I Just Looked Outside…

And it’s a Beautiful Day!!

I was going to whine and complain.  I was going to talk about fighting a cold and not being all that successful.

I was going to complain about being all confused by the time change. Although I probably shouldn’t complain because I did sleep through the night and woke up at 6:30-which I thought was 7:30 until I looked at my cell phone…thank goodness,  THEY update automatically!!

I was going to whine about the dishes in my sink from yesterday when I was feeling worse than I am now that I need to do if I want to make soup so that I can continue to feel better.

I was going to complain about the book I’m reading that’s not very good and I’m not enjoying although it’s by an author I usually like.  I’ll give it about 30 more pages and then…that’s it.  I’ll be picking up Son by Lois Lowry at the library when it opens, so that’s my back up.  Have to wait until 1pm for that, though.

But instead, I think I’ll try to be positive.

Beautiful, blue sky…

The sun is shining…

And I am thankful for our good fortune to have come through this week in one piece, everyone in our family and circle of friends are safe.  Sending prayers and love to our friends in Northern New Jersey, the New Jersey shore area and New York. 

On top of that positive thought, a handsome man just asked me out to breakfast.  I think it could be a very good day!

Happy Sunday!


13 responses to “I Just Looked Outside…

  1. Happy Sunday my Sunny, Positive Friend 🙂

  2. Awwww enjoy your breakfast out!

  3. hope you enjoyed your breakfast out, fran! hope you got a window seat and could gaze out at the sunshine!
    it is easy to get caught up in what is bugging us/not going right…i was slipping into negativity yesterday, so i do understand! glad you are turning your day around! i am off to toronto to see the girls so i KNOW i’m going to have a great rest of the day!!

  4. i don’t know were my comment went!…and i liked it!! darn!
    anyway…hope you enjoyed your breakfast out, fran, and i hope the sunshine was streaming in the restaurant window!
    i was feeling negative yesterday, so i do understand how we can let what is going wrong get to us…but i am glad you are turning your day around. hope you can get the library book!
    i am off to toronto to see the girls so the rest of my sunday is going to be GREAT!

    • Hi Cathy!! For some reason your comment went into spam. Not sure if you listed your name differently somehow. Anyway…I got both! A double treat for me! Yes I enjoyed the sun during breakfast and it’s a little dreary out now, but it will improve!! Have a wonderful time with the Girlies!!

  5. Your outlook changes things!! Being positive is always the way to go 🙂 It isn’t always easy but it’s definitely the best!!! 🙂 I hope you have a fantastic week, Fran!

  6. It does sound like its going to be a good day. Sunshine, a breakfast invitation, things are off to a great start. Hope the rest of your day goes just as well.

  7. Happy Sunday and here is to the start of a wonderful week! Keep the positive energy coming.

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