Snapshot Saturday #1~December 8

I’m kind of excited!  I recently realized that one of the blogs I read, At Home With Books runs a weekly link-up called…Snapshot Saturday!  I love books and I love photography. I’m working hard to get better at photography.  I think this will be a great incentive to me to think before I take a photo and try to get creative with it.

Now that I’ve decided to be part of it, I look forward to seeing the photos by the other bloggers participating.

Those of you who have read BCDC for a while know that Autumn is my favorite time of year.  I have been in the dumps because Autumn is over…no more pretty leaves.

I suddenly realized that there was still some beautiful color in my own front yard.


This is the combo of an azalea plant on the right that took on beautiful color, combined with what must have at one time been an acorn buried by a squirrel which is turning into an oak tree!  Obviously, the oak tree is going to have to go because it will not be good to have it growing so close to the foundation of my house.  That will come later.  For now, I’m really happy to have the last little bit of Autumn right in front of my house where I can enjoy it!

Since it’s Saturday, of course I’ll be heading to Weight Watchers this morning.  I think I should be in good shape for weigh in.  I’ve been tracking and exercising and being mindful.  Let’s hope the scale agrees with me!

Happy Snapshot Saturday!  Join in, I think it will be fun!!


36 responses to “Snapshot Saturday #1~December 8

  1. I always like your pictures – that azalea one’s lovely – so I’ll look forward to seeing what you do for the Snapshot Saturdays 🙂
    Hope WW goes well!

  2. what a beautiful photo, fran! i esp love the colour shades…very artistic! you are off to a positive start for snapshot saturdays!
    have a great day – i am working (hopefully it will be busy with xmas shoppers) then going to my favourite artisan/craft show with mom!!
    too fun that your creative photo opp was right in your very own yard…we can take a lesson from this: great things are close at hand, we don’t have to search far (how is that for being deep, early on a saturday a.m.!).

  3. Beautiful picture, Fran! Have a nice weekend. 🙂

  4. What I enjoy about these “memes” is the opportunity to expand the blogosphere and visit “new to me” sites. Thanks for sharing your creative look at the world near you. I love autumn, too!


  5. Pretty picture. Sigh…blogs are like books..too many good/interesting ones out there! Glad to hear about At Home with Books

  6. welcome to saturday snapshot! Fall colors are so pretty, and you took a great shot. Thanks for sharing! Book Savvy Babe

  7. Beautiful!! I miss the changing colors!
    Here’s My SS

  8. Very colorful fall you’re having. As for me, we’ve been having snow since November.

  9. How pretty! We’ve had some tree sprouts like that around our house and we like to leave them for a little while to enjoy the colors too. Of course it is inevitable that they have to be plucked out eventually. I’m so glad you decided to participate in Saturday Snapshot!

  10. It’s true the acorn can become a tree. But poor oak tree.
    The colors are vivid.

  11. Nice to see some new faces… I mean, photos… at Saturday Snapshot. I enjoy autumn and all it’s colors too. And the lighting is especially kind to photographs this time of year. If only it wasn’t followed by snow.

    • Hi Leslie! I’ve been reading Alyce’s blog for a little while now, but never realized she did Snapshot Saturday! I love it. I’m trying to learn more about photography and hope to be taking a class in 2013. Glad to see that so many bloggers particpate and communicate! Have a great day!

  12. Welcome to Saturday Snapshot! It’s great that you still have some fall color to work with. My azaleas still have quite a bit of green because it’s been so warm.

  13. I’m sure you’ll love Sat Snapshot. While you’re enjoying autumn we’re gearing up for summer in Sydney 🙂

    • Hi Brona! I love SS so far, I love that the participants actually comment back, Excellent! I’m eternally fascinated by Australia. Can’t wrap my head around the opposite season piece. Such a unique place! Have a great day!

  14. Welcome to Saturday Snapshot! Thanks for sharing your beautiful fall colors. I’ve done fall neighborhood shots in the last few weeks too. 🙂

    • Thanks for the welcome, Cheryl! I’ve been driving my husband crazy with Fall photography! Luckily he loves it as much as I do. It seems to be stretching and I saw more color yesterday in unexpected places. Have a great day!

  15. Bear With Me…The pinks look cheery♫ Happy Weekend♥

  16. So pretty! I don’t think there’s any color like that left around my house!

  17. Welcome to Saturday Snapshot! These colors are gorgeous and fleeting – in a few weeks (at least in my part of the world), the color will be gone and replaced with only stark branches.

  18. That is nice color, indeed. And autumn is also my favorite season — I just love it. In a way it’s sad that soon everything will be covered over in white snow — and yet, what would Christmas be without snow?

    • Hi Cipriano! I love the fact that so many of the participants in Snapshot Saturday actually travel to the other blogs to comment. Excellent! Thanks for visiting. I do find a wistfulness about Autumn. I always have and have never successfully figured out why. But I do love it and ours has seemed like it has lasted forever this year. Ok by me! Please stop by again!

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