Star Trek and Weird Dreams

I don’t think the two things are related, but…

Monday night after Ralph and I watched the only two re-run episodes of The Big Bang Theory that we were going to get, there was a dilemma.  There was really no dilemma for me.  Law & Order: SVU was coming up on the same station, I was happy to stay there.  Ralph would have none of that and I knew he was about to put on the military channel.  I don’t mind the military channel but some times you can only take so many Nazis!

I checked the Guide and what do I find on a new channel that we haven’t had for very long (which is why I don’t check it very often)…Star Trek-The Wrath of Khan.  My Very, Very favorite of the Star Trek movies.  It made sense because they thought about it before they made it.  They went back to the original Star Trek series and found a story line that had a cliff hanger ending and then ran with it.

I know that some people think that the entire Star Trek franchise is kind of hokey.  I was a big fan of the original series, not so much of the first movie.  It was pretty boring and I think it was cruel to make Miss Universe shave her head for a role.

But Wrath of Khan and all of the usual suspects, Captain, now Admiral Kirk, Mr. now Captain Spock, Dr. McCoy and Mr. Scott.  Mr. Chekov gets an evil worm put in his ear…and then there’s Khan…

Ricardo Montalban.  Yes, Mr. Rourke from Fantasy Island.  but in Fantasy Island, we didn’t get to see him with a long blonde wig and Muscles.  And folks, they were real muscles on a sixty year old man.  He was wonderful. 

It is also the only Star Trek movie to ever make me cry and I still cry to this day when I see the end.  I won’t give anything away, but it does all get better in the next movie, Star Trek-The Search for Spock. 

It’s made all the more intriguing to me because on The Big Bang Theory, many lines from this are used in the episodes where Sheldon is fighting his arch-enemy, Wil Wheaton (from Star Trek-The Next Generation.)

“In other news, I’ve started an herb garden!”  That’s a line from Big Bang and I thought I’d use it as a segue.  The weird dream part of our discussion today.  So…I was in what was supposed to be someone’s living room, but looked like a train station waiting room.  I was talking with a man who used to be a client of mine when I was a travel agent (and was one of Ralph’s professors in college)  We were discussing college courses.  He kept rocking back in his chair and I was fearful he would fall.  He was wearing a LARGE medallion with Hebrew writing on it.   Any one have any ideas as to what any of that could mean?  I sent this gentleman a message on Facebook to tell him about this.  Hope he thinks it’s amusing!

In other, other news, here are some pretty sky photos from Monday.

It was a beautiful day and I wanted to share it!

Happy Tuesday!!  We’re off to a Birthday Lunch today!



8 responses to “Star Trek and Weird Dreams

  1. I’m a big Trek fan too and I agree, The Wrath of Khan was my favorite too. Do you ever watch NCIS, it’s a good cop show but with the marines and navy as the cops. With me, dreams are usually a foretelling of something that is about to happen, not all the time, but enough since I was a kid, to pay attention to them and be prepared. Your dream could be your mind working over a problem that you’re worried about, but since I like to play detective, do you remember what the medal looked like? Maybe see if you can find something like it on the net? I always enjoy your pictures. Hope to see you soon

    • Thanks, Marie! Yes, I Love NCIS! One of my favorites. I didn’t get into it when it first came on, but thanks to USA network, I’ve pretty much been able to catch up on all of the episodes. Regarding the medal in the dream, it looked like a toy almost. Light weight and appeared to be painted gold rather than actually gold. I just had what appeared to be Hebrew letters on it. Nothing that I could distinguish. This man teaches photography classes in the continuing education classes at Gloucester County College and I’ve been think of taking some with him when I get my “real” camera. I suppose that could be it! I was hoping to possibly come to the Blogfest on Sunday. Will you be there?

  2. I love Star Trek! So good. I had a series of nested dreams the other day – you know, I kept waking up sure I was awake but I was still dreaming. It was totally creepy!

  3. enjoy the bday lunch, fran! is it friend or family?!
    that is one weird dream you had! so funny how our minds work – also funny that you remembered it in such detail! (i had a dream last night that i left footprints on someone’s white bath mat, because i the self-tanner i had applied was so thick – note i do not wear self-tanner!!).
    i am not up on star trek but i do like the star wars series, only the original three movies, though. that is cute that you still cry! i like reading your thoughts on the movie!

  4. Those trees are gorgeous! I love that technicolor feel.

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