Is This Creepy or What?!

I’ve been talking about learning lessons and the fact that by recent events, I still have some to learn.  I’ve always thought of life in general as a learning experience and try to take note of and use what I learn along the way.

Some time ago, I signed up for Notes From The Universe. There are several books based on this and I receive a daily Note.  It’s fun, sometimes it’s insightful, sometimes I say, “Huh?!?”  In general they’re positive thoughts meant to have us look at our lives and set them in a more positive direction.

Todays is…well, You decide.


Just because learning never ends, Frances, doesn’t mean there are any such things as “mistakes.”

Because no matter how things appear, you live in a world where everything that happens makes everyone more, forever and ever.

The Universe

Ok, has someone been watching me?  Or better yet, (or Worse yet…) is the Universe reading Broken Cookies Don’t Count? 

What’s even creepier is this: I had No idea what to write for today’s post.  I was dawdling, reading e-mail, playing on Facebook, even thinking about doing some cyper-shopping until something came to me.  Then, this e-mail came in.  As my favorite commentator on History 2’s Ancient Aliens, Giorgio Tsoukalos always says…”Coincidence?  I think not!”

I think I feel a little better about all of these “lessons” I’ve been learning lately.  In fact, I think I need to go back and read The Celestine Prophecy again.  It talks all about the fact that there are no coincidences.  I need to refresh my knowledge and perhaps the book should go on my 2013 reading list.

That is something I’ve been thinking a lot about.  Considering my overwhelming (for me!) reading total for 2012 (77 and still reading!) I’ve been working on my plan for 2013.  I’ll talk about it a little more as we get closer to the end of the year.   Obviously, I need things to write about         (  😉   ) and that will be a great topic to pursue.

So I sit here, looking over my shoulder to see who’s watching me, thinking deep thoughts and trying to get a handle on things!  Life could become interesting…as if it isn’t interesting enough already!

Now clock

Happy Tuesday!!


12 responses to “Is This Creepy or What?!

  1. “Coincidence? I think not!” -> this is one of my FAVOURITE expressions, fran!!! thanks for including it in your blog chat today!
    i totally believe that we need to look at every experience as a learning experience…and things happen for a reason!
    i also think that we are supposed to be life-long learners!!
    anyway, thanks for sharing your thoughts today – and i hope you have a GREAT day!

  2. There are no coincidences. I truly believe that. I also think we are always learning and expanding ourselves. I WISH I had time for 77 books a year — I’m impressed!

    • Good morning! Not quite sure how I did the 77 books so far. I’m retired, but I’ve just really put my mind to it this year. Not sure I’ll ever do this again. I agree, no coincidences. Thanks for visiting, please come by again!

  3. 77, wow, I think I get in maybe 5 books a year, but with young children I’ll take it! I think it’s so great that you continue to feed your brain and learn and grow…….and listen.

  4. I love the clock graphic! If you’ve read 77 books, what’s with your goodreads sidebar saying 0/25? Have a great day!

  5. “Just because learning never ends doesn’t mean there are any such things as ‘mistakes'” makes as much sense as saying “just because it’s cold, doesn’t mean it’s winter” 😉

  6. That’s funny (and cool). I like it when I get fortune cookies that seem to speak to my current dilemma (unless I don’t like the advice they give).

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