I Could Be Royalty!

I often joke about being the Crock Pot Queen.  Those of you who have been reading BCDC for a while know that I have several (four) and that I use them regularly.  I love all of the things I can do with them, I can cook both vegetarian foods for me and meatasaurus foods for Ralph.

While I was at Macy’s with Gail and Alice yesterday, I was walking down an aisle and my heart nearly stopped at the sight of this…


I could barely speak!!  It is a TRIPLE CROCK POT!  I do believe that it is meant to be used as a buffet item for those who entertain all the time…Yeah,  that’s me…  😉  Each of the individual crocks is 2.5 quarts.  I had seen other triples that were only 1.5 quarts which is Ok, but…with this I could crock three things at one time!

Two soups and ribs for Ralph.  Soup in one crock, beans in another and chicken for Ralph.  Three…Soups.  THREE KINDS OF BEANS AT ONE TIME!!!

It was on sale at what I considered a very reasonable price for what it is, $59.99.  Gail had a 20% off coupon that she couldn’t use.  She would have let me have the coupon and it would have taken about $11 off of the price.  I’m thinking now I should have gotten it.  Ralph’s always trying to figure out what to get me.  I could say…Hey, Honey…guess what you got me for Christmas?!

Besides, when we get to New Mexico, we’ll actually have room for entertaining so then I could use it for its intended purpose!  Actually, I like to think that it’s intended purpose IS to make three wonderful things in the crock pot at one time.

I could legitimately claim the crown as the Crock Pot Queen!!


I like the sound of that!!

Happy Thursday from your Benevolent Monarch!!


12 responses to “I Could Be Royalty!

  1. I have 10 kids and I’ve always liked the idea of the triple crock pot, but I never liked the 1.5 quarts. I like the 2.5 quarts SO much better — wish I could find one near me!!

  2. oh, you should have bought it, fran! that would have been really fun!!!
    have a great day, dear royal highness!

  3. remember the Christmas Pop bought us our green crockpots? He told me it was a crockpot for the crack pot! I do believe that you should go back and get it. Then you could store away your others for future use!…hmmmm…apples, oatmeal and beans…the possibilities are endless!

  4. Haha yes that is the perfect gift for you. Hopefully it will be under the tree Christmas day!

  5. Triple? It’s the Crock Pot Trifecta! 🙂

  6. Love the drawing! I can’t believe you almost put yourself in the position of having 7 crockpots! I have just one…

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