The Tide Has Turned

I feel as though I’ve been complaining about this cold for Way Too Long.  I suppose I have.  It’s the combination of the complaining and the Way Too Long that’s annoying me.  Why should I be complaining about something as simple as a cold when so many others have so many bigger problems.  It gave me something to write about?  I suppose that’s as good a reason as any. 😉

In truth I feel I have turned a corner.  I haven’t shared about the disgusting gunk that would appear in my left eye every morning when I woke up.  Actually, some days I couldn’t open my eye without first dousing it with water!  This morning…No Gunk!! I’d say that’s a big plus. 

I’m working on the assumption that this is almost over…and I’m going to work on the assumption that this will be the ONLY cold for me for this season.  I was caught a little bit behind.  Ralph got the cold first and I kind of la-dee-da’d around thinking…”I’m Healthy…I won’t get it.”  I didn’t take the precautions I should have…like staying Far, Far Away from Ralph!  It’d difficult to do…he’s so Cute!

I now have a good supply of Airborne which I will be taking daily, Zicam to grab it if it should decide to re-occur and I’m going to think positive thoughts!  Well that last one is a little far-fetched but I think there is something to be said for a positive attitude.   If that’s true, then I’m all set!

I’m keeping up with my meditation, which helps with my attitude and my focus.  I’ve been doing it first thing in the morning, before getting on the computer, before coffee, while it’s still dark.  I don’t turn on the light, just light a candle.  So peaceful.

I need to focus this week on my eating.  With being sick I was all over the charts the last two weeks.  My weekend was also still a little scattered.  I will get on track, write everything and hope for a better result on Saturday (in spite of the fact that I have to  eat out twice this week!)  Focus and a positive attitude can fix almost anything.

That’s my plan for the week, finish getting well, focus, track everything and keep a positive attitude.

Thought I’d share this morning’s sunrise with you.

Not as flashy as some sunrises, but there was a lovely pinkish light with a touch of yellow.  Ah, and since the leaves have fallen, this is the first appearance of Gnarly Tree for this Fall/Winter season.  Love that funny old tree!

Happy Monday!!  Think Positive!


16 responses to “The Tide Has Turned

  1. I’m glad that you are turning the corner with your cold! That always makes things better when you are feeling more like yourself.

    Love that tree in your picture – it has so much character.

  2. at first, I thought you said “keeping up when medication.” I was thinking, why is she taking them in the dark…? that sounds perfect, though. a nice candle and some peacefulness to start the day. 🙂

    happy monday.

  3. Aw I’m glad you’re feeling better, physically, and mentally! 🙂 That’s a lovely photo of the tree, too!

  4. ah, thank you for sharing that sunrise, fran. it’s overcast here today, so i could use that sun rising view, literally and figuratively!
    so glad you are feeling better – onwards and upwards this week! and monday seems like a nice, fresh start. have a GREAT day, my friend!

  5. It’s true…a positive attitude can take you far. Keep practicing it and it will become a habit.

    Beautiful sunrise.

  6. Uh-oh…that eye sounds like it might be pink-eye. Glad it’s clearing up. Feel better soon, friend!
    (And lovely sky, as always. I can always count on you for beautiful sky shots.)

  7. That tree is very cool! When I am not feeling well my eating is all over the place too, lots of carbs and comfort food and unfortunately not a lot of veggies. I am thinking positive for you 🙂

    • Thanks, Marie! I don’t usually get colds like this which is why I’m so out of my realm. Hate whining you will hear no more from me!! Glad you like Gnarly Tree. It is just always in the right place at the right time!

  8. Very nice sunrise! It was totally foggy here this morning. Hope you’ve finally kicked your cold in the butt!

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