday

One of those days, Tuesday.  I believe this may be stream of consciousness or train of thought today and I guess that’s what you get sometimes.

I had all intentions of writing and scheduling my post Monday afternoon so I would not face this brick wall this morning.  It would have been humorous (possibly), literate (unlikely) and thought-provoking.  The thought would probably have you asking what is wrong with me… In fact my Mom used to say that to me occasionally.  She never found out and I’m not sure I will either.   😉

I awoke with a headache and a time crunch (we have an appointment this morning) and of course this is the day, I have dirty dishes in the sink, can’t find the reusable coffee filters (they’re buried in there somewhere) and once the coffee is made, I spill it all over my desk and myself.  Mercifully, it did not  get on the computer.

I need to concentrate and I can’t focus.  I almost just pulled out my folder of recipes to look one up.  Completely off track.  What is wrong with me?  (Thank you, Mom!)  Of course, now I’m thinking about an episode of Law & Order that I want to look up on IMDB.  Now I’m thinking about trains. (Thank you, Sheldon!)

Now, Ralph is up and is telling me about a Perry Mason episode he saw last night, having no idea that I’m trying to write this. (What else am I doing sitting out here typing at 6am?) I can’t pay attention to what he’s saying while I’m Trying to pay attention here.  I’m not doing either successfully.

I did go on to IMDB, looked up the episode and I was right…That WAS Ty Burrell playing that character.  Looked different but his voice is so distinctive, I was pretty sure I was right.  Still restraining myself from looking up the recipe.

I should be getting in an Amazon delivery today.  One is my friends’ book that I’m looking forward to reading.  The other is a gift for Ralph.  Something that he said, he’d love to have but didn’t think he’d ever find.  Ah HA!! I found it!  Now I can’t decide if I should give it to him for Valentine’s Day or his birthday.  I’d have to save that until April and I don’t think I can save it that long.  Besides, I’d probably lose it in the black pit that is currently my home (you’ve heard about that before.  Boring, I know…)  So I guess Valentines’ Day it is.  I’ll let Ralph lose it, then I won’t feel so guilty!

So, it’s 37 degrees out.  Pretty exciting since the last few days I’ve been waking up to 18 degrees!  I can really get behind rising temperatures.  In fact we saw on the weather channel last night that it could actually reach the 60’s in the next few days.  It’ll practically feel like New Mexico.  Oh, no…don’t get me started on New Mexico…

Happy Tuesday!  I’m off to figure out What’s Wrong With Me!!!

It’s Monday! What Are You Reading?~January 28

Another week, another It’s Monday! What Are You Reading?  I like being able to catch up on books and I must say Sheila’s link up over at Book Journey is a good place to catch up on what books are out there.  I love seeing and hearing about what other people are reading.  In fact if I’m out in public, a waiting room or a restaurant and someone is reading, I will crane my neck into ridiculous positions in order to see what they’re reading.  I’m nosy that way!  This is sort of the same thing without the crazy neck positions!

So here we go!


I must say that I’ve been a bit sluggish this week in reading and in life.  That happens sometimes after reading a few books in a row that I really enjoy.  In fact, I started two books which I then stopped.  I may go back to them, but sometimes a book needs to grab my attention for me to continue.

I did enjoy one of my Goodwill finds this week.

A Cup of Tea: A Novel of 1917

A Cup of Tea by Amy Ephron.  It felt to me as if I was reading an Edith Wharton novel.   It gave a good flavor of the time period, 1917.  I actually wished that it was longer and that the story was more fleshed out.  I was enjoying getting to know the characters when the book ended.  As is with so many of my thrifting finds, this is a book I might never have found if it wasn’t sitting on the shelf a Goodwill.

I’m currently reading Brooklyn by Colm Toibin.


I have been a bit distracted for the last few days and it’s taken me a bit of work to get into this, but I’m enjoying it.  I hope to have it finished today.

I think my next will be the continuation of the Chronicles of Narnia, The Lion, The Witch and the Wardrobe.

The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe

I read the first installment, The Magician’s Nephew at the beginning of January and I really enjoyed it.  This is my next step.

I was excited to hear from Amazon that my copy of On Leave by my friend, R E Thorpe has shipped and is on it’s way!

That will be my next.  I’m sure it will be quite a change after Narnia, but that’s the good part about reading…So many different worlds to visit.

Be sure to stop by Book Journey and see what everyone is reading, leave some comments and pick up a few ideas.  That’s where I’m heading now…Join me!

Happy Monday! What are you reading?!  🙂

Whose Team Am I On?

I believe this may very  well be a train of thought post today.  I just checked on-line to see what time and what network the Pro Bowl would be on tonight.  Not at all because I want to know, but because Ralph will want to know and I like to be able to offer him little pieces of info that he’ll need before he knows (or remembers) that he’ll need them.  It’s easy and it’s something you do for someone you love.

I’m not a football fan, but I have played team sports and I guess in a way for me, Weight Watchers is a team.  I practice all week and then see how I do for the big game on Saturday mornings.  We all get together then and talk about our score for the week and our strategies that got us a good score and those that we’ll need to work on for the coming week.

My score was ok.  I gained a half pound.  It’s not a big deal really because I’m well below my WW goal, but I still have those pesky 2 pounds to lose to get to  my personal goal.  I’ll get back there again and I can live with the extra 2 pounds, I just want to get there.  Anyone dealing with weight loss and weight maintenance understands.

I did hear something interesting though, on Saturday.  One of my friends who is a Lifetime member only about 2 pounds from being back to goal was talking about her daughter’s wedding which is coming up.  I didn’t hear the entire conversation, but I believe she said it would be a destination wedding and she’d be wearing something like a sun dress.  She said she didn’t want to be wearing a size 14 for the wedding.

It took me back to thinking of something that happened quite a few years ago, when I was still a Leader for Weight Watchers.  I was working in a meeting where I was doing the weighing.  One of my members who had just reached goal came for her weigh in.  I saw what her weight was, I knew what her height was.  She was only an inch shorter than me and weighed only about 3 pounds less than me.  She was so excited because she’d bought a new suit and it was a size 8.  She was wearing a size 8 and I was wearing a size  14 (ok, I just confessed, didn’t I?)

How could that be?  We were practically the same person physically.  Or were we?  That was when I started to realize that the “size” you are has nothing to do with the “size” you are.  Each person’s height and weight arranges itself in a very unique way.  We shouldn’t compare ourselves to other people and we certainly shouldn’t beat ourselves up because of the size we are.

People who see me, tell me I look good.  I often get comments from people (sometimes new people to our WW meeting) who say “Why are you going to Weight Watchers?  You don’t need it.”  That is another conversation altogether…In my mind I will ALWAYS need Weight Watchers.  But back to my point.  Those people who see me looking fit in general have no idea what size I wear.

My friend at WW isn’t looking at how she looks (great, in my opinion.)  She’s looking at how she thinks others are perceiving her.  She won’t be wearing her size on the back of her dress like a team jersey.  Knowing her, she’ll be wearing a pretty, appropriate dress that will flatter her figure and make her a beautiful Mother of the Bride.

If I had a choice, I suppose I’d rather be in a different size, but I’m healthy and active and I am the size that I am.

My suggestion, be who you are and forget about the number.

Happy Sunday!!  I’m a 14…What are you?


Snapshot Saturday~January 26

I had my Snapshot Saturday contribution all set when something else (of course there’s a story!) intervened.

Snapshot Saturday is hosted each week by Alyce from At Home With Books.  It has become such a happy part of my weekly routine.  When you’re finished here, be sure to check out some of the other bloggers linked up.  You’ll find some great photography and many of the linkers are book bloggers and what could be better than photography prone book bloggers?!

Our trip to Paws Farm last Saturday sent me home armed with some great shots, but they’ll be held in reserve for the moment.

The strangest thing happened on Friday morning.  I was working on the computer and looked to my left (toward sunrise) and the sky was ablaze!



You know the old saying about “Red sky at morning, Sailor take warning?”





I grabbed my camera and ran out the back door.  As I did I frightened a deer that was in the side yard, not far from the door.  Actually, I believe we were equally startled!.

Never the less, I was able to catch these beauties.  I mention the old “red sky at morning” saying because we hear we’ll be getting a snow storm Friday afternoon and evening.  As I sit writing this, no snow has yet showed itself and I do hope it doesn’t show itself at all.  I’m pretty excited that the sky decided to show me this sunrise.

The additionally odd thing was that when I walked back in the house, I noticed that the light in the kitchen was no longer on. Then I realized that the light in my office was also off.  No Electricity!  After a text to my sister, who lives one street over, to verify that she was without power as well, I was frustrated because I lost what I was doing on the computer.  In little more than 5 minutes, everything was back up and running, but it was so strange.  Sunrise, Deer, Power outage.  Strange.

Be sure to visit At Home With Books and see some of the other great photography being offered!  You’re sure to find something you enjoy!

Happy Saturday!  Hope there’s no snow!!

Strange But Good~It’s In The Bag

I love the whole idea of Strange But Good that Laura has created at Sprint 2 The Table.  I don’t think my food is strange, but I know there are others who sure have big question marks on their faces when I eat out with them!  At home it’s usually just Ralph and Me so I’m safe…he just cares that I’m satisfied and get enough protein.  I’m doing well in that capacity!

So here we go…

Sprint 2 the Table

Don’t you love Laura’s logo?  I do!

So, I was whining that I was out of veggies.  Wednesday I made the trek to the produce market to stock up.  I was proud that I was in control and didn’t over buy, which I tend to do when I go for produce.  I made good choices, calculating what I had room for and what would go with what. I do over buy sometimes and then have to grumble for 45 minutes while I try to arrange the fridge so I can get the door closed!

One cool thing I found and the basis of Strange But Good is this…


California Slaw.  I’m pretty sure that the intention for this product is to be made into a salad type of dish.  No, No…not at my house!  Besides the slaw type pieces there were wonderful chunks of fresh broccoli florets.  I also found some broccoli florets in the freezer which I also added in.

Of course, I started with onions and garlic.  Then I added cabbage, veggie broth and cottage cheese for protein.  With sufficiently warm veggie broth, I added three-quarters of a cup of dry couscous, my new save a step trick.





Topped with a little grated Romano cheese that I found for an absolute steal at the produce market!  Boy was I excited about that.

So that’s Strange But Good for today.  Someday I should do a Strange But Good Covered in Cheese edition, but for today, this is what you get.  Be sure to check out the other linkers over at Sprint 2 The Table and Leave some comments!

Happy Friday!! Just ’cause it’s Strange doesn’t mean it isn’t Good!!