Smiles and Frowns and TIDNTKE

Where to begin today?  I’ll start with the TIDNTKE which translates to Things I Didn’t Need to Know Existed…


I don’t think I need to say anymore about that!!

My Saturday morning Weight Watchers weigh in brought a Big Smile!  I have been talking in recent weeks about being mindful of what I’m eating, not allowing myself to get caught up in the Holiday snacks offered almost Everywhere and doing what I know is right for me on the Program.  Again, amazingly it paid off and I lost 1 pound! 🙂  I couldn’t believe it! That puts me a pound and a quarter from my personal goal.  Let’s see if I can do it.

After our WW meeting, lovely Kristen had invited a few of us to her apartment for a Holiday Brunch.  With a group of mostly WW members getting together, Kristen was very helpful, making sure we all knew what the Points values were for what was offered.



So adorable and So Tasty!!

The assembled group…


Kristen, Ele, Me, Pat and Debbie.  Kristen’s Mom, Cheryl served as photographer for this shot.  We had a wonderful time chatting and eating and acting goofy.  Kristen was very nervous because it was her first brunch in her apartment.  She gets an A+ from all of us!

I mentioned that I had finally gotten our Christmas tree up and I was so excited.  I wasn’t sure which photo I liked better.  With flash…


Or without…


Sadly, it hardly matters now.  The lights on the tree seem to have died.  😦  Now granted, they are probably 20 years old and I’m not exaggerating that.  At first I thought there was a problem with the extension cord or the power strip I was using. But the light on the power strip comes on so it can only be the lights themselves.  There’s too much on the tree to take them off, but I guess next year, I need to get a new set of lights.  Of course, my plan is that next year at this time we will be in New Mexico and we’ll have room for a Big Tree.  This one will be serving as an accent tree somewhere in the house.  I think I know the perfect spot for it. 😉  At least I got photos before the lights went out!

Sunday should be a busy day.  I am feeling a little behind at the moment, but there have been years when I’ve been further behind with less time to go.  Funny…I think I said that last Christmas also!  I’m nothing if not consistent!

Happy Sunday!   I’m going to a Christmas cantata this morning!


16 responses to “Smiles and Frowns and TIDNTKE

  1. enjoy the cantata, fran! christmas music is so heart-warming!
    printed poptarts?? so funny! i think that is an item that is not available in canada…see, this is why i love grocery shopping in the states!!
    your tree looks fabulous! so festive! i am laughing at “with flash, without flash” as i have a hard time knowing when to use the flash or not and do two takes, too!

  2. Enjoy the cantata! This morning, I’ll be watching the children’s Christmas program at church. 🙂

    Great tree!

  3. The tree is really pretty in both shots.
    I never knew about gingerbread pop tarts either…and I’d be lying if I said I weren’t intrigued…

    • Zo, I just HATE when I find out about something like that which I didn’t need to know about! Of course, I’m the one who makes the choice, but Gee…give me a fighting chance! 😉 Glad you like the tree photos! Have a great day, Zo!

  4. Congrats on the continued weight loss. Great job.

  5. The tree is gorgeous…lights or not!

    And congratulations on your WW loss…I can’t believe you are so close to your goal. I am thrilled for you.

    • Thanks, Ameena!! It’s just frustrating to see the tree now with no lights. It’s so full of ornaments, I’m not about to try to remove them. Regarding WW, I’m really trying. I’m as surprised as anyone at this time of year. Have a great week!

  6. Ohh, gingerbread poptarts sound good! Not healthy.. but tasty. 🙂
    A holiday brunch sounds fun, glad you had a great time!

  7. What a good friend to put the Pts+ values on everything. That’s awesome of her!

  8. I love both shots of the tree Fran. Have a wonderful week.

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