WIAW~Behind But Ahead

I was on such a roll getting things accomplished but then I had two days where Nothing got accomplished.  Got my act together on Tuesday and got a big chunk of things done. Hence my title, although I’m behind where I would like to be, I’m ahead of where I could be…I’ll take that. 🙂

What’s today…What I Ate Wednesday!!!  That’s the food funnery thought up by Jenn at Peas & Crayons.  Be sure to head there when you’re finished here to see how we’re all charging into the Christmas season!

What I Ate Wednesday Healthy Holiday Recipes

No really Holiday food for me just yet, but we’ll get there!


Soft tacos at Taco Bell! When I’m out with Gail and Alice, that’s our go-to lunch.

Usual Saturday Breakfast…


Oatmeal as always.

Another attempt as sriracha artwork…


Sunday morning egg sandwich!  Supposed to be a Christmas tree…supposed to be.


Sunday lunch at the Chinese restaurant…veggie delight with brown rice.  I’m very predictable.


Crock pot veggie soup with cottage cheese added for some protein.  I’ve never done this before but it was delicious!


Crock pot black beans cooling and ready to feed me for at least a week!


Running errands sometimes leads to delicious!  We stopped for a quick snack for me a veggie egg white flatbread with my Monday free Iced Coffee!!  Excellent! Just realized my coffee didn’t make it into the photo…duh!


A yummy veggie combo-onions, garlic, eggplant, cabbage, crock pot black beans and cottage cheese topped with Locatelli cheese.  This was so good and so filling, just the way I like it!

That’s What I Ate Wednesday for me today.  Doing my best to stay on track and to eat right.  Be sure to visit Peas & Crayons and check out some of the other offerings, oh and don’t forget to leave some comments!

Happy What I Ate Wednesday!!


28 responses to “WIAW~Behind But Ahead

  1. I like that way of thinking – better than I could have done is definitely the way I need to look at things instead of being hard on myself!
    Love the arty egg sandwich, you can definitely see it’s a Christmas tree 🙂

    • Thanks, Eleanor! I’m trying to cut myself some slack, not feel so guilty and look for the positive in what I do accomplish. Some how it seems to be working and I seem to be getting things accomplished!! Have a great day!

  2. way to look at your to do list in a positive manner, fran! and today is an open day with lots of possibilities in it!
    love that christmas tree…we used to do funny things like that with ketchup on scrambled eggs and grilled cheese sandwiches when we were little!

  3. I’m digging the sriracha artwork. Your skills are improving. Way to look at each meal/day as a new opportunity to make the right choices. Your positive attitude is refreshing. Happy WIAW.

  4. I love mixing in cottage cheese to vegetable soups for added protein! I usually swirl it into my roasted butternut squash soup! I love the sriracha Christmas tree in your eggs, by the way! So fun!

  5. Mmm Taco Bell is my favorite fast food place – and I haven’t been in forever so I’m totally jealous! 😉

  6. I have never been to a chinese restaurant that has a brown rice option, expect for a vegetarian one in my city. More places need to start making it an option, it’s just better!

  7. Sriracha Christmas Treeeeeee!

    And can you believe I’ve never had a DD breakfast sandwich?? As obsessed as I am with their coffee–this needs to happen.

  8. It totally looks like a Christmas Tree! I am definitely going to try my hand at some sriracha art 🙂

  9. that oatmeal looks amazing. so thick and comforting!

  10. I would say that Christmas tree is pretty successful. I could tell what it was! 🙂 That crockpot soup looks tasty, and of course the awesome oatmeal with cinnamon! Happy WIAW to you too.


  11. Happy WIAW! All your meals look so healthy. I think eat right is a constant battle. Looks like you are winning. 🙂

  12. Fran, your siracha art is too cute 😉 Nice job eating healthy on the go!

  13. I love Taco Bell – it’s one of the few fast food places where it’s easy to find vegetarian options!

    • Susan, that’s why we go there so often. My best friend and I are both vegetarian and it’s easy to know what to order, it’ll be vegetarian and easy to count on Weight Watchers. Very helpful!! Have a great day!

  14. I wish we had a Taco Bell here. Your soft taco looks so scrumptious!
    Looks like you had a great week of eats. They look really yummy & healthy!

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