First a Hurricane…Now the Plague

Of course, we all know that there truly was a hurricane earlier this week.  We were very lucky here in BCDC land.  No damage and a short power outage.  I found out today, however that in one of the nearby towns a lot of people still don’t have power as a result of a huge tree coming down in the storm and taking the electrical wires with it.  It’s so scary and so sad about the people at the New Jersey shore and those in New York City.  We should all send prayers to them.

Now comes the Plague.  Ralph has been sick for over a week with a really bad cold.  He decided that he loves me so much, he’d like to share.  Actually he shares every time he coughs… 😉 

I’m trying hard to not let it get hold of me.  I’m taking Zicam, getting plenty of fluids in and taking some daytime/nighttime cold medicine.  I feel pretty good actually, my voice just sounds very froggy.  Actually that’s a good way to get sympathy.  If you sound pitiful…everyone tries to take care of you!

My sweet sister has been trying to help me and get me anything I might need.  I do appreciate it.  I don’t usually hang on to a cold very long…I like to think it’s because of all my healthy living! 🙂  Well, I do believe that!

Because of all of the stress and now being sick, I have no idea what will await me on the scale when I get to Weight Watchers this morning.  I hope it is kind to me and takes into consideration all I’ve been through this week!

Just for fun, I thought I share something I shared last year during Halloween which I didn’t have a chance to share this year.

That’s me… as a Zombie…pretty cute…again…something I just found on the kitchen counter when I woke up one morning.  Ralph is kind of fun to have around some times!

Happy Saturday!!


16 responses to “First a Hurricane…Now the Plague

  1. I so feel for everyone out there, can’t imagine what you’re all going through and have everything crossed the power comes back on as soon as possible x
    Hope you and Ralph throw this cold off soon too, that;’s just adding insult to injury! Love the cartoon 🙂

  2. fran, i hope you and ralph feel better very soon!! and my fingers are crossed that “things come in threes” does NOT happen – ok, we can relax as it is the storm + ralph + you…there, that’s our three!
    did you hear they cancelled the nyc marathon for tomorrow? big controversy, but i think that is the right decision although it’s unfortunate they waited so long to make the call. i hope supplies and relief can be directed to those still in need.
    enjoy your saturday!

    • Thanks, Cathy! I only just heard about the cancellation of the marathon. I agree, it’s the right thing to do. NYC has so many issues to handle right now. Focus should be on the citizens and getting things back to normal. Hoping I can keep my energy up to day. Have a great Saturday, Cathy!

  3. Glad you’re okay! I’m praying for all those still without power. I hope everything gets back to normal very soon.

    And I hope you all feel better too! God bless!

  4. I know from my mild cold experience the other week how not fun it is to feel under the weather. Hope you feel better soon. Eat a lot of vegetarian soup!

  5. Haha, you rock the zombie look! Hope you feel better soon!

  6. I remember the zombie vegetarian drawing! Ralph is TOO, TOO funny! Hope you both feel better real soon. And I agree…if you eat healthy you are sick less often and when you do get sick, your body has the where-with-all to fight it off.

  7. Hope you both feel better soon! Love the cartoon. Ralph is very talented.

  8. that picture is so great! I’ve said it before, Ralph is quite the talent. I hope you’re framing and hanging his art somewhere!

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