Thinking Positive

Sunday did indeed stay sunny…at least for the time that I was outside and that’s all I needed. 

After posting, Ralph and I headed out to breakfast.  The diner was really hopping and we got there just in time because it got even busier as we sat there.

I was happy to find one of my favorites on the menu. The Greek omelette.

Onions, tomatoes, spinach and Feta cheese.  So tasty with rye toast and a liberally peppered side of cottage cheese.  I really Did get a bit carried away with the pepper, but that’s the way I like it!

It was tasty and held me well into the day.

Captured a few more sunny photos when we got home.

As soon as I got into the house, I got started on a pot of crock pot veggie soup which I tended all day.

Got my new book from the library and continued reading the one that was annoying me.  It got better as I kept reading…have a few pages to finish to see what happens.

Ralph and I both took our cold medicine again and generally rested for the balance of the day.  He watched football while I read.  He wasn’t too interested since the Eagles weren’t playing and when he fell asleep I watched a Law & Order: SVU marathon…shhh…don’t tell Ralph! 😉 

Got another good night’s sleep and I think I can feel this cold packing its bags and getting out of Dodge! At least I hope so.

Happy Monday!


12 responses to “Thinking Positive

  1. Sounds like a nice relaxing day! I love omelets but don’t make them very often because if I make one all the kids want one and that takes all morning practically!

    Hope your cold goes away soon!

  2. what a great sunday! and i am so glad you’re feeling better, fran!
    hope you can get more reading time in today – glad that book got better as you went along!!

  3. What gorgeous pictures!

    So glad you’re feeling better. Have a happy Monday!

  4. Hope your feeling 100% asap!!
    Sounds like a wonderfully relaxing day spent with the hubs 🙂

  5. Hope you’re all better now, at least you’re getting it out of the way before the holidays. I love Law & Order, I so miss that show.

    • I’m going to get rid of this, Marie and be healthy for the holidays. If I can only keep Ralph healthy! Thank goodness for USA network…they run so much Law & Order: SVU. TNT used to show the original series all the time but not as much anymore.

  6. I hope your cold goes far, far away.
    I love omelettes…but I also love all the stuff they come with…potatoes, toast…

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