Snapshot Saturday~December 22

So here it is again, already.  It’s Snapshot Saturday!  I’m getting involved with so many link-ups that I may start having trouble keeping them straight, but I think I’ll be able to sort them without any trouble!

Snapshot Saturday is of course hosted by Alyce at At Home With Books.  I must say that I’ve been enjoying checking all of the participating blogs and seeing their beautiful photos.  A fun way to see great photos and get to know some new blogs and bloggers.  So on to my offering for today!



I can’t remember if it was Sunday or Monday morning.  It was very foggy but a determined sun was trying to break through.  I just love the look of the sky that day.  Those of you who have read BCDC for a while will recognize my old friend Gnarly Tree front and center.  I thought this was a very good choice for today.

When you finish here, try to visit some of the other participating blogs over at At Home With Books.  They’ll appreciate it!

In the area of regular goings on…I’m getting there.  By that, I mean I’m waiting for one more Christmas gift to arrive in the mail and I have two more easy ones to get. I’m pretty happy with that!  I have about half of my wrapping done also.  I feel I’m actually getting there!

As always, Saturday will mean my weekly visit to Weight Watchers.  I’m feeling happy with my week so far and I should have a good weigh in.    I’ll be keeping my fingers crossed regardless! 😉

Happy Snapshot Saturday!!  Hey…we all survived!!


28 responses to “Snapshot Saturday~December 22

  1. beautiful photo, fran, and i recognized gnarly tree right away. love the sky in this pic.
    good luck with your wrapping today! (i assume you will be doing some wrapping today?!). you don’t have too much left to do at all!
    i have a nine hour shift at the store today – saturday before christmas should be one of the biggest shopping days of the year!

    • Good luck on being on your feet all that time, Cathy! We’ll be at Ele’s for a while to see some friends from PA and some people who came all the way from Norway! I do plan on trying to finish up my wrapping later in the afternoon and evening. Fingers crossed for my last gift to arrive today!

  2. Love the gnarly tree and the way that you captured it!!!

  3. Another nice photo! Hope you have a great weekend Fran!

  4. The fog created a beautiful photo! I hope you get your wrapping finished early and have time to enjoy the rest of your day!
    Rebecca @ The Key to the Gate

  5. The sky looks so dark and a bit spooky. Have a great week.

  6. That looks kind of creepy.

  7. Love the tree in the center. It looks like it’s supplicating the heavens for sunshine. Very cool photo!

  8. My first visit here, thanks to Alyce’s Saturday Snapshots, and that tree is remarkable!

  9. I really need to get outside in the mornings! I do love the look of a foggy day (in a photo). Not so much when driving. Thanks for sharing, and for visiting my blog.

  10. One of the few things I like about winter (very few, actually) is seeing photographing the bones of the old trees. And in winter I can easily photograph birds in same trees without all those pesky leaves.

  11. that’s a great shot, and I really like how the trees are shadowed too. Thanks for sharing, Book Savvy Babe

  12. Ooh, looks like a gray day…there have been a few snowflakes here, but nothing’s sticking!

  13. A lovely wintry mood in that photo! My shopping is done but I haven’t started wrapping yet — need to get on that!

  14. If that were a scene in a movie I’d think something dramatic was about ready to happen.

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