Worse Before It Gets Better

This sounds like it should be a depressing post but it’s really not.  It’s just proof that old adages are true.  So many  times things get worse before they get better.

Good news first.  I was very pleased when I got on the scale at Weight Watchers yesterday.  I lost 1.2 pounds!  That’s one and a quarter for the old folks who remember when we used fractions.  It was the hardest part of being a Weight Watchers leader (at least for me) when we went to digital scales and had to figure things that way.  I had only just figured out fractions!  Yes, it’s true, I was terrible at fractions until I had to start calculating losses and gains at Weight Watchers.  Maybe they should use that in their advertising…Work for Weight Watchers and learn fractions!!  Well not anymore…you have to figure it by .4 or .6 and sometimes it’s a quarter pound and sometimes it’s a half pound.  Very confusing, but Hey…I’m just glad I lost! 

My plan of attack with my food must be working.  I fixed up a quick crock pot full of WW vegetable soup on Saturday.  Funny thing happened when I was ladling it from the crock pot to the plastic storage containers.  Many times when I was working, I would make the soup and then divide it into 5 containers for work for a week.  As I smelled it, my stomach suddenly seized up with the tension I used to feel when I was working.  At WW we always talk about allowing food to have power over us.  I think this is an example.  It was over quickly, but a little scary nonetheless.

Now onto the worse before it get’s better part of our program today. 😉  You saw all of the wonderful progress I made with clearing my desk last week.  I confessed that the view in the other direction was not nearly so good.  I was working on that on Saturday.  Unfortunately, in order to get it under control, there’s a lot that needs to be gone through and even though I gave it several hours of attention, it’s currently a disaster. 

But there is hope!!  Even though there are some errands I have to run today, I plan to get as much work done as I can.

Then I can work tomorrow on trying to get the area ready where the teeny Christmas tree will live, as it did last year!  I’m getting excited about putting it up and getting a little Christmas Spirit!

I’m off to a busy day!

Happy Sunday!


16 responses to “Worse Before It Gets Better

  1. so proud of you success at WW!

  2. wow, you have a great day ahead of you, fran! lots of interesting projects to tackle! have fun!
    congrats on your ww success! oh boy – i TOTALLY know about that “stomach seizing” feeling – i used to get it when i was teaching. funny how we can still be impacted with certain triggers (i still get teaching nightmares!)
    i put up a little xmas yesterday and hope to start on xmas cards today!

    • Thanks, Cathy! Ralph still needs to finish the artwork for our cards so we can get them printed. I was planning on getting him started in November but with him being sick…didn’t happen! I still get nightmares where I’m trying to get to class and can’t open my locker! Where does THAT come from?!? Have a great Sunday!!

  3. Have a great day tackling projects! I’ll be doing some organizing today, too. I dread the job because I’m such a sentimental pack rat. Good luck to us! 😉

  4. Great job at WW! What a way to start the weekend right.

    Good luck with the organizing…I love it! Can’t wait to tackle some around here today too.

  5. Haha, that all sounds far too confusing – but if the numbers are down, you’ve got to be up! Hope you manage to get the desk under control, I’ll be with you in spirit as I’ll be sorting out more at my mum and dad’s tomorrow 🙂

    • Thanks, Eleanor! Yes…the numbers are down and that’s what counts! It’s kind of interesing to go through stuff in spite of the work involved. I’ve found a lot of things I’ve looked for a long time! Good luck with your efforts!!

  6. Nice job!! That’s great, Fran!! 🙂

  7. Good for you for losing 1.2! And I hope you have a great, non-stressful week!

  8. Congrats on the weight loss. That’s great.

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