Snapshot Saturday~December 15

I’m really enjoying the idea of Snapshot Saturday.  I seem to be looking at things in a different way because I’m trying to get that photo that I think will be appropriate and interesting.  It’s fun!

Snapshot Saturday is a link-up started by Alyce at At Home With Books.  You come up with a photo, it can be yours or a friends’, but not just something you found on line or in a book.  Then you go to At Home With Books and link up!  Easy even for those of us who are not too tech savvy.

I found my photo on Friday when I had to make a stop at the local CVS.  It’s Santa, almost as tall as me with a long list of names.  I like to believe that it is the Nice list as opposed to the Naughty list.  What to my wondering eyes should appear…My Name!  My name never shows up Anywhere!  When you find those displays at travel stops along the highway and there are key chains or tiny car license plates, my name is never there.



Santa Knows My Name!!  It’s very cool and I think he’s quite a handsome guy.  I had planned to share photos of my Christmas tree which I finally got set up on Thursday. But then I met Santa and just needed to share him with you.

Of course, as always on a Saturday, I’ll be heading to my weekly Weight Watchers meeting and I’m looking forward to finding out the results.  That’s not always the case, but I’m feeling strong and confident these days, so I’m looking forward to stepping on the scale today.

I’m sure that somewhere, Santa has all of your names on his list as well…But I’m special because mine is prominently displayed at the CVS!!! 😉

Please go check out some of the other Snapshot Saturday offerings at At Home With Books!

Happy Saturday!!!


22 responses to “Snapshot Saturday~December 15

  1. fran, that is great that you are enjoying this photography challenge…it is true, photography opens the door for so much creativity! what i enjoyed about doing photo-of-the-day is that you never know what you may come across.
    love that your name is on santa’s list!! mine is sometimes on keychains, ornaments etc but often spelled KATHY (no!!).
    have a great ww session and happy saturday back to you.
    it should be busy at the store today, i am hoping!

  2. That is a great looking Santa. I am always amazed the can cram so many different things to sell inside of a CVS…LOL

    Happy Holidays

  3. I never find my name on those license plates either! lol

    I like the idea of finding unexpected things to snap for Saturdays…I’ll have to take my camera with me more often. (I don’t like my phone camera).


  4. You’ve now been made famous by CVS! Good find.

  5. How fun to find your name! I never find mine either since my parents spelled it “ie”!

  6. Neat!! Hope he brings you something amazing!

  7. Fun! I rarely find a Joy instead of Joyce. Well, except on Christmas ornaments.

  8. That’s so neat! I still look for mine at those touristy places even though I’ve never seen it anywhere. (My mom did have one of those name items special ordered with my name on it when I was a kid, which I thought was sweet. Funny that I don’t remember what it was now – a magnet maybe.)

    • Alyce, you’d have an even harder time, wouldn’t you? That’s great that your Mom ordered you something special. It’s got to be frustrating for little kids now with all the unusual names that people are giving their children!

  9. I’m glad you found your name! My sister (Catherine with a C) was always so annoyed as a kid that she couldn’t find anything with her name on it.

    • Their So many spellings of Catherine/Katherine/Kathryn…Ralph’s family is full of Kathys…all different spellings. Then he asks me how each one spells it. I get frustrated and say, “…but their Your relatives!!” Of course he’s always asking me what year his son was born. My answer, “I don’t know, I wasn’t there!”

  10. Ordinary Words….That’s great to see your name♫ Happy Week-end♥

  11. I do hope it’s the nice list… Obviously, I’ve never found my name on anything. Here’s Mine

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