I Thought It Was Still Fall…

On Wednesday, Ralph and I had to run a few errands in spite of the fact that we both felt like just sleeping all day.  I’m sick of this sickness and it needs to go away. 

I didn’t come here to whine so let me show you the fun part of the errands we had to do.

What had started out looking like rain when we left home, in a short time morphed into this.

And this…

Then it morphed into this…

Autumn in the snow.  At our second stop I saw this.  Some Fall color still holding on and looking quite beautiful in the snow.

By the time we got home we were back to just rain again.  We stocked up, like everyone else at the neighborhood store.  We wanted to be ready for when the storm got to us.  Well of course it didn’t get to us and yet we were stocked up.  Ah well.  We should not complain considering how lucky we’ve been with the last few storms. 

In other news…you know the old adage, “Feed a cold and starve a fever?”  Well I did my share of feeding the cold on Wednesday.  None of it was documented because…well, I’m not proud.  But I’m over it now and I’ll be on track again the rest of this week.  If I don’t do well on Saturday at Weight Watchers, I won’t have to think to hard about why it happened.  😉

Speaking of Fall and where it might have gone, I want to share something that my sister, Ele found that is perfect for me…being a big Fall lover…

Thank you for the dance!

I love it!  I’m going to go make a magic potion to try to get well.

Happy Thursday!


12 responses to “I Thought It Was Still Fall…

  1. The snow fall is sooo pretty. I can’t wait for it to snow here…we got flurries yesterday but I missed them because I was working.

  2. ah, that snoopy cartoon is too cute! thanks for sharing, fran (and ele!).
    eesh, i am sorry for all that snow you rec’d. yup, it’s TOO EARLY for white stuff!!! take care of your cold, and i hope you feel better as the day goes on!!

  3. I saw a couple of snow flakes yesterday but that was all! Hope you are feeling better soon.

  4. Snow! I like that I can enjoy your snow, and not have to experience it ;D I hope you’re feeling better! And colds just call for lots of comforting food, it’s the rule of being sick!

    • I’m hoping for a not too snow covered winter but I’m hearing other things. I may just have to tell Ralph that I’m going to NM for the winter! Oh how I wish…I’m working hard to get better. Everyday I feel an improvement. I agree, I need to eat to get well, right?! 😉

  5. Pretty snow! It’s just cold here. Boo.

    I swear that matzo ball soup is the cure for all. Feel better soon!

  6. I love Snoopy! I DON’T love snow though and am glad it turned into rain, hoping we don’t get any of that this year!
    Sorry you’ve still got the cold, hope you’re feeling better soon x

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