Strange But Good~Couldn’t Be Quicker Meals

Ok, so I’m lazy in some ways.  You’ve all seen some of my meals…The less effort, the happier I am.

A lot of my food looks…well, Odd.  I realize that, and I don’t expect others to eat the way I do.

However, there’s a lovely young lady named Laura who writes a delightful blog called Sprint 2 The Table.  She’s started a wonderful weekly link up for Fridays called Strange But Good.  Sounds like she created this for me personally!  So for the first time I’m joining in and I’m Excited!

Sprint 2 the Table

I love the logo and it looks like Laura which is just hysterical!  So Cute.  Anyway, to get back to me…because I guess it really is all about me…Just kidding… 😉  I love to eat but I’m lazy as I said earlier and I always joke about being able to throw something together and at times I actually tell you how long it took.  Some of these easily fit into the Strange But Good group.  I’ve decided I needed to come up with my own little special category.  I’m calling it Couldn’t Be Quicker.  I have no clue how to do a link up so all you get is me, but I think it should be fun.



The meal started with couscous.  My way of cooking it is 1 cup of water and some knock off Mrs. Dash into the microwave for 4 minutes.  When the bell dings, pour in the couscous, stir and put it back in the microwave.  I do that primarily to keep it out of the way and keep it warm so that it can work its magic.

While that was happening I opened the can of Margaret Holmes Tomatoes, Okra and Corn.  This stuff is great!  Added to that was a cup of my previously cooked crock pot lentils and a cup of frozen corn. (My frozen veggies are getting seriously depleted…I need to stock up!) All this was cooked on the stove top and was heated through by the 5 minutes or so it takes the couscous to plump up.

The result…



Topped it with Locatelli cheese and Done!!  Dinner in just about 10 minutes.  It took me longer to decide whether to use the tomato/okra/corn mix or regular diced canned tomatoes.  It was delicious and yes, though strange it was really Good!

I like playing Strange But Good and I plan to check out all of the other bloggers who link up today.  If you can, take a look and leave some comments.  I know Laura and everyone else will appreciate it.

From Couldn’t Be Quicker Headquarters, this is the Head Cookie signing off!

Happy Friday!!


14 responses to “Strange But Good~Couldn’t Be Quicker Meals

  1. happy shortest day of the year, fran-the-head-cookie!
    i am with you, i am not into meal prep. that’s why kitchen sink salads are the best: tasty, nutritious and you dump in whatever you have handy or caught your eye at the store!
    love your “couldn’t be quicker slogan,” too!

    • Thanks, Cathy!! Yes…with all this worry about the end of the world, I forgot it’s the shortest day of the year! Glad you like CBQ. I’m not sure if I thought that up or someone commented using it. I’ve been thinking about salads lately. Looking over last years posts, at this time I was still eating my huge salads. What’s wrong with me. Guess they’ll be a trip to the produce market the day after Christmas! Have a great day!

  2. Fran, I am SO glad you linked up this week! I love this recipe – I’m always a fan of something quick, easy, and DELICIOUS! Hope you have a wonderful weekend!

  3. I eat the ugliest, ugliest food. I mean, it’s seriously gross-looking a lot of the time. Ha! If I were joining a link-up about food, it would probably have to be called “ugly and gross, but really delicious ( or at least somewhat edible, most of the time”. Let me know if you ever find a link-up like that!

  4. HAHAHAHAHAHA. oh, man… that one might stick. “head cookie.”

  5. Nice and easy meals are my kind of meals. The headache of coming home after work and making a mess is just too much sometimes. EASY is good!

  6. Yes, I’d say that fits under strange but good. I’ve never seen that okra/corn/tomato stuff, I’ll have to look for it!

  7. this is totally my kind of meal, just add an egg on top!

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