All in All…

I faced the music Saturday morning at my Weight Watchers meeting and lo and behold…I gained a quarter pound.  Not really bad at all considering my off track habits from last week.  My mission this week is to get back on track regardless of how I feel.  I’ll push it all aside and just go for it!

It will take a lot of pushing aside, because in spite of all my efforts and positive reinforcement, I’m still not feeling great.  I spent yesterday with a headache that felt like a vice pressing on the outer corner of both eyebrows.

I had been sleeping well in spite of this cold, but last night was not good.  I was hot, then I was cold, then I needed a new position, then I had a bad dream (which I can’t remember now…)  NOT a good night.  Got up at about 5am and decided that before I started with my coffee or with working on the computer, I would meditate.  This in an effort to center myself and hopefully have a good start to the day.  I’m proud of myself for sticking with my meditation.  It worked well for me before and I’m hoping it will this time.  Focus is always the great challenge in my life, but I guess as long as I keep working on it, all is not lost.

I did wake up to a beautiful sliver of a moon saying good morning to me through my kitchen window.  Then I realized that my sleep pants also had crescent moons on them.  They’re an azure blue with yellow moons and white stars.  I’ll spare you a photo of them, I’ll let you use your imaginations! 😉  They’re old and comfy and it made me laugh when I made the connection between the moon in my window and the moon on my pants.   I suppose that’s a kind of focus…I can make that connection at least.

Before I forget, I want to make mention of Veteran’s Day.  I should have started with this, but as I said…I’m scattered.

Thank you so much to all of the Veterans who throughout our country’s history have given their strength and resolve and in many cases their lives to keep our country Strong and Safe.

I would especially like to thank my Veteran, Ralph…

I wish I had known him then.  I’m so very proud of his service.  I told him that this morning.  Please, if you have any Veterans in your life, please tell Him or Her what their service means to you.

Happy Sunday! Happy Veteran’s Day!


14 responses to “All in All…

  1. fran, please pass along to ralph that i am thinking of him and the service he performed for his country – with thanks.
    i love the connection between your sleep pants and the moon! that is a good start to the day, and i hope you feel better today as time goes on. and that is happy news that the ww experience was not too bad at all. have a wonderful day!

    • Thanks, Cathy…I will certainly pass on your Thanks to Ralph. I’m very proud of him for what he did. As the morning progresses, I’m feeling a little better so I’m hoping for the best today. Have a great Sunday!!

  2. I’m sorry to hear that you’re still not feeling too good. I hope things get better this week!

    Happy Veteran’s day to you! And thank you Ralph!

  3. Aw I hope you get back to feeling 100% Fran!

    Either way, that’s an awesome picture of Ralph! 🙂

  4. Love the photo of Ralph, and Happy Veterans Day!! I kind of wanted to see a picture of your sleep pants. They sound awesome!

  5. What an extraordinary picture…love it. 20? 21? Amazing. Happy Veterans Day to you both.

    I hope you are feeling better…I think we are all a bit under weather, from coast to coast.

  6. Oh I hope your headache is gone by now. The meditation is a great idea and something I need to do more of. Veterans are amazing and please thank Ralph from me too.

    • Thanks, Meghan, I will send along your thanks. Doing the meditation is great. I’ve been trying to do it first thing when I get up before I start to work on the computer. I leave the light off and just have a candle. Peaceful. Funny how we resist it.

  7. Urgh, not good that you’re still ill, really hope you feel better soon. Maybe it’s all that siinus weight and heavy headache that made up the quarter-pound… 🙂
    I’ve been lucky enough in my job to meet and interview a few WW2 veterans and the one thing they’ve all got in common is they’re so modest, saying “we weren’t heroes” and “we were just doing our job”. I always tell them what we owe them, which is everything.

    • Like your quarter pound joke…excellent! It must have been amazing to interview the WWII vets. What amazing people they are. When you think of it, your entire country is pretty amazing for having survived what it did and live to tell the story. My ex-father in law was a WWII vet from the Pacific. Such amazing stories he would tell. He was a great guy, one the Silver Star for Valor, but never thought he was a hero. We are so fortunate we have people to fight for us as they did and as our military still does. Thanks, Eleanor for making me think about that.

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