Focus On The Weekend

You all hear me moan and complain about focus…most of the time I feel I have none.  I am trying to correct that issue for myself.  I mentioned that I had started to meditate again and I swear it helps.  I’ve been saying my mala beads each day, usually before the sun comes up.  I light a candle and it’s very peaceful.

However I do think that doing a guided meditation would be helpful.  Several years ago I was fortunate enough to travel to Kripalu in Western Massachusetts.  In fact, my header photo with the Buddha was taken there. While there I attended one meditation session with a wonderful lady named Bhavani Lorraine Nelson.  It was a wonderful experience and I purchased her CD.

Meditation Made Possible Vol. 1: Meditation on the Breath

It’s been sitting here waiting for me to open the shrink wrap.  I decided it was time to do that, but then came the issue of actually playing the CD.  I know I can do it on the computer, but I don’t usually turn the computer on prior to meditating.  I suddenly remembered that there was something hiding in a box in the basement.

It’s a portable CD player that I had gotten for Free at the rummage sale.  It didn’t have earphones, but fortunately I had a set.  I put in fresh batteries and put in a CD.  Like any machine you’re not familiar with, it takes a little trying to get it to work, but in no time…I was listening!  I haven’t used it for meditation yet, but I’m planning on doing that over the weekend.  I know it’s dumb, I know it’s a simple thing AND I know I had all these pieces here…I just needed to get them all togther!! 

I’m going to get used to the guided meditation and fit it into my current meditatin routine.  I think it will be a big plus…and help me Focus!

No clue what Weight Watchers will hold for me when I get there today, but…as long as I get there…that’s all that counts!

Happy Saturday!!


10 responses to “Focus On The Weekend

  1. as Tony Robbins says…I’m not telling you any thing new, anything you don’t already know, but this time you are going to actually do it instead of thinking about it! “A journey of a thousand miles starts with one step” you have now taken the step…equipment in place , desire is there, now, do what you know to do! I have faith in you, you can do it!!

  2. wow, talk about a blast back to the past!! yes! remember when portable CD players were the latest technology?! i had my fair share – always felt like i was running with a dinner plate in my hand, but at least i had music!
    good for you fran for working at putting the pieces together. one step at a time! hope you have a great saturday and let us know how the meditation goes, now that you have your “new” CD player!

  3. That is a blast from the past! I don’t think I have any such players left around the house but glad yours will come in handy! Good luck at WW!

  4. I’m trying to “keep up” with meditation as well…still just using the guided meditation app from headspace. I am really hoping that it brings me some focus (and less stress).

  5. I’ve done guided imagery before and really enjoy the effects. Hope you enjoy it too.

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