Stand Up and Be Counted

I make a conscious effort on Broken Cookies Don’t Count to keep my opinions about certain things to myself.  My friends know that there are certain topics they shouldn’t bring up around me.  No matter how much they might try to bait me…I won’t be pulled in.   As I’ve previously mentioned, politics is one of them.

However, I am not speaking of politics.  I am speaking of the privilege that every American is given once every four years.  We are given the opportunity to choice who will lead our country for the next four years. 

Sometimes I think that Americans forget exactly how fortunate we are to be allowed to have a say in who governs our country.  So many other countries around the world have no say in who is in charge.

I have my own opinions and I’m sure you have yours.  If we agree, that’s great, if we disagree that doesn’t mean we can’t be friends.

Regardless of which party you are backing…

Vote Democrat Or Republican

Get out there and cast your vote.  Make use of this amazing opportunity.  We are so lucky to be Americans.  Do not think that your vote doesn’t matter, because it does.  I’ll be out there bright and early this morning…

Vote Card In Hand

Will you be out there with me?

Happy Tuesday!  Happy Election Day!


12 responses to “Stand Up and Be Counted

  1. happy election day, fran!! what an exciting race. i will be following along up here in canada!
    it is so true that we NEED to get out and vote. we are so lucky to have the option – sometimes i don’t always feel like i have time, desire, strong enough opinion to vote, but i have not missed an opportunity yet!
    have a great day!
    (i’d love to know what other topics you won’t get sucked into talking about – haha!).

    • Cathy…in particular two other sticky topics that make people want to strangle each other. Maybe someday, privately I’ll tell you. I’m thinking I need to wake Ralph so we can get our day of voting started. I vote here, but he’s still registerd down in the town where his house is. So we’re making a day of it, we’ll go visit his son, Bill who lives in Ralph’s house. Have a great day!

  2. I’m off to go vote right after my dentist appointment! 🙂

  3. Great message! I got my early voting in, oh yeah!

  4. Happy Election Day! I voted around 11:30 this morning! I rock (and so do you).

  5. Hooray for democracy! I voted this morning. 🙂

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