Taking Hold of the Challenge

Near the end of November I talked about a tool I used to use as a Weight Watchers leader.  The tool is basically using your calendar, indicating all of the special occasions during the Holiday period in order to know what challenges you face.  I love this tool, and Wednesday was the first of my noted challenges.

It was Ralph’s family Christmas get together.  There were 15 of us and luckily we were put in the back section of the restaurant which gave us much more room to move around and mingle when we wanted to.  So much nicer than being in the main room.  I must admit that I should have done better with photos.  In that type of lighting…natural light, but not quite enough for no flash…artificial light, too much with flash…and a camera that for some reason has always had very slow reaction in those situations.  Heavy sigh…I do hope that Santa has heard my plea for a new camera.  😉  We’ll see.  If I get it, I think I may be doing something exciting with that.  More on that later.

So I have a few photos, food included.

First, the newest addition to our family…


Trevor with his lovely Mom, Ralph’s niece, Marie.  As you can see, it takes so long for the shutter to work, it gets blurry.


Trevor with Uncle Ralph.


Trevor’s big brother, Jesse with his balloon treasure.  They’re so adorable!

Time for some food!


Cream of broccoli soup…very tasty.


The Largest Greek Salad Ever!  I’ve had their Greek salads before, but this was absolutely Huge!  I’ve never had to take any of it home with me…this time I took at least half.  I’ve been craving salad lately and I certainly got my fill, tonight! 😉


One of my favorite pictures of the evening…Ralph with his Aunt Marie.  She’s so sweet!  He’s pretty cute, too!

So my apologies to the rest of the family.  I’m usually pretty good at getting photos of everyone, but it didn’t work out this time.

This has been one of those nights for me.  Woke up at 1am, tried to go back to sleep until about 2:10am and I’ve been up since!  Wonderful way to start the day.  I’ve got lots to do, and I plan to get a lot done, but this gives me license to take a nap later! 😉

Happy Thursday!! One Challenge handled successfully! On to the next!


11 responses to “Taking Hold of the Challenge

  1. fran, i noticed the early start to your day…i hope you get to take that nap later!
    i love the party photos! and maybe you will get that camera?? i put “new camera, point n shoot” on my xmas list. then this week, mom told me where there is a great sale on cameras…hmmm, somehow i take it they are NOT getting me a new camera, then?!!
    wonderful to see such a wide range of age groups at your family party!

  2. Your willpower and discipline always amazes me. I on the other hand…well, you’ll love me anyway! Love the photos of Jesse and Trevor, they are such beautiful boys!

  3. Hi Fran. AWWW….Trevor is a cutie!!!!

  4. Greek Salads are my FAVORITE and that one looks amazing!

  5. Good job and your challenge, one day at a time right? Kids make the holidays so festive and fun, enjoy all of your family.

  6. Well, the pics you did take are really cute! I can’t believe you were up so early – ugh!!

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